NASA Announces 51 Million Dollars for Small Businesses with Breakthrough Ideas


On their latest announcement, NASA declared that they will be providing business grants. As per reports, the total amount is 51 million dollars. Over 300 different small businesses that have come up with big ideas will get the funding. This funding in the early stage it seemed to be crucial and will provide a huge boost to the small businesses.

The projects undertaken are to be labeled as Phase I. With the objective to develop new technologies, these projects can receive an amount of up to 125,000 dollars. This is expected to boost the market by quite a lot as well.

The most benefited persons will be inventors and entrepreneurs. With the help of the Small Business Innovation Research/Technology Transfer programs, the lab work will be upgraded. As a result, products and technologies will be available commercially.

Grant Varieties by NASA

Officials declare that this award is not an investment. Instead, it is a grant to small businesses. If the recipients of the grants under Phase I get warranted, they will be eligible to be a part of the Phase II grants as well. The plans for the Phase II grants are even huge. The selections of the business for this cover a great range of variety. There are multiple disciplines included, and various industries fall under these categories.

NASA has released some of its own highlights as well. These include upgraded lithium-ion batteries, water purifiers to be used on the moon, urban air traffic control mechanisms, and solar arrays of high power. There are plans for health workers as well, with ideas like compact sterilizers for spacecraft.

Upcoming Plans

Multiple efforts in computing are presented as well. The ideas for software techniques and chips hardened with radiation are the most presented. It is expected that these approaches are for properly accelerating and utilizing the methods for machine learning. With the Phase, I announcements coming out now, the Phase II announcements for 2020 are expected to come out much later.

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