Tips And Tricks – How To Get Out of Facebook Jail

facebook jail

Facebook Jail is a term that is used to refer to Facebook’s ability to block or ban users from the site who violate its rules. Depending on your specific infraction, you might be not able to use a feature on Facebook and you might also get temporary or permanent bans as a penalty.

Consider yourself a lucky person if you have never been to Facebook jail. But that doesn’t mean that you will not get it ever in the future. So you should definitely know in detail about how to avoid Facebook Jail.

How to Get Out of Facebook Jail

If you are currently in Facebook Jail, we are sorry to say, but you are entirely at the mercy of an automated system. There is really nothing you can do but to wait for your punishment to end. 

For Temporary Blocks

If you cannot access

Temporary Facebook Block
Temporary Facebook Block

your account, but you believe that you have not done any major infraction, then we will suggest you play the waiting game. Do not worry. If you are sure that you did not commit any huge offences you will safely get your account back within a few days or a week. You can also try to message Facebook Support to make an appeal. But it typically takes them so long to respond that the block will be over at the same time you get the issue resolved.

For Permanent Blocks

Parmanent Facebook Block
Permanent Facebook Block

If you have been permanently banned, you might have to give up on it. It is unable to recover your account if you are thrown into permanent Facebook Jail. So we recommend creating another account that does not have any identifying information. Like the same mobile number or email address, you used on your previous account.

For Partial Blocks

You are lucky enough if you have only received a partial block. You have managed to avoid being completely in jail. While some features of your account may be temporarily disabled, you will still be able to access the rest of your account.

Tips and Tricks to avoid Facebook Jail

If you have not got any strikes from Facebook, you are lucky. But that does not mean you will not get it ever. You may not realize when you are walking towards the path of jail. That is why we are trying to give you the best tips and tricks to avoid Facebook jail.

1. Avoid Unknown Person

Make sure to know each other whoever you are adding on Facebook. This is one of the simple rules to avoid Facebook jail. Adding unknown people to your account is considered as a spam and it also interrupts your image as well.

Facebook always keeps tracking your progress about how many users do not accept your friend request and how many groups request you got declined. If the person you are adding does not know you, they can eventually report you and Facebook will mark it as spam.

2. Post Original Content

Copying others or the work of others without attribution or reference can lead you to several account penalties. If you need to post material that is not yours make sure to give credit to the original owner of the content.

This also includes using photos for your publications. So you have to make sure to post royalty-free images. The same rule applies to other files sent over the platform, such as MP3s, videos, and even links, so it is better to be constantly wary.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Tagging

Do not tag anyone on your Facebook post if they are not included or involved on the topic of your post. Also, avoid adding people to a group they are not interested in. These behaviours are considered as a serious offence by Facebook standards. You may get a penalty ban for these kinds of acts.

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4. Do not do Spam Activities

Apart from sending a friend request to the person you do not know or tagging people unnecessarily, many more activities are also considered as spam. You should avoid getting involved in such activities that have been listed here to prevent Facebook Jail:

  • Do not impersonate someone else on Facebook. This is unethical and Facebook always finds such fake accounts to disable them. You will get a permanent ban as a punishment for this.
  • Do not promote your business on other’s profile or page. It may give you additional audiences but this is not the proper way to do it.
  • Posting frequently on a group may also cause your account getting blocked. If some groups are not allowing you to post on it just give up and do not try again to post it.
  • Sending too many private messages for promotional reasons is also considered as spam. There is an average message limit for each user and you will be marked as a spammer if you cross your limit.
  • Posting a lot of content in a short time period may get you flagged and sent to Jail. In general, you should avoid doing any kind of activity too much within a specific time period.
5. Use a Different Account for Business

Avoid using your personal accounts to do business. We always suggest you use a completely different account if you want to do business on Facebook. If enough people report your Business page, your personal ID may be put in FB prison. This is technically against community guidelines. This problem is also faced if you are not abiding by the terms and conditions of the website. So we also recommend you to read up the terms and conditions of Facebook.

Wrapping Up

Facebook jail is something you never want to get into. The only way out of this is to avoid it. Prevention is better than cure. Just keeping yourself away from the activities Facebook does not like is the only way to get rid of the problem completely.


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