How To Reduce Ping For Online Gaming: The Definitive Guide

how to reduce ping

Online gaming has become quite a rage at this moment. From online pc games to gaming consoles or mobile gaming- a lot of players now play games online. In case you have a faster internet connection, the experience is blissful. But, if you ask any gamer about the most annoying thing during the gaming session, they will answer you – “Ping”. But,  how to reduce ping during a gaming session? 

Ping is a way to measure the speed in which a signal is sent to the server from your device is received and returned to your gaming device. In simple words, while you play the game, each move sends a message to the game server, and the server sends back to reply as the result of your move. This only happens because of the fast and swift internet connection.

But, if the internet connection is not stable enough, then the server connection requires more time, and your game screen freezes without response. It is a third-party server that receives and sends all the signals and messages. 

The answer to how to reduce ping is to minimize it. With the effective methods, the chances of encountering ping will be lesser while you play the game. This, in turn, will help you to play your favorite game online without any interference. 

The truth is, you do not need to invest in some cool hi-tech gadgets or accessories to reduce ping. You can do it yourself easily. Here is the complete guide about how to reduce sound and play games with a better experience. 

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If you want to know how to reduce ping, then you need to understand the causes of high ping-

  1. The server of your game – In most situations, the gaming server causes a high ping rate. You can quickly check the server speed if you have information about the server IP address.
  2. Distance – if the gaming console is away from the server, then there can be higher chances of ping as the signal needs to travel a longer distance in a tiny fraction of time.
  3. Network queuing – Often, an accessible server attracts a lot of traffic, and the queue increases. It can produce higher ping rates in the busiest time of the day.

How to reduce ping rate while you are gaming?

A higher ping rate can be a nightmare for any gamer. But, you can easily overcome it with some clever hacks. Here are some solutions to the problem of how to reduce ping rate and improve the gaming experience.

1. Get a wired internet connection

You might be too comfortable with the Wi-fi connections, but for gaming, wi-fi may lead to a higher ping rate. Hence, it is always better to switch to a wired internet connection like Ethernet to reduce the ping rate. 

how to reduce ping
How to reduce ping

Wired Ethernet is because the wireless connection speed lowers with time and increases the ping rate. But, for the wired connection, the connection speed remains relatively constant. The wired internet connection, like wired Ethernet cable, offers a connection or shorter length. Additionally, the wired connections do not pass through multiple objects like the w-fi connection.  Hence, it moves faster than wi-fi and comes with fewer problems.

It is better to switch to a wired internet connection if you plan on having a continuous and lengthy session of gaming. It is affordable and does not cost a bomb. Therefore, you can try it.

2. Turn off the background updates

Well, with the widespread usage of the internet, everything is becoming online. So, is the software updates. If you open a device, then there are high chances that your device has some software update running in your background. 

The background updates often affect the bandwidth. Hence, your internet speed becomes lower for your game, and it starts lagging. It is always a wise idea to check what is happening in the background.   Turning off the background updates can be the right solution for how to lower ping.

Visit the “settings” of your device. Find the “downloads” section and uncheck the box beside “allows downloads during gameplay.” This way, you will be able to utilize the internet connection to full capacity while you are playing the game. Additionally, turning off the background data is best in case you have a low RAM or an HDD as your main storage. 

3. Avoid using VPNs during gameplay

 A VPN can be a great way to hide your internet activity and also protect your device at the same time. But, it can result in a higher ping rate during gaming sessions. Therefore, another easy solution of how to reduce ping is avoiding VPNs or proxy sites.

Android VPN
Android VPN

If you are using a VPN, then the signal first travels through the VPN server before reaching the gaming server. It is a lengthy procedure, and the game takes more time to respond. Therefore, it is always better to turn off a VPN or avoid using it if you are playing games online.

4. Check if your device is free from virus or malware

Playing the game online is fun. But, it makes your device vulnerable and increases the chance of cyber attack. Gamers often ignore the virus detection facility to play a specific game. If your device contains a virus or malware, then the ping rate will increase. It is because your device tries to prevent the virus from causing damage and cannot offer full effort for gaming. 

So, if you have an excellent wired net connection and do not use a VPN, running a virus scan is the best idea to solve how to reduce ping.  Run the scaling procedure once, and if there is any threat, eliminate it from your device.


You can follow all the above tips to reduce the higher ping rate while you are gaming. All of these procedures are good and can minimize pings to offer you a better gaming experience. Happy Gaming!


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