Is Showbox Safe – What Are the Tips To Use Showbox?

Is Showbox Safe

People who are using ShowBox have questioned if the app is safe to use. If you are wondering what ShowBox is, well it is a streaming platform which is completely free to use.

You can watch, download or add films and TV series to your watch later list. The platform also has application for all the major platforms like Android iOS and Windows. But you already know nothing is free in the real world. All the content streamed in the platform costs thousands of dollars to create and countless hours of hard work. Then how the app is free you may ask?

ShowBox is Illegal


Torrent is used in ShowBox to stream and does not have authorization from the filmmakers. Which means they don’t own rights to the content available on their platform. That is a reason why the application is not available on Google Play Store and need users to download the apk from other websites.

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Malware in ShowBox?

A developer and contributor at XDA Developers, Shane Britton took his time to decompile the apk and concluded that the app itself does not have any malicious activity. But the problem the app is available on many pages on the web and if someone uploads the app with malware injected, there is no chance you will able to. There is always a risk while downloading anything from third-party sources.

Legal Issues

But malware is not the only thing you need to think about while enjoying your favourite TV series in ShowBox. Hollywood studios and other producers have started fighting against apps like ShowBox. In recent years many studios sued ShowBox developers and distributors (the websites you fetch the apk from) over copyright infringement.

Recently, the websites distributing ShowBox reached a settlement with Hollywood studios. Following the agreement, the ShowBox app started warning their users that movie studios would be able to see your IP address and your viewing history and they “are filing lawsuits against users of ShowBox app.” After that incident, the app went down for a long time and resurfaced.

VPN for ShowBox

VPN Connection
VPN Connection

After all of these, if you are still interested to use ShowBox, you might want to hide your IP from your ISP or third parties. To do that you can use a virtual private network. There are many free and subscription-based VPN service available which will do the job, like CyberGhost, Nord VPN, TunnelBear etc. But on the other hand, if you are paying for a VPN, you can pay for a streaming service like Netflix also.


As you can see there are both up and downside of using ShowBox. But if the only question you had is if ShowBox is safe or not, when it comes to malicious activity the app is safe but not from legal concerns.


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