Beginner Guide – How To Whisper In Town Of Salem

how to whisper in town of salem

If you want to know how to whisper in the Town of Salem, you are in the right place. The town of Salem is a browser-based strategy game, similar to Among Us. There can be 7 to 15 players in a game, where they will be divided into Mafia (bad people), Town (good people), Serial killers, Arsonists, and Neutrals. The objective of the bad guys is to kill Town members without getting caught and others will have to find the bad person before everyone dies.

The game has an option called whisper, which lets you talk to the other players during the day time, while you are still alive. When you whisper to someone others will be able to see that you said something, but only the referred person will be able to read the chat. Whispering is really important, as this is the main way to communicate and find the real killer, maintaining your secrecy. Although, the blackmailer can read the whispers even if he has been dead.

How To Whisper In Town Of Salem

Town of Salem - Whisper
Town of Salem – Whisper

There are a few ways to whisper in the game.

First, write ‘/w (player number or player name) (your message for them)’.
Example: /w Shadow I have a clue about the killer.

You can also write ‘/pm (player number or player name) (your message for them)’.
Example: /w Aggressive Are you sure?

Lastly, write ‘/whisper (player number or player name) (your message for them)’.
Example: /whisper Jedi Shadow was lying to me.

If someone else whispers to you and you want to reply, the steps are the same.

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Tips and Tricks

I will recommend using the players’ number instead of the name, as you might mistakenly write a similar name and send the message to someone you did not want. Also, do not whisper again and again as the blackmailer and players might suspect you.

If you are blackmailed or you are a revealed mayor, you will not be able to whisper or whispered by anyone in the game.

You can form an alliance with other Town members to protect yourself from the bad people. It is mostly done when their role is confirmed by their resurrecting.

Town investigator might visit you at night time if you whisper a lot, as it creates a lot of attention. Be aware that you might also get killed at night.

If you are a Jester you can whisper misinformation to each other or use the failed whispers technique to confuse other players.

Sometimes players will whisper you without any proper reason, so if you want to block someone you can by typing ‘/ignore (player number or player name)’. You will still hear a notification sound in-game, but will not be able to read the text.

If you want to unblock someone type ‘/unignore (player number or player name)’.


So here is your basic guide to how to whisper in Town of Salem. If you want to know something specific do let us know in the comment section below. Now it is time to get in-game, so good luck and have fun.


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