How iOS 14 Copied Features From Android


Recently, Apple released the latest version of its operating system iOS 14 for iPhones at the WWDC20 on June 22. This upgrade promises a huge overhaul in the way the iOS looks and feels. Rumour has it that Apple just stole features from Android and made them look even better. Like the typical earlier iOS updates, this one brings to the table an entirely different set of features for users.

Speaking of the new features, there’s a rumour rather a statement around the web that Apple just copied features from its biggest rival operating system Android and polished it nicely to fit in their new Apple iOS 14. Some people argue that this is what the new trend is. You see a potential feature from your competitors and just adapt it to your ecosystem with minor tweaks and there you have it “the biggest upgrade ever”.

The most arguable features that set things straight are the new “widgets” on their Homescreen and the ability to set “default apps” to its native apps. Whether its the new incoming call small banner that doesn’t take up the entire screen or the new Picture in Picture feature, it seems Apple almost copied Android features.

But in this era of intense competition who doesn’t do that? Android adopted Apple’s great “Swipe up” gesture or the “App switching style” introduced in iPhone X. The copying business is everywhere. Mostly all the major features which the user uses are available on both the platforms. Earlier we used to see standalone features of different smartphone giants but now it’s a completely different scenario.

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Having said that, we can say Apple is not entirely to blame. It’s just that this is the latest trend. You adapt features to your operating system with minor changes and improvements. Whether it’s Apple or Android, you would see major features are inspired by each other’s operating systems.


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