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Are you tired of swiping right on Tinder every day? Are you looking for a new platform to meet random people? It has become difficult to step out of the house and meet new people with COVID-19 in the picture. LuckyCrush comes here as your savior. It is a live random video chat site made for straight adult people. LuckyCrush helps you in connecting with random partners and joins into a live video chat. It helps you to get out of your loneliness.

How did LuckyCrush come into place?

In 2019, three French students fresh out of College had made this video chat site known as LuckyCrush. The theory is elementary here; two random users are connected on live video. Women are connected to men only and men to women. The video chat can last from seconds to hours if both of the parties continue. One can end it anytime or switch to a new connection by pressing ‘next.’ It will connect you to another random stranger. Thus, it is a great app to use for fast flirting. 

LuckyCrush mainly focuses on virtual flirting. It helps people to flirt virtually with random strangers instantly in an anonymous condition without any real-life meet. The website progressed quite fast in a year. The team crossed 10 million users on their site and prevailed as a profitable new startup. The company generated $ 3M per month in revenue to its founders.

What is LuckyCrush?

The LuckyCrush site is a video chat website similar to Chatroulette and Omegle. Although it looks like a dating app, this site mainly focuses on online flirting with strangers. 2 users are randomly connected through a live video chat. There is a ‘next button’ that allows changing partners randomly. It is like a huge online speed dating session between men and women. 

LuckyCrush is less a dating site and more a virtual flirting site. The rules here are simple; experience online and ephemeral flirtations and pass on. No one gets to meet their random partner in the end. All users here are completely anonymous. No one shares their personal information, contacts, or locations. 3 French engineers had brought this amazing concept. This website got a huge uplift, and the daily traffic increased by 500% due to the ongoing pandemic. A hundred countries across the globe access the website at the same time and have over 10 Million users.

How does it work?

Men are matched with random ladies, and ladies are matched with random men through live video chat on LuckyCrush video chat app. They will chat or speak aloud or write to every alternative, whereas seeing one another on a live video camera.  In terms of method, LuckyCrush starts very easily. You are solely asked to pick your gender and click on « START.»

A native popup from your browser can rise to ask you to enable your web camera and mike. Once you accept that, the website can instantly match you with random people of the other gender in very few seconds. After chatting for a while, the site will require you to register to stay chatting with folks on the website. It is excellent in terms of video call quality.

It is quite amazing to own something like a FaceTime chat. This feature is accessed from a browser. However, in many cases, the video quality freezes, or camera quality can be bad. That depends on you and your partner’s web connection speed. For having the best expertise, you must have a high-speed LAN network on your mobile or use it on your pc. It’s simply a talk web site. 

There is no option for a physical meeting. The flirting happens virtually. It starts on LuckyCrush and ends on this website only. Although, many users even use it to do naughty chats with strangers anonymously.

The Key Features

Random 1-on-1 video chat

You can start a private video chat with any random partner of your opposite gender just in 10 seconds. LuckyCrush will randomly connect men with women and women with men. If you dislike your partner, hit the ‘Next’ button. You are now connected to a new partner. Thus, it becomes easy to flirt with people all over the world.

Matches take place only with the opposite gender.

Many men have already experienced random chatting sites where they match with a maximum of boys. But in LuckyCrush, such things do not occur. Here, you are only connected to your opposite gender. There is no need to press ‘Next’ 10 times to find the right choice. You can change your partner anytime if you are not satisfied. Hence, the chat will last till anyone from does not hit the ‘Next’ button.

Instant translation

The best feature of LuckyCrush is instant language translation. When you are connecting with random strangers, you might face a language problem. Everyone cannot speak one particular language. There are users from a hundred different countries and cultures; hence translation is important. Instant translation feature will automatically translate your language. The incoming message will be in your language, and the outgoing will be translated as per your partner’s convenience. You will not even realize where your partner is. Thus, language won’t create a barrier anymore. 

Simple to Enroll

It is pretty simple to start on with LuckyCrush. All you have to do is select your gender and click on ‘start searching.’ In the beginning, you can browse a few partners. You need to register after using it for a while. After registering, you have unlimited chat sessions. LuckyCrush is available both on the PC and smartphone. You do not need to download any app to use it. 

Interesting features of LuckyCrush

It is not actual dating; luck is like having a crush: As we previously said, it is completely different from normal dating sites. This is a video chatting site that is short-lived.

Your privacy is completely in your control: As it is an anonymous platform, it is safe. Users have a choice whether to show their faces or not. The username set by you is all your partner can see. Sharing any personal information is strictly prohibited. Hence, LuckyCrush is completely safe. 

Gender balanced equally: At a given time, there can be around 50% male and 50% female online. Thus, you do not need any partner to arrive. You get connections instantly.

Rules of LuckyCrush

  • There is a set of rules you need to go through when you first log in. Under penalty of banishment, accepting payments or sharing personal information with partners is forbidden. 
  • If there is no one in front of the camera for a long time, users’ accounts are suspended. Although you need to talk over video chat, you get an option to choose to show your face or not. No nudity is allowed.
  • You can change by pressing ‘next’ if you are not satisfied with your partner.
  • The current curriculum is only for straight people. 
  • There is a chance of the same sex chat option in the future. 
Wrapping Up

The COVID 19 brought a huge lockdown in our life. Thus many changes arrived in our lifestyle. To go on with life, we need to live virtually. The user registrations reached 1 million just after the lockdown came in.

LuckyCrush helps you to remain virtually connected with people all over the world. Hence, opt for LuckyCrush, who knows who is waiting for you on the other side of the world.


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