How to Add Bots to Discord Server? [2020 Updated]


The trend for gaming is increasing massively day by day. Whether it is mobile gaming, console, or PC, gamers are gradually investing more time and effort in games. As a result, multiple different types of online communities and discord servers have been developed. However, the discord servers can be improved in performance by adding bots from websites like Carbonitex. This can enhance the experience of the users as well.

Rise of Discord Servers – More about Carbonitex

Every hardcore gamer has been a part of some kind of gaming community or the other. As a result, gamers have sooner or later heard about discord servers. The need for being a part of an online gaming community gave rise to Discord. If you are a gamer, you are most probably a discord user as well. Slowly and steadily, discord servers were created for multiple categories other than gaming. In such a scenario, the need for developing the discord servers in a better way was needed as well.

Most discord servers are well aware of bots being present in the server. In discord servers, users can communicate with other users who are in the same discord server through the platform. With this communication, users can share ideas and discuss topics that interest them. The more the number of users, the higher is the chance of communicating and talking with others.

With the presence of the bots, the overall user experience of the users in the discord servers is enhanced. They can communicate, discuss, and share content freely and fluidly with other users. The usage of bots is also highly beneficial for the admin of the discord servers. The presence of more bots in the discord server helps them to manage the server more efficiently.

Benefits of Adding Bots in the Discord Server

As stated earlier, the presence of bots in the discord server highly enhances the management and the complete functionality of the server. As a result, the admin of the discord server and the users are all able to have a better experience. Some bots are beneficial as they are specific to functions.

This means that the addition of specific bots in the discord server will provide the users with multiple added functionalities. This can be done by adding particular applications on the discord server as well. As a result, the addition of bots and apps are both allowed in the discord servers.

The applications are a more general based functional tool. When used in the discord servers, the apps are used primarily for performing a task that benefits the server. Bots are added to the servers for a completely different motive altogether.

In the heavily used discord servers, the links often start to lag, and simple tasks take more time to perform than they usually should. With the use of bots, repetitive tasks are taken care of. This saves a lot of time and helps the server to remain refreshed as well.

About Carbonitex

In websites like Carbonitex, some bots can manage fully uploaded servers on their own. Bots can also be used for the creation of webhooks. Also, in a heavily visited server, numerous users ask questions or impose different queries, which are impossible to answer in a short amount of time. Usage of bots can solve this situation too. Bots can even play music and perform simple functions as desired.

As per the requirement, there are multiple bots available. However, scenarios arise when there are no bots left to perform any such desired tasks. In such a case, the Discord has a provision that allows the admin of the server to access the discord API. Therefore, they have the option to create their own customized and specific bots for their desired work purposes.

Adding Bots to a Discord Server

As we can see, the addition of bots has multiple benefits on the discord servers. The addition of bots is highly recommended as the performance of the discord server gets immensely boosted. The server becomes much more potent due to the help of automation. However, not many people know how you can add bots in the discord servers. So, given below is a quick guide to do the process. One needs to have a proper discord server before adding bots to it.

To add bots to a discord server, one needs to have the permission to manage the particular discord server as well. Before adding any bot, you will need to identify precisely which function you need the bot to do. You will need to find a bot that is specific to that function.

There are multiple bots available which are all useful in their way. For example, the Rythm Bot is an excellent bot that helps in playing a music track in the discord server. Suppose you want to allow the music playback in your discord server. In such a case, you will need to add the Rhythm Bot.

Also, bots can be easily added to the server with the help of Carbonitex. Once you have identified which bot you are going to add, follow the steps given below. The steps are the same whether you use the Discord App or the Discord’s Website.

Step 1

Provide the proper credentials and login to the account you have in Discord.

Step 2

Then you will need to select the discord server you are a part of or the discord server where you want to add the bots.

Step 3

After that, you need to visit the Carbonitex website. On the site, you will be getting the option of choosing a bot from multiple readymade Carbonitex discord bots. Be sure to select the bots that perform the functions that you are looking for.

Taking from the example mentioned before, choose the Rythm Bot if you need to allow music playback on the discord server. You also have the option to customize them as per your needs. Be sure to choose only the bot that you want to add to the server.

Step 4

Once you have chosen your required bot, you need to allow the permissions of adding the bot to the discord server. The consent is only required from the discord server where you want to add the bot. Be aware that the bot you selected will only be added to the discord server chosen and not anywhere else.

Step 5

After that, you will need to click the Authorize button for allowing the addition of the bot in the discord server. To end the process, there will be a verification process. The most common type of verification is the captcha code, where you will need to put the exact characters, as shown in the captcha. Once the verification process is done, the required bot will be successfully added to the targeted discord server.

Finishing the Process

That is all! You can visit the website of Carbonitex and choose any bot you want and add it to your discord server this way. It is not at all a complicated procedure. It is to note, however, that one should also prioritize knowing the different bot commands. This is extremely useful for using the required discord bot in your server as per the requirements. Different bots generally come with different types of commands.

The signature command of a bot is seen in its prefix. This prefix notation has to be always used to generate a response from the bot. For example, the prefix of Rythm Bot and Dynobot are ‘!’ and ‘?’ respectively.

It is also important to note that bots need to be triggered to get a response in the discord servers. The triggering factor is not always the same, and it varies from website to website. There can be different options, such as “Add to Server” or “Invite” present on the site.

Any such similar term can trigger the bot function. The main idea behind the activation of the bot by triggering it is the same, though. You need to grant the authorization to your discord server at first, and then you need to add the bot. The remaining processes are more or less equal.

When the process has been completed, you will be able to see that the bot is present in your discord server. In case you need to know in detail about the different commands of the bot you added for gaining access to its full potential, check the website of Carbonitex. You will find the documentation or cheatsheet, where you will get access to all the commands.

You will even get the chance to customize your bots. With this feature, you will be able to tweak the functionality of the bots to some extent to enhance your needs in a better way. It is also recommended that each bot should be manually tested before they are added to any discord server.

That is all you need to do for adding a bot in your discord server. It will help in automation processes and save a lot of time.


With the addition of the bots, the functionality of the server will improve. Also, the experience of the users can be further enhanced by adding more bots as required. Users can also go for automating a few of the initial tasks. This will help in saving a lot of time on the server, and they will not need to engage in regular tasks as well.

It is to be well tested, though, that the bots are only added, which has the functions and specialties that you are looking for. Bots can be used for time management, answering user inquiries, responding to users, and for doing the necessary tasks. In the end, since bots are compelling tools, they should be used optimally and to their full extent. 

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