Top 30+ Best Google Tricks and Tips 2020

Google Tricks
Google Tricks

Google, your most favorite search engine, is a real multitasking search engine. You might have using it for searching about facts and information, but it has many other beneficial features. Surprised? Then you need to read this article to know about everything. The truth is, google comes with many lesser-known features. Google tricks are pretty amazing.

The truth is, the google tricks and hacks are effective and offer you some great experience. From a calculator to a built-in coin flip- the list is quite long, and you will never get bored with them. If you are still not impressed, then what about making a webpage rotate to 360 degrees with a simple command? Sounds cool, right?

Google can be your local news channel and allow you to check whats is happening in the neighborhood. It is one of the best cool google tricks that you cannot miss.

If you want to take a break from the way you use google and learn new things about it, this is your guide book. Read this article till the end to know about the top google tricks.

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List of top 30+ google tricks you need to learn and try once-

1. Searching the relevant keywords

For getting the best results, you need to type the correct words. Google assumes your search from the first words of the keyword and automatically updates its suggestion under the search bar. You can easily find the relevant and lots of popular keywords like this. A lot of bloggers and SEO experts use this trick to find the best keyword.

2. Use google as a timer.

Do you know that you can use google as your timer? The google search bar comes with an in-built timer. You just have to type “set timer+duyration” in the search bar, and you will get it.

3. Have an explicit knowledge about the everyday sunset and sunrise time

The sunset and sunrise are pretty mundane thongs, and you may not have noticed the exact time for every day. It is one of the most effective and cool google tricks that will display you all the precise time of your city. To view the timing, you have to search ‘sunset sunrise+location’ on google.

4. Conversion of length units

It is a famous trick, and a lot of people use it for a faster and accurate result. You can quickly get the conversion from inches to centimeter with typing the simple keywords’ inches to cm’ or ‘meter to centimeters.’ Google will offer you accurate results instantly.

5. Use Google to translate your words or sentences.

Well, it is not for longer pieces. But if you have a short sentence, you can use google to get the translated meaning in your preferred language. For this, you need to type ‘the sentence/phrase in the language(the one you need)’.

6. The zeg rush

Want to do something fun? Then use that neat google trick to play a game on the search engine page. If y ou searches “Zeg rush” in the search bar, you will get to play a game. The search pages game has’ O’ –s that eat search results. You have to click each ‘O’ 3 times to kill them and win the game.

The zeg rush

7. Calculate the tipping amount

Well, if you go outside for lunch or dinner. You have to leave a tip for the servers. Google allows you to have an idea about how much you should tip for your bill. Type “what is the tip for (the money amount)’, and you will get instant results. Helpful and easy!

8. Search for “recursion.”

It is one of the funniest among the google tricks list. If you type” recursion”, you get stuck inside a search loop, and the result is quite entertaining to watch.

9. Find information about a person or an organization.

Google can offer you instant information about an organization or a person. You can search in keywords to get an immediate result. For example, “the founder of “Organisation” and see the magic.

10. Perform a barrel roll

DO you know that you can make the search page spin? Yes, you can. For this, you need to type “do a barrel roll” in the Google search bar.

11. Google Gravity

Google Gravity allows google to present its search results in a fun way like gravity has a direct effect on them.

12. Weather forecast

Google weather forecast is among the most useful google tricks.  It helps you to check the weather forecast of a particular place; you have to search in the format” location+forecast.”

13. Linus Terminal on Google

With this entertaining trick, a user can transform the google page like appear like a Linux Terminal.

14. Check the results of a website.

You can also use google to search results for an exclusive website, and the search page will display results related to that webpage only. For performing this trick, you have to search” site: website” on google. 

15. Get an idea about movie screening time and location.

If you want to know all the movie timings and screen locations for a particular movie, a simple google truck is enough. Search in google by the term’ movie name+location’, and you will get every detail about all the screening time and screening location in ana instant.

16. Movie premiere date

Want to find the premier date of your favorite movie? Type’ movie name+release date’ and see the magic happen.

17. Booklist of authors

Wnt to know the notable works of any author? Ask Google for help with the ‘author name+book’, and you will get a list of the books of any author.

18. Ask Google to search for the other sources of any image.

You can easily find the other image of a particular image through Google. You need to select an image and click on the option” Search Google for image” for the answers.

19. Find PDF files of any ebook.

Ebooks are viral. One of the notable options in the google tricks list is to find PDF files of any book. A user needs to search in the format’ book name: pdf’ to find the pdfs of any ebook within seconds.

20. Searching about notable days

You can use google to find notable and memorable days or events. You need to search by’ event name+year’ in the Google search bar to get an accurate result. 

21. Check your location

The Google map can help you to find your location with a simple keyword search- ‘whats’s my location’. It will provide you with the exact location on a map.

22. Graph for any mathematical equation or function

If you need help in maths, especially trigonometry, it is going to be your favorite among the cool google tricks. You can search the graph by just typing the function in the search bar. It is as easy as you can think.

23. Get an instant solution for geometrical problems.

If you want an instant solution for any geometrical problem, Google is here to help you.  You can find the equations easily and get immediate results also. 

24. Currency conversion

Often people don’t have explicit knowledge about the currency conversion rates because it changes frequently. If you are confused or need help, you can type keywords like ‘1 dollar in Euros’ or 1 euro in rupees’ to get the exact conversion rate of that day.

25. Get information about the distance between two cities with travel time.

Are you traveling to another city? Need some help with the distance or journey time? You can use an excellent google trick to get instant results. Type’ city A to City B’ and Google will provide you with the distance between them along with each travel time by various modes of transportation.

26. The population rate of a place

Google can offer you defaults about the population growth rate of a country or even a city. To get the information, you need to search for proper keywords. For example, ‘Countyr+population growth rate’ or ‘city+ population growth rate’ etc.

27. Check  flight status

Want to know where is the flight of your loved one? Why not ask Google? You can get the exact time of any flight by typing its name in the search bar.

28. Local time of any place

Another famous trick among the google tricks is to check the local time or a particular place. You can get the local time of your city by typing ‘local time’ in the search bar.

29. Get any demographical value in google.

Anyone can find the demographic value of a region or a country through Google. It is a helpful trick that allows you to check the demographic details of any organization or company or even a city instantly.

30. Sports timing and score of a game

If you are a game fanatic, it is going to top the list of your exclusive fun google tricks. With Google, you can find the timing of any previous or upcoming gaming tournament, championship, or match. Additionally, you can also get the exact score of any past sports or games from google.

31. Find Gifs

Google is the best place to find and search Gifs for different words and expressions. The procedure is pretty simple. You need to type the phrase or name and click on the search tool to select the Animation style from the “Type” section. Google will display you multiple Gifs for downloading or viewing.

32. Quotation marks to exact search results.

If you want to get the exact search result, you need to follow the trick. Search in keywords using quotation marks to get the results that match your query correctly.

33. Information related to any website.

If you are keen on finding information related to any website, take help from a google trick. You can get any information about a web page or website by typing’ info: URL’ in the search bar.

34. Get a calculator

Google cones with a calculator. It is among the useful and fun google tricks that come handy in many situations. Just type ‘Calc’, and you are ready to go!

35. Flip a coin

Want to go for a toss? Then you do not need a real spin, cause google comes with an in-built coin flip mechanism. If you type ‘flip a coni’ in the search bar, you will get a virtual coin that you can flip on your command.

36. Get a dice roll

It s another quirky addition to the google tricks list.  If you type ‘Roll A Dice’, Google will automatically roll virtual dice and will offer you the result alongside a picture.

37. You can set a timer with google.

Yes, Google also has a virtual timer that you can start or set as per your convenience. For this, you have to type the command ‘set timer for x minutes/ y seconds/ x minutes y seconds; or as per your preference, The timer will run for that specified time in google.

38. Quick weather check

If you want to venture outside but want to perform a quick weather check, just type’ weatehr+your Pincode’ to get the current weather forecast ib your area.

39. Your IP address

A lot of users do not know their IP addresses. So, why not ask Google for it? If you type ‘what is my IP’ and search, you will get the exact IP[ address for your device.

40. Play a game of tic tac toe

If you are bored, playing tic tac toe can be a great way to spend time. Google comes with a virtual avatar of the game if your search using the keyword ‘tic tac toe.’ You can play alone or with someone on the same device.


So, you can see it. Google comes with many other features besides its usual work. Hence, if you want to use it in a better way, the tricks are your best option. They can be fun, entertaining, and informative.  All these tricks are useful and offer instant results.

All these tricks are useful and offer instant results.


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