No Proper Engagements yet for Users Who Have Shifted From TikTok to Alternative Platforms


The popular Chinese social media platform TikTok is currently facing a ban in a number of countries. This is because the app has failed to comply with user data privacy guidelines. Consequently, the Indian government has banned TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps. This app had a huge user base from India. Most of these users have shifted to alternative platforms like Chingari, Sharechat, Roposo, and Mitron.

After TikTok was banned – Reports from KalaGato

The research firm KalaGato reported that most Indian TikTok users have shifted to alternative platforms in a span of just 48 hours after the application was banned. However, the user engagement on these apps is not at all significant compared to TikTok previously, as per reports. The data shows Roposo and Sharechat have been downloaded the most in these two days. Mitron and Chingari have also seen a steady increase in their number of downloads.

The application had a unique user base of 32.2% previously, and it lowered to 10.5% in just two days. More and more users are shifting from TikTok as days pass. Apparently, It has lost over 200 million users in India. However, it has also been reported that many such users have just shifted on a temporary basis. The loyal user base wants to switch back to TikTok if and when the ban gets removed.

Engagement Reports

Before the ban, TikTok was reportedly used for 45 to 50 minutes per day per user. On average, users opened TikTok 9 to 12 times. This has reduced to 2 to 3 times per day after the ban. The alternative apps have been used more by users. However, as KalaGato reports, the engagement is very low as compared to TikTok before the ban.

The open rates of Mitron and Chingari are 4.4, while higher open rates of 6.0 and 8.7 are seen in Roposo and Sharechat respectively. The usage time per day per user is 5.3 minutes, 7.7 minutes, 14.5 minutes, and 22.1 minutes for Chingari, Mitron, Roposo, and Sharechat respectively. Even though the engagement is low now, it is highly possible that these alternative apps will grow significantly if the ban isn’t lifted.

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