OnePlus introduces new mid-range smartphone OnePlus Nord


OnePlus has confirmed the all-new mid-range smartphone line up with the OnePlus Nord. Also, pre-orders of the OnePlus are opened. OnePlus being the premium Android smartphone maker had launched OnePlus 8 and 8 pro at the top-end flagship level. But OnePlus Nord will be catering to a different segment altogether.

The OnePlus premium experience will stay the same but with a different approach. OnePlus has been focussing on premium smartphone niche till now but this one will bring OnePlus back to mid-range segment. OnePlus Nord also promises flagship-level experience but at much affordable pricing.

The new product line up comes from the OnePlus user community which desired more affordable smartphones with the same flagship-level product and user experience quality. As per the press release, OnePlus Nord will follow OnePlus new business strategy with the introduction of affordable pricing.

The need of the hour and the upcoming trend is 5G cellular connectivity which OnePlus is set to deliver. The OnePlus Nord will be a 5G compatible network smartphone. Talking about the specs, the questionable thing is about the camera setup. Will OnePlus Nord bring dual-lens and multiple cameras set up, we will have to find out later when the smartphone will be confirmed.

In the short documentary, the company revealed a dual punch hole smartphone with minimal bezels on the side. USB Type C port still remains at the bottom with no headphone jack. OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau stated that they have been challenging themselves and pushed themselves beyond their comfort zone to address users’ demands.

OnePlus Nord

Analysis of this business strategy clearly indicates OnePlus is working hard to deliver customers with a solid premium-like smartphone packed with features at a much affordable price point. In the short documentary, OnePlus has confirmed that Nord will be priced under $500 which is roughly ₹37,800 in India. To get the latest updates about the new OnePlus Nord, users have to log on to and click the Notify Me button.

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