iOS 14’s New AirPods Features: Spatial Audio, Better Automatic Device Switching, Battery Notifications and More


Apple Airpods Are covered gadgets for iPhone users. The sleek, convenient, and advanced audio pods are popular because of their performance and sound quality. The tech giant has modified its ios 14 to enhance the performance of  Airpods and AirPods Pro. Hence, the two audio gadgets will now offer services to both iPhone and iPad users. 

The newest modifications include device switching mode, spatial audio, battery notifications. The iOS 14 also comes with headphone accommodations with better control over sound and frequencies. In this article, you will find all the new features available in Ios 14 for the Airpods.

iOS 14’s New AirPods Features

1. Spatial Audio for AirPods Pro

It is the newest feature exclusively for Airpods Pro. Apple had already announced spatial audio in the Worldwide developers’ conference. It is an advanced tech that takes listening sounds to another level.

Apple has used dynamic tracking and iphone positioning in such a way that the listener gets a movie theatre-like effect. So, you get to experience another level of apple’s technology. The AirPods Pro also comes with directional audio filters and fine adjustments for each ear. It makes the user hear sounds from all directions. 

The spatial audio can also use gyroscope and accelerometer present inside the Airpods Pro and Iphone. So, the software can track the head movement of the user and the device location. Furthermore, it compares the motion data and remaps the sound field. As a result, The sound eaves remain close to the hearer even if they move their head in different directions.

Although Apple still needs to install a firmware update in their Airpods pro to make the spatial sound work. Hence, this new feature is not available until now. It will be released with the upcoming Ios 14. So, people need to wait to get this fantastic experience first-hand.

2. Automatic device switch

Apple AirPods already come with the device switch option. With this innovative feature, users can now choose any of their Apple devices like iPhone, iPad to listen to music. You need to be signed in in your iCloud accounts for this device switching procedure. But, with the new update, it will become more comfortable with iOS 14, iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, and watchOS 14.

Users will be able to switch to any device they want automatically. But, you need to wait for some time till Apple updates this feature in the AirPods. If your appliances are linked with the same iCloud account, the device change procedure will only take a few seconds. Hence you can easily watch on your iPad even if you are listening to music on your iPhone.

At present, the device switch mechanism works through Bluetooth. You can connect to another device besides your primary connection through the AirPods. But, the Bluetooth connection often takes a lot of time. 

The automatic device change feature will be available on iPad, phone, iPod touch, Apple Watch, and Mac as soon as Apple updates the software. Any Airpodd Pro or second-generation Airpods will support this feature. That means these fantastic features will not be available with the original model of Airpods. 

Apple also stated that this mechanism will be available with Powerbeats, Beats Solo Pro, and even Powerbeats Pro.

3. Battery alerts

The newest updates will also allow you to get Airpods battery status in your mobile device. That means you will receive a battery-related notification on your iPad or iPhone if the AirPods need a recharge.

4. Optimized charging facility

A lot of users often requested Apple to increase the battery life of Airpods.  So, Apple has released the new optimized battery facility in the new Ios 14. It is an intelligent feature that allows your Airpods to learn the regular charging pattern and will wait till the battery is 80% full. 

It is the same mechanism that Apple uses to optimize the battery life of iPhones and Macs. The Li-ion batteries offer better service if they do not have c to their full capacity.

5. Headphones Accommodations

With headphone accommodations, people with low hearing will be able to hear small sounds. With this feature, your headphones can access your device and can amplify the soft, and low frequency sounds to make them audible.

You can access the accommodation function from your iPhone or iPad in the accessibility menu. To enable this feature, you need to open the settings app and click on Airpods and then open the audio accessibility. From there you can open the headphone accommodations.

If you open the headphone accommodation, you will get more fine-tuning options to customize the audio settings. You can change the volume of soft sounds, vocal range, balanced tone, or tone brightness as per your preference.

Furthermore, headphone accommodations also come with custom Audio settings that detect your preference for the audio tones and soft sounds with a simple test. Hence, you can comfortably accommodate the headphone to help you hear in the best way.

As per their sources, the headphone accommodation will support Airpods Pro also. So, now AirPods users will be able to hear the smallest notification even if you are in a busy atmosphere.

6. Protecting your ears

Apple cares about your hearing health, and the ios 14 comes with a unique hearing health protection system. Now, your iPhone and watchOS 7 will alert you if your headphone noise is too loud for your health. It will help you to lower your sound level to a safe frequency to maintain your hearing health. Apple has included the WHO health advisory to alert yours about your listening habit.

Another new addition is the Sounds and Haptics feature. It is great because you can easily adjust and customize the sound level as per your preference. It will be available with  Airpods and AirPods Pro and other headphones connected to your iPhone or Ipad.

You can regulate the center Volume Monitor.

Apple has also included a new feature called”Hearing”. It allows the user to see the decibel level in their device. You get to check the decibel level through a live meter and can also examine if the decibel level is under the safe limit. The central volume Monitor is available in the Control center.

You need to open the Control center menu and click on the “Ear” button to check the live meter.

7. Airpods Pro-Motion API

Apple has already developed a Motion API exclusively for the Airpods Pro. It allows Apple to access user acceleration, rotational rates, and access orientation. It is excellent because the manufacturing company can offer a better user experience for fitness apps and games. Airpods pro users will be able to download these APIs after the launch.


As per the latest development, the iOS 14 will be great news for any Apple gadget user. The Airpods and Airpods Pro will become more efficient. Intelligent and will offer you an amphitheater-like experience. It will also protect your ears to prevent any health-related issues.

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