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Short messaging, quick messaging, and Messenger and WhatsApp has taken over the world of communication. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide its users with cloud-based platforms to quickly stack up a webpage and then reply to messages. Now, iMessage is an Apple-dependent platform. So, if you have an iPhone, then you cannot use iMessage without it. What if you want to use it on your Windows? Well, we have you covered. Follow this guide and know how to use iMessage on PC.

Here are the steps to use iMessage on PC

Apple has an extraordinarily advanced feature that you can continue a conversation from where you last left on any of the Apple devices. All the Apple devices, MAC, iPad, and iPhone, are exceptionally synced. All credits to the iCloud-based technology. Hence, you can start a conversation on your MAC and complete it on your iPhone. 

Now, let’s consider a situation for understanding the need to access iMessage on PC. You know that you can easily connect to your WhatsApp through WhatsApp web and chat with them. Now, let’s say all your friends have iPhones, and they use iMessage for conversations. But, most of the time, you are engaged on your PC for work. Now, to talk to your friends, you buy an iPhone but still cannot devote time to talk to them as you are busy on your PC.

Also, when you are looking at iMessage on your iPhone, then your productivity is getting hampered. So, you cannot get your work hampered. But, you still want to have a track of all the conversations on iMessage. So, what to do now? Do not worry, as we have solutions for everything. If you have been asking yourself the question as to how to get iMessage on PC, then your solution is listed below. 

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What is iMessage?

Apple Incorporated designed iMessage, an online texting environment. It is a highly advanced and excellent texting platform. It is available on iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac PC, and all other Apple devices. Now, there are a lot of people who want to download iMessage on their PC or Windows. Let’s say they have an iPhone but do not have a Mac PC. But, they still want to stay connected to people on iMessage.

Apple is leading a significant project for the future, and that is the Apple eco-system. iMessage is not available on other platforms because it does not want its users to leave the platform. Simultaneously, it is attracting a lot of consumers towards itself as well. Moreover, most iPhone or Mac users do not have a single idea on how to handle Windows or Android. 

Let’s face the truth; iMessage is technically impossible to operate on Windows, Linux, and Android. The reason is simple as the Apple company does not want to lose its single customer. The Apple restrictions trap its existing consumers to its Apple devices. But, can you get iMessage on PC

As mentioned earlier, we have solutions for everything. Therefore, you can easily use iMessage on your PC through different methods and tricks. Just keep on scrolling to explore the tips and tricks. 

Why Should You Use iMessage on PC?

When you get iMessage, there will be hardly any occasion when you miss any message or message thread. So, having iMessage on PC is a boon for a lot of people. 

  • You can easily send GIFs, videos, images, and many more.
  • You will be able to see when people have seen your message.
  • People can easily create groups with your friends and loved ones to message them whenever you want to. 
  • Moreover, you can include stickers in your conversations as well.
  • You can even forward images, videos, messages to others who are not included in a particular conversation. 

Reasons to use iMessage on PC

The iMessage app comes with a lot of features. Among plenty of Apple users, it is the most popular messaging tool. Listed below are some of the prime reasons why you should use iMessage on a PC. 

  • By using the iMessage application, you can send tons of messages and at a low data cost. You do not even have to download a third-party application. Hence, it makes your life quite lucid. 
  • The text sending process is quick and performed precisely.
  • The app has beautiful graphics and a user interface. 
  • It makes you enjoy the fantastic features just for free. 
  • You can interact with your office mates, friends, and family using photos, audio, and videos.
  • When you have iMessage on your PC, you can quickly communicate and avail yourself of daily reports and essential information.
  • The iMessage app is very lucid to download and install on your system.
  • You can use this app to send an innumerable number of messages, videos, photos, and voice mail.
  • With a broader screen size, you can type even faster on a PC.
  • It is one of the best applications for group chats. 

Unique iMessage Features

iMessage has certain amazing features as well, and you must use iMessage on your Windows for the following features. Look at the beautiful features and download and install the iMessage app. 

  • The app has innovative integrated iMessage effects, and it is hardly found in any other smartphone or messaging apps. 
  • This app also comes with message “reactions,” where you can react to messages as per your emotions, and you can even like or dislike messages.
  • An elegant way to open messages, bubble effects attracts many customers, and people love it.
  • The feature which is causing a storm among Apple users is the “Screen effects.” The screen effects completely mesmerize the text recipients. The message stays hidden until the receiver taps on it. Therefore, it gives rise to curiosity among the recipients. 
  • Bringing the old times back, Apple has introduced the “Handwriting” feature where users can write messages using their fingers. 
  • The “Digital Touch” feature allows you to draw within iMessage. Therefore, you can draw cute drawings and send them to your loved ones.
  • Lastly, the emoji, Gifs, and stickers libraries are updated regularly. You find new ones now and then. 

Hence, these features keep a user hooked to iMessage. Thus, engaged in Apple device as well. If you are not an Apple user but want to enjoy the features on iMessage, follow the methods below. We have successfully answered how to use iMessage on PC. 

Methods to use iMessage on PC

Below you will find the top and best four methods to use iMessage on PC. So, please scroll down and go through them properly. 

Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

To use iMessage on PC is one of the most popular methods. Now, the Google Chrome browser is available for Apple’s MAC OS X. You will find an add-on in the extension store easily. Moreover, this comes with a feature for connecting to iMessage without MAC. 

Not only popular, but this is also the best method to iMessage on Windows. A lot of users trust this method and have successfully gained iMessage for their PC as well. So, you must root for this method. 

Follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, you have to download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension on your PC.
  • Now, click on “Add App” to install it on your Windows PC. 
  • After installation, you have to gain permission from your Google account. So, you have to make sure you give it complete control.
  • Then, a separate will open on your screen. Next, click on “Continue” to authorize it.
  • Next, you will find two different options. One is “Remote Assistance,” and the other one is “My Computers.” Click on Remote Assistance to get access to your PC.
  • Then, you have to select a six-digit pin. You will need it to enter in both of your devices.
  • Now, keep in mind that your Mac PC or MacBook keeps on running in the background. The iMessage must keep running as well for the process to take place seamlessly. 
  • Finally, you have to take your MAC remote on your Windows 10. Then, enter the newly generated Pin when prompted. 
  • Lastly, click on the “Connect” button. This will result in establishing the connection in an instant. 

If this method failed to impress you, then we have three more ways listed for your below. 

iPadian Emulator

We are sure that you have heard of the Android emulator. Well, there is an emulator for iOS as well. You can install iPadian Emulator on your PC, and then you can start using iOS apps. So, check out the steps below for installing and get going with iPadian Emulator. With this emulator, you can easily use iMessage on a PC. 

  1. Open the browser on your PC. Then, type on the address bar 
  2. Secondly, you will find the iPadian Emulator. So, download and then install it.
  3. After you have successfully installed it, then launch it.
  4.  Now, search for “iMessage for PC” on the search box.
  5. Next, download the iMessage app. Then, open it.
  6. Lastly, log in with your Apple ID and password. Now, use it on your PC.

So, by using this emulator, you can download and install the iMessage app on your PC. Using the app on your PC increases your productivity as well. 

Jailbreaking your iPhone

Now this one is an exciting method. It is best for people who have a broken iPhone and are not planning to fix it any time soon.

You can Jailbreak your iPhone if your iPhone is out of warranty. Moreover, if you want to fiddle with it, then you can try out this method. The first and foremost step is to download and install the “Cydia” app on your iPhone.

Now, you will also find an app, “Remote Messages.” This will help you in setting up a web-based interface. Now, through this, you can open as well as connect your iPhone’s IP address on your PC’s web browser. 

Hence, all you have to is open Mozilla or Google Chrome on your PC. Then, enter the IP address and the server port number. 

Therefore, through this method, you can use iMessage on your PC by just entering your iPhone’s IP addresses. Also, do not that you can do this only when you are sure that you won’t get your iPhone fixed. Because after doing this, if you take your iPhone to the store to fix it, the employees will not fix it anymore. So, decide on your course of action wisely. 


This is the last method that you can use to get iMessage on a PC. This is another great way to text on iMessage on your PC without looking at your iPhone repeatedly. You can use BlueStacks to use iMessage on your Windows 10. This is a very lucid method. So, you can go for this method as well. 

Follow the steps below to ace this method.

  1. Firstly, download the BlueStacks emulator on your PC. 
  2. After you have downloaded it, then install it on your PC. This will hardly take 1 to 2 minutes.
  3. After it has been installed, run it on your PC. 
  4. Now, the search box will appear on the screen. Now, on the search box, search for iMessage. You will be directed towards the App Store.
  5. Lastly, all you have to is download and install iMessage. Then, run it and enter your ID and password and use it successfully. 

Hence, these were the top four methods by which you can use iMessage on PC. Follow any of the above methods and experience the app on your Windows. The steps are very lucid, and even a novice can follow the steps and get iMessage on Windows. So, experience the unique features and stay connected to your friends and family via your iMessage PC. 

Final Words!

The best method to get iMessage on PC is by using the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension. Instead of using emulators or jailbreaking your iPhone, you can use the remote extension. It is a guaranteed method. So, with the boon of growing technology, and without buying anything, you can get to use your favorite app. You have to be smart and follow the tips and methods properly to make your life easier.


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