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why does chrome use so much ram

There is no doubt Google Chrome is the most used and most popular web browser. We all have it on our smartphones as well as desktop and laptops. But, one thing that bothers us all is why does chrome use so much ram. Chrome’s RAM usage is always at the summit. Well, Google is trying to solve this problem. But, as of now, we have this article for you where we have presented the simple hacks and tools to lower memory usage. 

Google is working to limit memory usage. In its future updates, Google is trying to limit the Google Chrome RAM usage so that you and I can have a better experience. But, currently, you can go through our article and know the useful ways to limit memory usage. 

What is RAM?

So, if you do not know what RAM is, no need to worry. We have talked about this as well. 

Random Access Memory or RAM is known for storing the user data in the program. It is basically a general-purpose memory. 

In this fast-paced life, and people sticking their eyes to the screen for 12 hours, it is natural that we are working on several browser tabs, excel sheets, and word documents simultaneously. Hence, it becomes very essential to keep an eye on the memory usage before your PC starts to slow down. RAM is basically used to store information that needs to be accessed quickly. 

It is emptied every time you switch off your computer or laptop. It is different compared to the hard drive that stores memory permanently. So, excessive RAM usage can make your computer slow. Therefore, we have listed useful hacks and tools to help you with your problem. Read along to know more. 

How much RAM Chrome is using? – Why does chrome use so much ram?

I have found myself asking this question quite a few times as to why does chrome use so much ram? So, just like me, even you can find a way to know how much RAM your chrome is using.

Chrome has a dedicated Task Manager. In the task manager, you can easily find how much memory is being used by each extension and window.

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So, to know how much RAM your Chrome is using, simply open the Chrome Task Manager. To do this, press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc”. You can even click on the top right corner option menu and then from the drop-down menu, select “Tools > Task Manager”. By doing this, the Task Manager will appear on your screen. 

In the Task Manager, you will find how much RAM is used in each tab, extensions, plugins, etc. Hence, this is the easiest and best way to find how much RAM Chrome is using. So, by knowing this you can easily take the necessary steps and use tools and hacks to reduce RAM usage. In this way, your computer or laptop will not slug anymore. Therefore, to know the hacks and tools, scroll down. 

How can you limit storage usage on Chrome?

Now, we won’t be shifting to any other browser to lower RAM usage. We will learn how to control Chrome’s thirst for RAM. Compared to other browsers like Firefox or Microsoft Edge, Chrome consumes a lot of RAM. And, if you have been using Chrome for a long time and do not want to shift to some other browser, we understand. Chrome is favorite to many but has only one limitation that is RAM usage. Therefore, below, we have listed some simple hacks and extensions that are going to help you in this matter. 

Hacks to control Chrome’s memory usage

Minimum Tabs

When we are working on an important project, we tend to work on several tabs and windows simultaneously. So, let me tell you, opening a number of tabs on Chrome is one of the prime reasons for a memory leak.

So, always remember to open a few tabs as you can and also close the unused ones. You can easily find out which tab is using the most RAM. And, you can easily remove it as well by pressing the “End Process” button on the Task Manager. Hence, in this way you can get rid of unwanted tabs and memory leakage.

More Extensions

Yes, you read that right, more extensions. More extensions mean more RAM. So, each extension has its own functionality. Moreover, it does not work on other websites that we are browsing. Hence, you can easily disable an extension that is unimportant for your current browsing mode.

Let’s say, you have a YouTube video downloader extension on your PC. You can easily download your favorite videos and songs through this extension. But, its sole purpose is to download videos. Therefore, when you are not browsing on YouTube, you can easily disable this extension and continue your work on other websites.

Reset the Browser Settings

The other way you can limit RAM usage is by resetting the browser settings. This process is done by a lot of people. Therefore, reset your Chrome Browser every one to two weeks. Therefore, you can use it again as a new one. 

Hence, these were some of the popular hacks you can apply to limit RAM usage by Google Chrome. Now, apart from hacks, we have listed some tools as well. These tools are quite effective and are used by a lot of people to solve this problem.

Extensions or Tools to limit RAM usage 

The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender is one of the best extensions or tools. It automatically suspends and closes unused tabs on your Chrome. This Chrome extension allows parking, unload, and suspending tabs to reduce the Chrome memory footprint. Bonus point, you can even set a time period for which all the unwanted and unused tabs will be automatically suspended and closed. And, if you plan to use it again, unsuspending is just a click away. 

How to install it?

Installing The Great Suspender is very easy. Follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, open the extension page on Chrome.
  • Next, click “Add to Chrome”
  • Lastly, after it is prompted, select “Add Extension”

After The Great Suspender is installed, you will find an icon on your Chrome toolbar. 


As easy as it is to install The Great Suspender, it is very simple to use as well. If you want to suspend a tab, select the tab and then click on The Great Suspender icon. A drop down will appear and then you can click to suspend the particular tab. You can also select unsuspend all tabs, suspend other tabs, never suspend, or you can even open the Settings window.

When you have successfully suspended the tab, it will change to an almost blank page and it will have a link to the tab at the top. And, you will also find the text “Tab Suspended”. Therefore, click to reload it. You can click on that text to unsuspend the suspended tab or you can even click on The Great Suspender icon and then unsuspend.  

Now, you can even find The Great Suspender added to the right-click context Chrome menu. So, from that menu, you can access the same settings as available on the extension’s icon. 


As said earlier, we all tend to open a lot of tabs at once and then work. This happens especially when we are researching something and we have a lot of tabs opened. We certainly cannot close it. Those tabs are important and we have to extract data from them. They are important to us. 

So, when you have opened around 20 tabs and your laptop or desktop is slowing down bit by bit, and Chrome is using RAM a lot, you can easily opt for the “OneTab” extension. This extension unloads all the tabs and stuffs them into one. 

The aim of this particular extension is to embrace tabs’ world. Instead of jeopardizing your research work and dumping it, OneTab lets you open a myriad of tabs as you wish to. You can continue your research and then with one simple click, you can easily close all the tabs and save them on a list. From there, you can save this list as a web page which you can open later. Also, you can restore them as well. 

OneTab is essentially used to create temporary bookmarks of each and every tab you have open, just with a click. If you are just like me, who opens a million tabs at once, then OneTab will help you to organize those tabs and keep them open. 


If you have ever used Firefox, then you will find Firefox does not load tabs that are unused. But, on the other hand, Google Chrome keeps all tabs opened and active. Hence, adding to RAM usage. It is not a new thing. All of us have faced this problem. So, when you are researching, you tend to open a lot of tabs. There is another Chrome extension to help you “TooManyTabs”.

With this extension, you can suspend the unused tabs. Therefore, quickly using them as you proceed. So, if you have ever wished Chrome to act quickly in spite of too many tabs opened, you just cannot afford to miss installing “TooManyTabs”. 

The features of this extension are

  • NEW in 2.3! Chrome Local Storage Backup
  • Tab content preview. This requires special permission. 
  • Instant tab search
  • Bird’s eye view of all the opened tabs on Google Chrome
  • Sort tabs by title, domain, or creation time. 
  • Remember recently closed tabs
  • Custom themes
  • Suspend idle tabs
  • Save memory, and custom columns organization

Tab Hibernation

Tab Hibernation is a great extension and is a one-button tool. It instantly puts all the other opened tabs except the one you are currently viewing and currently using, into hibernation. Once you have installed the extension, a crescent moon shaped-button will appear at the end of your address bar.

When you click on it, it will automatically hibernate all your other tabs. Hence, freeing up Chrome’s memory. Therefore, this will enable a smoother web surfing experience for you. If you want a hibernated tab, then you have to just click on it and it will appear. 

Tabs Outliner

Tabs Outliner is basically a fusion of session manager, tabs manager, and a personal information organizer. This extension limits the number of tabs you can open. Therefore, it effectively slashes your memory usage.

And, how does it do it? Tabs Outliner closes your tabs, and then saves them exactly the way you had left them. It puts the tabs in a vertical-side window. Therefore, representing as if you had never closed the tabs. The tabs are simply waiting for you to come and then open them. 

Its features are

  • You can easily view all the opened tabs, and even save windows and tabs. It also shows custom bookmarks and notes.
  • Tabs Outliners is organized and lets you manage tabs easily.
  • You can easily arrange the tabs in a hierarchy with the drop and drag. It is very easy to use and you can arrange as you wish as per your preference. 
  • You can easily save and close the opened tabs and windows. It is open all the time. Hence, you can view the tabs always and even access them.
  • You can easily annotate tabs and windows, add summaries of main ideas, add comments to them, to-do items, and even add texts.
  • If your laptop or desktop shuts down suddenly, then you do not have to worry anymore. This extension comes with a great restore feature and crashes resistance. Hence, you will get all the tabs, bookmarks, notes, remarks, comments, etc. as it is. This extension simply makes your life easier.

Hence, these were some of the Google Chrome extensions you can use to save memory leakage. You can easily download, install, and use them. They are organized and very lucid to manage as well. 

To Sum Up!

Hence, you do not have to ask yourself why does chrome use so much ram? Hope this comprehensive guide helped you to know the easy hacks and tools to help save your RAM memory. Therefore, get going and use any hack or tool to make your life easier and RAM usage minimum. 


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