macOS Big Sur code hints Face ID feature of Apple Mac

Face ID
Face ID

Apple iPhones and iPads come with a Face recognition system. You can open or unlock your phone using your facial features. It is also available on Mac. But, the procedure is not the sole unlocking feature of Mac. A user needs to type the password beside using  Face ID.

Some mac models also allow the users to use their Apple Watch to unlock their Mac devices automatically. Many other models also enable the users to use fingerprint unlock beside the Face recognition system. But, as per 9to5Mac, the code inside the macOS Big Sur update makes a new reveal. Soon in the future, maybe Mac devices will also come with the Face ID feature. 

How is the code Of macOS Big Sur related to Face ID?

The code is present in the beat version of macOS big Sur. As per 9to5Mac, this new programming has a reference to the TruDepth Camera. It is the programming code that allows Apple to enable Face ID in iPhone 11 and iPad Pro. At present Mac, devices do not have this feature. The programming code also mentions “BioCapture” or “FaceDetect.” It indicates the development of Biometric facial recognition for face ID.

What is the future?

If this is going to appear in Mac devices, the future is brighter and full of possibilities. It would allow the equipment to use augmented reality apps to map your Face and match. (Maybe entertaining Zoom masks will be more prominent instead of the now famous Zoom backdrops.) It is a unique feature.

And if you are using the newest update of Apple Safari, using the face ID will be a relief. Apple is going to launch the latest update with the iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur. That means a user will be able to open websites with just their Touch ID or Face ID (if the site supports it). 

But, still, now it is not clear which Mac models will support this. Furthermore, there is no official confirmation about when Apple will release Face ID enabled Macs. Everything is unclear till Apple makes any official announcement. So, users have to wait for some time to get precise information.

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