12 Best Mejorenvo Alternatives You Can Use in 2020

Best Alternatives to Mejorenvo

Everyone watches movies and TV series nowadays. As a show becomes popular, its views increase. However, not everyone wants to watch it online. The majority of viewers like to watch after they have downloaded it. One of the best ways of downloading movies and web series is MejorenvoThis site is one of the first torrent options for downloading any show. The original torrent website was insanely popular. When it was taken, several similar websites came out. Mejorenvo was one of them.

However, this alternative torrent site in Spanish by default. Hence, many people refrain from using it. As a result, people are always searching for sites like Mejorenvo. There are multiple websites available which work similarly. Those who do not like a particular website have numerous options available.

Top 12 Mejorenvo Alternatives

Given below are 12 of the best Mejorenvo alternatives. All of these websites are very similar to the original torrent. None of these sites are restricted to a single language only. Hence, users can download English and local language videos too. Video formats of all types are available as well. Also, high-quality video downloading is possible.

1. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is probably the most popular torrent website at present. Most of the users are well familiar with the name. Movies and TV shows are available for almost all genres and types. Users can find almost any movie they want here. The user interface of this website is straightforward.

Kickass Torrents
Kickass Torrents

Even first-time visitors will have no problem understanding the functions. The links available are all legit. The useless or broken links are removed. All kinds of TV shows are also available. Apart from that, games and eBooks are also present. However, this site is probably blocked under many network operators. Therefore, you may need to use a proxy.

2. 1337x

1337x is probably the biggest torrent type website at present. This is one of the best sites to visit for Mejorenvo lovers. The dynamic search system is beneficial. You can sort out videos on different parameters. This helps you to search for the favorite torrent easily. 1337x comes with a very simple user interface. When clicked, the user is redirected to the top of the page.


The interface is also quite hassling free. There are no annoying ads present in between downloads. Games, software files, and other tools can also be downloaded. 1337x is also blocked under most operators. However, there are multiple proxies on this website. All of these proxies can be accessed very easily.

3. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is yet another popular torrent website. TV shows and movies are available of all types. The updating rate of this website is one of the quickest. Hence, you can even find the latest movies and shows. With fast updates, the website gets patched as well. The user experience is always improved.


Filtering options for the torrents are available. Size, format, date, and so on type formatting are available. Games and software packages can be downloaded too. Downloading is quite easy on this website. You will get multiple links in the search results. When you click the desired link, you will be redirected. A new page will open. The downloading process will also simultaneously start.

4. Zooqle

BitSnoop was a popular torrent website that shut down in 2017. Zooqle continued from where BitSnoop closed down. The site is effectively the same. Almost all TV shows and movies can be found very quickly.


Zooqle contains the option of navigation. This helps the user to search for torrent links very quickly.

5. YIFY Torrents

YIFY Torrents is yet another popular torrent website. Any Mejorenvo user will simply love to use this site. The latest movies and shows are available here. The website also updates its collection every single day. Users will get a list of the current shows and movies on the site.

YIFY Torrents
YIFY Torrents

The manual searching option is also available on the top of the page. The search results can be sorted. Users can choose parameters such as dates or ratings. Feedback of the users is also welcome here. This website comes with the feature of data backup.

6. The Pirate Bay

This torrent site is exceptionally similar to Mejorenvo. The user interface is straightforward to understand. Mejorenvo users will find the overall look of the place to be the same as well. This website uses SSL protection. Users have the option to download movies easily. They can also upload movies as easily.

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay

The website gets updated daily. There is a wide variety of movies and shows to choose from. Over 5 million users use this site every day. The ease of use attracts so many users. Users can also do P2P sharing if they want. The main website generally remains blocked. However, multiple proxy websites are available.

7. Torlock

If you are looking for verified torrent links, visit Torlock. All of the movies available on this site are tested. Many torrent websites have fake links. Well, Torlock is not one of them. The website has a strict policy against counterfeit links. Every link available on this website is verified. Hence, users can be assured of original links. Torlock has taken multiple steps to maintain its unique status.


In case there is any fake link, users can report it. For every such fake relationship, one dollar will be provided. This maintains the authenticity of the website. TV shows, games, movies, and software packages are all available. This website has managed its user interface in a commendable way. There are multiple proxies on this website, as well.


RARBG is known for being a highly secure torrent website. Users can download all types of movies in a highly safe manner. The user interface is immaculate and is user friendly. The entire site is separated into multiple sections.


Each of the sections is dedicated to different tasks. Downloading links of movies and shows are available in a different part. The website also gets updated frequently. You can almost find all the new shows and movies here.

9. Extratorrent

Mejorenvo users will find Extratorrent to be very familiar. This is because the interface is very much similar. There is a vast collection of shows, games, and movies. Both old movies and new movies are available here. The user interface is straightforward to understand and use. Easy searching is available on the top of the page.


The search results come ranked according to quality. Sorting can also be done on date, size, and format. Numerous eBooks and software packages can be downloaded as well.

10. MoviesFoundOnline

This website proves a vast collection of movies. Almost every TV show and movie is available here. The simplicity of the site attracts many users. Searches can be carried out on a single click.


Users are also delighted with the clean interface. Movie lovers will surely enjoy visiting this website. This website also has multiple working proxies available.

11. KAT.am

This website is very similar to Kickass Torrents. When torrent got discontinued, its source code was still available. This website has been built with the same source code. The experience is remarkably similar to the original torrent website.


The available torrents can be browsed in multiple manners. There are different categories available. Game cracks, music, web shows, TV soaps, and movies are available. Users can also comment on their feedback and opinions.

12. Torrentz2

This particular website is not a torrent website by itself. Instead, it acts as a collection of torrent websites. This website is a search engine. When you want a torrent link, you can search for it here. The working of this website is fast and secure. It searches the best torrent links available on the net. Since there are not many attachments, the site is light.


This means the working of this site is much faster than other websites. Also, searches on all types of movies and shows are possible. This search engine is vastly extensive. If you do not find a torrent here, you may not find it elsewhere. The working is very similar to the original search engine of the torrent. Users can just search for torrents from multiple torrent websites. It presents the users with the best results.


All of these websites are great alternatives for Mejorenvo. You can download almost any movie or show from these sites. Virtually all of the websites are easy to understand. The operations are quite simple, as well. However, users will probably require proxies for most of these websites. 


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