How to Run Twitch on Roku – Installation Guide

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The official Twitch application is not available on Roku anymore and that created a huge problem for many users. Twitch is the biggest online streaming platform, mainly focused on online gaming and esports. So this article is here to help you if you want to stream your favourite games on Roku.

How to Run Twitch on Roku

As mentioned earlier, the official Twitch application is no longer supported in Roku, but that does not mean there is no way to use it. There are multiple ways you can stream the games you want to watch and here we will talk all about those methods.

1. Old Official Twitch App

Previously Roku had an official application for Twitch and you can still install and use it. Obviously, the software is not available on the Roku Channel Store. So you will have to use the ‘Add A Channel With A Code’ feature. To do that follow the below instructions.

  • Open any browser and go to ‘’.
  • Make sure you are signed in on the browser.
  • Now enter the code ‘TWITCHTV’ and follow the warning prompts to add the hidden channel to your account.
  • If you cannot see the unofficial Twitch application on the home screen, restart your Roku.
  • To do that navigate to Settings > System > System Restart.

When Amazon discontinued the Twitch app from the Roku Channel Store, who already had the Twitch app installed could use it. But now it instructs your device to access that now-private official app. So the next step is to open the unofficial Twitch app and follow along.

Add Channel
Add Channel
  • A notice will appear, which is ‘Official Twitch Channel Now Available.’
  • Select ‘Yes.’
  • The page for the official Twitch app will open. Select ‘Add Channel.’
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions and enter the code displayed on your screen.
  • Then your Roku application will confirm ‘Twitch has been added to the end of Home.’
  • Now you can remove the unofficial Twitch application.

That is all you have to do. Now you can start watching your favourite streams on Twitch. You can also log in to your Twitch account without any problem.

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2. TTV Stream

There is another application, TTV Stream which you can use as an alternative to the Twitch app which can show all the Twitch live streams. If you are having any problem with the first solution you can try this. Follow the bellow instruction to use the TTV application.

TTV Stream
TTV Stream
  • Go to ‘’ and click ‘Add Channel.’
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Follow the prompts until the channel is added.
  • Like the last time, if you cannot see the new app immediately, restart your Roku.
  • Open the TTV Stream application and follow the instructions.
  • Head to ‘’ and enter the six-character code displayed on your Roku device.
  • Follow the prompts to link your Twitch account to TTV Stream.
  • Now you can access the TTV Stream interface.

To Conclude

These are the two ways you can enjoy streaming Twitch on Roku. Hopefully, these will help you and if you know any better alternatives, let us know in the comments. You might also hear about Twitched and Twitched Zero applications before. But those do not work anymore as Twitch requested to Roku.


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