macOS 11- All You Can Expect from this Newest OS from Mac

macOS 11
macOS 11

Apple has announced the drastic transformation of the Mac OS Big Sur. The tech giant company has labeled it as the macOS 11  instead of a familiar name like MacOS 10.16. The new update has changed everything drastically, and OS 11 has become like a new OS model.

The new features fo macOS 11

As it seems, the macOS 11 comes with aa range of exciting features that can do wonders and also enhances the user experience. Here are the snippets-

  • Brand new design

macOS Big Sur new update, or Mac Os 11, whatsoever you call it comes with a nee design. The design is new, but it maintains the structure of the old Mc OS structure. The windows appear with a rounded corner and look colorful and fresh. Additionally, the icon designs have changed a lot to give it a new transformation. The menu bar comes with more useful features. The changes may seem small individually, but overall appears great and user friendly. Users would also find a lot of cohesive symbols in the OS.

  • Notification center 

The macOS 11 comes with a transformed notification center and is more updated than before. Apple has worked on the widgets and has added new features in here also. The notification alert mechanism has changed. On a closer look, the MacOS 11 widgets closely resemble the widgets of IOS 14. That means you can customize and change the icon size and appearance as per your choice. Now, you get group notification in an organized manner through an app. additionally, the notifications are interactive and comparatively readable than its previous versions.

  • Control center

The macOS Big Sur has a new and revamped control center in the Menu bar. It is beneficial and makes handling Mac Functions a lot easier. With this control center, you can easily access Airdrop, Bluetooth, volume, display, Wi-Fi, and keyboard settings in a click. Furthermore, it also has toggles for the night shift, true tone, dark mode, etc., to make the screen more suitable.

  • Safari Customization

In this Safari Customization section, you can change or use wallpaper in this new macOS 11. You may choose a wallpaper from Apple’s store or your collection as per your choice. You can also customize this section by adding your favorite websites, Siri suggestions, iCloud tabs, etc. Additionally, the Safari section also has rooms for adding your reading list, etc. So, you get a full customized section and open your go-to options with just a single click.

  • Safari Tab Preview

The Safari tab preview is another great feature of the new macOS 11.  It allows the user to check the previews of a certain tab. That means you do not need to open a tab for viewing anything inside that.

  • Safari Privacy report

Apple has also updated the privacy section of the Safari Page. Hence, users can now easily know if Safari tracking is blocking your access to a particular website. The safari page comes with a shield button that allows you to track everything. Additionally, it also has a special mechanism- the Tracking report. With this report, you can check which site the trackers have blocked and the most used suites per week.

  •  Safari translation

The safari translation is one of the best updates and features in the new macOS Big Sur. It automatically translates any webpage or tab in your desired language. You can choose your preferred language from the built-in translation mechanism of Apple. The facility supports languages like English, Chinese, German, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, etc.

  • Startup sound

Apple has included its original startup sound in the macOS 11 update. The sound starts whenever you start your Mac book.

  •  Video editing

The brand new Mac Photos app now allows you to edit videos also. You can edit videos with functions like the color scheme, rotation, crop, etc. Additionally, you can also add filters in your video. That means you do not need to use any third-party app for video editing anymore.

  • Battery life

Apple has changed macOS in such a way that it now increases your device’s battery life. Now you can check the battery life for a day within ten days. It has also included the battery estimation feature of the macOS Sierra in 2016.

  • Messages

macOS 11 now has a brand new Mac Catalyst app for messages. It comes with more exciting features like the Ios 14 features. It offers nearly 14 features like a pinned conversation, mentions, inline replies, etc. Additionally, you can also create emoji stickers with the photos section, design GIFs, and do other fun things. It also allows you to use exciting message outlines like balloons, confetti, etc. So, messaging is now more fun and exciting than before.


The macOS big Sur or macOS 11 is a new avatar of its predecessor and has many features. It allows a user a better user experience and also provides comfort. So, it is a new age OS for Apple that is more interactive and advanced.

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