12 Best MangaStream Alternatives To Read Manga Online For Free

Best MangaStream Alternatives

Manga or Japanese comics are becoming popular among global people. The intricate details, mesmerizing drawings, and beautiful stories are enough to keep you hooked into reading. MangaStream is a popular website that offers manga for free. If you want to know more similar sites like it, then read this article that contains the list of top 12 alternatives to MangaStream.

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12 Best MangaStream Alternatives

1. MangaFox

The list of mangastream alternatives is incomplete without mentioning MangaFox. If you ask any mange lover about some recommendations, MangaFox will be on that recommendation list. The most significant benefit of the site is its design.  The clean and navigable user interface is enough for a great reading session. Additionally, there is a search bar with multiple filters. You can search your favorite manga by the name or using the filters. MangaFox has a massive database of completed, ongoing manga and mini-series from genres like Shoujo, a slice of life, shonen, josei, harem, school life, drama, horror, etc.


Moreover, you can read all this manga in English. So, there will be no more language barrier to read the works of your favorite mangaka. MangaFox also has an app for Smartphone users, and you can download the app from their website. The app contains everything you can avail of from the site. Mangafox has an exciting color theme comprising orange, black, and white. It also gives importance to user experience. Users can zoom pages and can even load one or all pages at a time as per their choice.

2. MangaReader

The second alternative to Magasetream is Mangareader. It is a site that has been in the scene of free manga streaming for a long time. Manga Reader continues to be a popular choice for the manga readers because of its vast and diverse database. You can find any manga here. And, if you want to find the best place to read bleach mangastream, MangaReader can be your destination. 


The most significant benefit of MangReader is its optimized website. A user can access the site from their laptop, PC, or even mobile. So, you will never face any problem reading manga in MangaReader. It has an extensive collection of manga, including famous ones like Black Butler, Naruto, Fairy Tail, and Bleach, etc. The site regularly gets updates from its contributors. You can use the search bar to search a manga or use the “Surprise Me” section to read another manga based on your past readings.

3. MangaPark

MangaPark is another website that offers manga for free. Its popularity gets justification through its vast fan base around the globe. MangaFox comes with a sizable library with manga from almost all genres. But the biggest surprise is their collection of the latest manga, just after the official release. And, you get to read that latest issue for free.


Design-wise, MangaPark has a classic and straightforward website with a home page with a trending manga section.  But the user and reading experience is worth mentioning. A user can load one or ten pages at once while reading a manga. Therefore, if you want to read manga without registration or charges, visit MangaPark.

4. Ten Manga

 Ten manga is not that much popular. It is a comparatively, new, free streaming website. But, it can be a great alternative to mangastream because of the contests. Ten manga has an extensive and eponymous manga collection and can be entertaining for any manga lover. In reality, it is a real treasure trove with many classic and critically acclaimed manga issues. Additionally, you can get some rare collaboration of two or more manga series also.

Ten Manga

Furthermore, the library is completely organized and has more than 55 genres as filters. You can use their well-crafted search bar to search manga by the name or type. And the best part is no charges for reading any manga. 

5. MangaDex

Want to find a website to search manga besides to read mangastream? MangaDex can be an excellent choice. It offers free scans of manga issues. Not only manga, here you can read manhwas and doujinshi issues or self-published and even fan-made manga issues. Hence, you will never get bored in MangaDex.


MangaDex offers scanned and translated color and black and white manga issues. The language is not a problem because you get to read manga in almost twenty different languages, including English, Espanol, Latin, etc. If you are a true manga lover, make sure to check their discussion forums and community of manga lovers. You can interact with fellow manga lovers and share your thoughts with other people.

6. KissManga

With a database of more than 100000 manga series and constant updates, Kissmanga is one of the best alternatives to MangaStream.  Visit this site if you want to read HD quality translated manga in a scanned format. The site is completely optimized, and you can open it from any device.   


The most significant benefit of Kissmanga is that it is user-friendly. You can search for manga using the search bar and additional filters. It does not ask for money from users. But, there is a user profile feature. It is unique and beneficial. You can create your user profile and make a manga list of your favorite manga and even a wish list for some mangas. In short, if you aim to get a personalized experience while reading manga, this site is your best option.

7. MangaEden

MangaEden is one of the classic manga streaming sites. It is old but still offers some good mangas for your entertainment. If you are willing to read popular manga in different languages, check MangaEden once. Here you can read manga in languages like English, Spanish, and Italian, etc. Furthermore, the moderators of this website regularly update their library and add new content for the readers.


And, their collection comes with much old and original manga from different genres. You can even check your reading history in the “History” section. The site does not show the home page in the directory but shows while you read the manga. Besides that, it is not an ad-free website, and you may need to close the ad pop-ups during your reading session. 

8. MangaFreak

Does only reading make you bored? Do you need something extra? So, why not download your favorite manga issues for your future reading? Well, it is possible. Manga freak is a unique website that allows the readers to download manga besides free streaming. That means you can read or download the One Piece Mangastream from here. 


Due to this unique feature, MangaFreak is extremely popular among manga lovers. If you are thinking about the continent, you will not be disappointed. It has a diverse library of different mangas, including the old and recent releases from popular and prominent mangakas. Their website is easy to use and comes fully optimized for even mobiles. The download speed in MangaFreak is impressive, and you can choose the file resolution as per your preference. 

9. MangaOwl

MangaOwl is another popular alternative to MangaStream. It is a site that always offers the latest manga to the readers for free. Often, the site has released scanned and translated manga issues even before the official release of the manga. You can choose your favorite pick from the fast library of MangaOwl. The library has manga from more than 51 genres, including shonen, yuri, action, or shonen. 


Additionally, users can also contribute and add their scanned copies of manga in the MangaOwl library. The most benefit of this site is its website design. The site has a home page of every manga that displays the manga ratings and details of the manga, including plot synopsis and writer name. 

10. MangaBox

The last entry in this list is the website MangaBox. The site also has its official app that Smartphone users can download for reading manga. MangaBox is well known for its fast updates and a massive collection of manga like Attack on titans, Fairy Tail, Boku no Academia, etc. 


The website and app-based free streaming site from Dena are available in more than 140 countries. It supports languages like Japanese, Chinese, and English, etc. It is free of cost website where you can read any manga whenever you want. Additionally, you can read 12 latest releases per week without paying anything. Often the site releases spoilers for the upcoming releases to entertain the fans.

11. MangaHere

MangaHere, the new website has already created a lot of buzz among the manga lovers. The site often gathers praises for its design and a well-organized search bar. 


Check the library containing mangas, manhwas, Chinese comics, and even European and American comics from different genres.  A user can read all these amazing works for free of cost. 

12. Crunchyroll 

Crunchyroll is more popular as an anime streaming website and app. But, it also has a notable collection for mangas. The manga directory of Crunchyroll is diverse and contains many classics and even some of the newest works from promising artists.


You can read all the manga issues from their app and website in English and other languages. If you are willing to compromise with those sudden ad breaks, CrunchyRoll will never disappoint you.


Reading manga for free is a dream for many manga lovers. In case you harbor the same desire, use the list above. Here you can find the top ten alternatives of MangaStream that allow you to read the latest and completed mangas for free. Besides these apps, you can also use other apps and websites. Some of the alternatives are MangaKakalot, ComicWalker, etc. The sites do not ask you to pay any charge or require registration for reading manga.  

It is better to protect your device with reliable antivirus and a VPN to ensure safety from cyber attacks. So, next time you plan to binge on your favorite manga series, choose any of these sites and apps as per your preference. You will be able to enjoy reading manga till your heart satiates.


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