Apple’s MacBook Pro On ARM Will Have Three Great Advantages And One Big Problem

MacBook Pro

Apple has already announced its shift from Intel-based processors to ARM-based processors. It is going to impact all the Mac OS users for a long time. And as per Apple’s plan, the latest ARM-powered MacBook Pro will become the first step in this transformation. 

Gadget lovers from all around the world are excited and eagerly waiting for the newest transformation of Apple. This transformation plan is going to change the tech industry to a great extent. But, like any other transition, it also comes with risks. 

MacBook Pro – A joint venture of Apple and ARM

Well, people would get to see some latest things through this new tech collaboration among the two giants in the technology industry. macOS and ARM are going to offer a modern edge MacBook Pro that will have some exciting features.

It will become thinner than before

The new MacBook Pro is one of the thinnest models from Apple. It will continue to have a keyboard and a screen with an aluminum body and a glass trackpad. Like other Macbooks, it also will contain fewer ports. But, it will become increasingly thinner. As per experts, it will look kind of similar to the iPad and Ipad Pro. Apple’s collaboration with ARM has already made it possible to get a thin and lighter laptop. The model will not need a cooling fan anymore.

The thermal design will remain relevant in this new model. But it will have to circulate a less amount of heat. That means Apple will be able to use a denser keyboard like the Ipad Pro.

What about the performance of Macbook pro?

As per the performance, there are some questions and debatable issues. The ARM processor is not up to the mark like the Intel processor. Experts are still unsure how the ARM processor containing MacBook pro will perform against the MacBooks with Intel cores. They are also curious about the performance of Mac os against the Windows 10 on the ARM core. 

Even though Apple seems to be on the beneficial side, nothing is sure. So, tech-savvy people are waiting to check how Mac OS 11 works with the ARM core processors and how it will perform with Intel cores. 

In the case of the performance, the first performance is not everything. The ARM core is better in managing the battery life. It can even increase the battery life up to 20 hours even while in use. The assumption is based on the present battery capacity of Macbook OS. Hence, the battery life may change Apple’s decision to get a new battery size. The chances are that the battery will become smaller to make room for a thinner laptop.

The ARM core can also increase the connectivity performance, especially for LTE connections. As per the latest market trends, all the “Pro” Windows 10 devices now support cellular LTE connection. The feature is not available in the MacBook Pro model but In Apple Ipad Pro. 

Apple is yet to confirm its stand on this particular issue. But, they might consider this feature on their latest model.

What is a priority for Apple

The New Macbook Pro has a collaboration of the Mac OS with the ARM. Apple’s development engineering team is working on this matter for a long time. It has also included some exciting features in the Mac OS 11 as users have been complaining of its development. 

There is no positive news on how Apple is transforming its MacBook into a cloud-based device or allocating its engineers in ARM. But, one thing is sure, ARM is going to be the future core processor for Apple, and it will remain there for years. So, the MacOS will get a prominent feature in public for at least two years.

So, what is the danger?

The new development is a great surprise, but the real test is the users’ performance. The ARM core may be present in Cupertino or on Developer Transition Units or with External app developers, but nothing is definite. The performance will be precise after the sale starts, and people start using the latest  MacBook Pro.

No product is perfect in its first launch, and the bugs and strange problems will appear even in a conventional and celebrated device like iPhone. And Apple has shifted to ARM, and everything is going to start anew.

If you are a person who does not like the new and adventurous experience, you need to avoid the  Macbook Pro with ARM core. The experts should test it and understand every benefit and disadvantage of this new collaboration. Then you can join the bandwagon from 2021.


In general, Apple’s decision to use ARM cores can be beneficial with loads of new features. It will be lighter, thinner, and compact for users. Like any other product, there will be some initial issues, and Apple is tirelessly working to counter as many questions as possible. But, regular users need more, and it can be an excellent way for development for the Apple team.

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