iMazing Review – Best iPhone/iOS Manager for PC and Mac

iMazing Review

This is a comprehensive review of iMazing where I have shared my user experience and thoughts about it. iMaging is an iTunes alternative that allows you to transfer photos, music, videos, and other media contents between iPhone/iPad/iPod and your Windows or Mac computer. Let us dive in further.

iMazing Review

iTunes is the official application to manage your photos, videos, and other content from Apple. But the problem is it cannot handle all the tasks every user wants. So many popular third-party iPhone managing tools are popping up and iMazing is one of those from DigiDNA.


iMaging comes with all the necessary and some extra features which are not available in most of the iTunes alternatives.

Transfer Media Content Between Devices

iMazing can transfer photos, videos, music, and other media between iOS devices and Mac or Windows. But the specialty here is it can transfer files wirelessly. So there is no need to connect the lighting cable again and again.

Photo Manager
Photo Manager
Photo Manager

The app always had a photo manager but with recent updates, they have stepped up the game with a far better and intuitive interface. The photo manager can handle your iPhone photos in realtime.

Back-Up Your iOS Device

Another important feature of an iTunes alternative is back up and iMaging can do it with far less user effort. Once you set up everything it can back up all the data wirelessly and as per your schedule. One thing to remember, both your iOS device and your computer should be in the same WiFi network.

It can also delete previously backed up files. Other than that you can encrypt your important data using a password so no one else can get their hands on it.

Back up Your Contact, Messages and Calendar
Back-Up Contact
Back-Up Contact

An interesting feature of the software is it can access your messages, browsing histories, bookmarks, etc. So once backed up you can view your messages, call stories, contacts, calendar, browsing histories on your computer. These data can also be exported as an excel file or vCard format.

App Manager

While in sync, iMaging allows you to install apps directly from the app store or even uninstall them. Most of the other alternatives do not have this feature.

Unlimited iOS Device Compatibility
Automatic Back-Up
Automatic Back-Up

The software does not have any device limit, so once you set up everything, you can back up as many devices as you want. Your friends and family can also take advantage of your system to back up their data. Although if you want to back up data from several people you will need to log in to multiple accounts.

Battery Information

A small but important feature of iMazing is you can get all the information about the battery of your devices, including actual health percentage, temperature, max capacity, charge cycles, serial number, charger information.

Miscellaneous Features

Other than these features, iMaging has some extra features included. For example, it can check the warranty of your device, convert HEIC images to JPEG, and export WhatsApp conversations.

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User Interface

User Interface
User Interface

As the software is made for iPhone or other iOS device users, DigiDNA stuck with a similar user interface. You do not need to navigate between various tabs or pages, as all the necessary options are on the home screen. You can see all the things available to back up on the left side and every important information about your phone on the right side of the app.


The sleek user interface of the software is backed up with its performance. After opening iMazing for the first time it will give the option to back up everything and after that, you can schedule a time to back up everything automatically and wirelessly, as mentioned earlier. So for most people, it is a one time process.

Although if you are in a hurry I would recommend you connect the lightning cable for faster file transfer speed. If you are using WiFi, it might take a few seconds to show all the thumbnails of your files, as it depends on your connection speed. Overall iMazing works really well and you will be able to do all the work hassle-free.


You can download iMazing for free and use it for a while to check if the features are good for you. If you are satisfied with it you can buy the software. They also offer several packages – for a single license the price is $44.99, for two computers the cost is $49.99, and for 5 computers it will cost $69.99. You will also get iMazing 2 updates and 24×7 support.


As you can see from the review, iMazing is a full-featured iTunes alternative with various extra functionality. So if you are not happy with iTunes you should have a look at this software. Also, if you are already using the software you can leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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