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Alternatives to KissCartoon

Are you bored? Do you need to have some mind-blowing entertainment different from conventional movies or TV shows? Then try to watch cartoons once. Cartoons are widely popular among people from all around the world. There are Anime streaming sites and websites like kisscartoon, which stream cartoons for free.

From the classic cartoons to the anime – the cartoon world is pretty versatile and exciting. It is a particular type of entertainment that appeals to people from all age groups- kids to adults. Any die-hard anime or cartoon lover will love to spend their free time watching cartoons.

But what is Kisscartoon? It is an exclusive free streaming platform for cartoons and anime shows. You can find any type of cartoon shows here.  The most significant benefit of this streaming platform is that you do not need to spend a single penny to watch your favorite cartoon show. Just open and watch anything you want. Some of the most popular shows in Kisscartoon are Gravity Falls, The Flintstones. X-Men, Naruto, Bleach, etc.

Now, what to do when there is no Kisscartoon in your country? The simple answer is to search for  Kisscartoon alternatives. Many other sites like it offer free cartoon streaming services. So if you cannot access Kisscartoon or want to know about options, check this list.

KissCartoon Alternatives

Here you will find the top ten kisscartoon alternatives which are as impressive as you can imagine-

1. KissAnime

KissAnime is a well-known free streaming site all around the globe.  It has similar layouts as the former site and has the same collection and is one of the sister websites of KissCartoon. True to its name, the streaming website is exclusively for anime. So, if you are an avid anime lover, check KissAnime once. You will instantly fall in love with their design and collection. The database of KissAnime is exciting.


You can find and watch anime here by the genre and buy the author’s name. The homepage of KissAnime comes with all the trending shows and a well-crafted search bar. You can watch Spirited Away, Naruto, A Silent Voice, etc. KissAnime offers HD quality streaming, and you can choose subtitles in English or Japanese.


In the list of alternatives to Kisscartoon, NYAA deserves a prominent spot. It is a relatively new website, but the collection of anime is remarkable. Nyaa offers a diverse selection of anything Japanese- anime, anime movies, mini-series, and even the individual anime songs. It also comes with anime-themed Japanese games for the users.


It is a torrent based public domain where you can stream or download any content as per your preference. You can download any anime, Live-action movies of anime, and other entertaining things. The download speed can depend on your device and location. But, in most cases, the rate is pretty impressive.

3. CartoonExtra

The third alternative is CartoonExtra. It is a site for anything related to cartoons. Therefore, this site can be your dream destination if you love to watch cartoons like Donald Duck, The Looney Tunes, Regular Show, Sponge Bob Square Pants and Dora the Explorer, etc.


Cartoon Extra is one of the best sites in case you are fanatic over those western themed cartoons. CartoonExtra has a premium look, and its well-designed website is a bonus. You will always find something worth watching here. And, if your family has a child, CartoonExtra is an excellent option for them also.

4. Toonova

The next alternative to KissCartoon is Toonova. It is another free streaming website that offers western cartoons from different eras. The site uploads recent episodes of on-going cartoon shows soon after the official release. It has a navigable website that offers a great user experience. It has a wide range of collections for all types of cartoons, and you can find any picture from their library.


Speaking of the database, it is well-maintained and constructed. Hence, finding any anime show or episodes become more comfortable here. Therefore, you will never miss any recent episodes of your favorite show. A user can access Toonova from any platform or any device. Moreover, the site offers multiple mirrors for each event, and you can choose any link as per your preference.

5. Kimcartoon.to

The next alternative to KissCartoon is KimCartoon. It is another free streaming website that offers western cartoons from different eras. The single-click play feature is convenient. You can play Transformers, Ultimate Spiderman, or any other cartoon series with a single click on your device.


Additionally, it also has a navigable and easy-to-use interface. A user can access Kimcartoon from any platform or any device. Hence, you can easily watch cartoon shows from your mobile or desktop.

6. AnimeToon

Anime is now famous worldwide, and people from many countries enjoy anime because of the drawings and versatile contents. If you love watching the latest anime shows, visit AnimeToon for once. It is full of the newest anime shows. You can find any episode of an Anime soon after its release on TV. Additionally, you can also find classic and well-known animes like bleach and Naruto or One piece.


AnimeToon is not only an exclusive anime site. It also has western cartoons like Blade, avengers, etc. Furthermore, the site also comes with its app. That means. With AnimeToon, you can now watch your anime on your android mobile whenever you want to.

7. CartoonsOn!

Are you searching for a free web-based streaming platform for cartoons? CatroonsOn can be an excellent destination. It is one of the popular kisscartoon alternatives reddit searches and recommendations. CartoonsOn contains all types of animations- American. European, Japanese, Indian, Korean, and so on. The site often remains unrecognized due to other popular streaming options. But, you will not be unhappy with the shows you can find in CartoonsOn.


It has a popular cartoon series like The Flintstones, The Justice League, Ice Age, Naruto, Inuyasha, etc. The free streaming website is suitable for people of all ages and offers quality entertainment. Additionally, CartoonsOn has an In-built video player and audio player to provide you with the best experience. So, you get to watch high-quality videos with fantastic sound effects. Moreover, it supports all types of platforms.

8. AnimeWatch.me

Animewatch.me can be an excellent alternative to Kisscartoon in case you are an anime fan. If you love to spend your free time watching anime series and new releases, check this site. You will find enough options to keep yourself engaged in the device screen. The website does not charge anything for streaming, and you don’t even need to register for updates. AnimeWatch.me has a user-friendly and straightforward database that anyone can use. The site is easily navigable, and you can find any anime here by using the search bar.


Its library is pretty high and contains the latest and classic anime from genres like Shoujo, shonen, a slice of life, high school, Josei, sports, etc. You can search by the filters or choose any anime form their home page. AnimeWatch, which its users lovingly refer to as AniWatch, has an in-built video player for your convenience. You can find here subbed and dubbed anime shows in English and some other languages. The FAQ section is bliss and offers enough guidance for a user. The biggest benefit? It is an ad-free site. That means you can watch anime episodes without those disturbing ad breaks or pop-ups.

9. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime and cartoon streaming sites in the world. It also has its app for android and IOS users. If you want to have a one-stop destination for watching your favorite anime, nothing can beat Crunchyroll.


The site gets regular updates and offers almost any anime that exists. Additionally, Crunchyroll also has an extensive collection of manga issues for the manga readers. But, the site has frequent ad breaks and can make you annoyed with those pop-ups.

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10. WatchCartoonOnline

Do you have a child who loves to watch anime and cartoons? WatchCartoonOnline is your best kisscartoon reddit alternative recommendation. It is child-friendly and has cartoon shows, especially for kids and young people. You can find classics like Mickey Mouse, Tom, and jerry or even classic cartoons like Sofia, the Princess, and Tangled. Besides the cartoon series, Watchcartoononline also has a good collection of cartoon movies for children.


All of the contents are free of cost. The site is quite easy for us, and you get to stream HD videos through the in-built video player. It also has a search bar for finding cartoon shows by name. So, for the next family cartoon watching session, choose WatchCartoonOnline.

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Cartoons or amines have a broader audience base. Everyone- children, young adults, adults love them. With a good cartoon streaming website, you can quickly go back to your nostalgic memory lane. Hence, if you want to break away from the popular movies and TV shows during binge-watching, choose any of these alternatives to KissCartoon.

You will be able to have a great time rejuvenating yourself from your busy life with the free streaming of cartoon episodes. Just invest in a good quality VPN and a stable internet connection to keep up with the streaming services.


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