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Don’t we all love to play without paying anything? Well, I do. The free-to-play model is my favorite game mode. Well, only certain games have this mode and provide a myriad of features in this mode. So, in this category, OSRS or Old School RuneScape is my favorite game. Now, it does have a paid subscription and added features. So, if you are looking for OSRS membership and price details, then you have come just to the right place. So, let’s get started. 

If some of you do not know what OSRS or OSRS Membership is and still new to this game, let’s first explore the game

What is Old School RuneScape?

OSRS or Old School RuneScape is a 2013 massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG. Jagex published this game for PC, mobile platforms, and Mac OS. This game is famous for its F2P or Free-to-play mode. Hence, this means there is no need for payment. Moreover, players who play in its free version are known as a non-member or free players or F2Pers. 

Now, there are additional features for players who pay some fees. This includes a free version, a larger map, challenging quests, and many items, activities, and skills. These are fun to participate in and play. Hence, F2Pers members can get access to the membership with the game’s in-built purchase plans.

Moreover, On February 15, 2015, Jagex released the F2P version. Before releasing the free-to-play version, users with a valid account enjoyed the two-week OSRS membership trial. Therefore, every player who had a valid account was able to enjoy this feature. 

What’s new F2P content?

Before talking about paid OSRS membership, let’s explore the domains of F2P. Now, this account comes with certain limitations, and members are unable to break it. But, it does give you a decent gaming experience. 

If you have a free-to-play account of OSRS, you can access up to fifteen skills and a max level of 1493. There are some great skills that you will be able to use while playing from a free-to-play account.

Some of these skills are

  • Ranged
  • Melee
  • Magic
  • Runecrafting Elemental
  • Prayers
  • Mining
  • Fishing and Cooking
  • Crafting
  • Vicious Monsters awaiting you

Comparatively, only a few monsters are waiting for you in this free-to-play account. You can access only seven dungeons in this account. The prominent ones are:

  • Edgeville dungeon
  • Stronghold of security
  • Varrock sewer
  • Dwarven mine

In the free version, only some monsters have limited drop tablets. Also, in this F2P version, not all areas compromise of monsters. So, you might be missing some thrill in certain areas. The massive and popular monsters are Evil chicken available in the high levels and the Shades. Moreover, you will also get to fight with bosses with kill and loot encounters. The first boss is Obor and the second one is Bryophyta. 

Hence, it can be said that you will get some thrill when you have the free-to-play account. But, if you are looking for more thrill, more dungeons, more monsters, then you must get the pay-to-play version. 

How many guests do you have to complete in the free-to-play version?

The game begins with you choosing an available playable character. You can even change its look from the customization section and change its appearance completely. If you do not have a paid membership, then there is no need to worry. In this F2P version, you can play up to twenty challenging quests. You can access them with 42 Quest points. 

If you want to access the “Guild of Champions,” you have to spend your valuable 32 quest points. Then, you have to get begin with “Dragon Slyer,” the toughest free-to-play quest. While you are playing the game, you can even access and play mini-games like Duel Arena and Clan wars. You can even play the recently added games, Last Man Standing and Castle Wars. Moreover, you can earn a profit and farm OSRS gold and sell it online as well. 

Therefore, these are the available features and domains in the F2P version. You can get handy to more games and features in the pay-to-play version. Well, a lot of players access the F2P version because of its creativity and the thrill. OSRS is fun to play even in the free version as well. 

How many servers can you access in the F2P version?

Well, the developers have decided to make you experience the game on 17 servers in the free-to-play version. These servers are located in Germany, the USA, Australia, and the UK. After that, the developers have switched the F2P PVP between Worlds 371 and 417 every week. 

Hence, get to play and enjoy 17 servers in this free-to-play version. Have fun and enjoy the game. But, if you are not satisfied with less and want more, just like me, let’s head to the game’s subscription section. 

OSRS Subscription

OSRS players pay a certain fee to play the pay-to-play version and become a member. When players subscribe to this version, they receive some credits, allowing them to access the pay-to-play version. Subscription available through different payment methods have varying lengths, though there is a minimal length of fourteen days. 

Let’s first check out the different promotional subscriptions and membership of the Old School RuneScape. Check out the following membership and subscription and know more about them. 

Lifetime Subscription

The lifetime subscription was only offered to one person who revealed the Party hat duplication glitch’s mechanism. But, most of the players abused this offer, and then it was permanently banned. So, you can win a lifetime subscription only if you win a competition. 

Free week membership

This subscription was available in 2010 to members who have not been players earlier. The players got 7 days of free membership. Players used a credit card to sign up. Then the players who did not cancel the membership after 7 days, then that money was used for a one-month subscription. This promotional membership was canceled as certain players used it in real-world trading. 

Penny membership

If members had a PayPal account, they were offered this Penny membership. Users a penny or $0.01 for 1-month membership through PayPal. It was a limited period offer and was on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Twitch Prime Bundle

In 2018, Jagex partnered with Twitch. This allowed OSRS players to get linked to their Twitch prime account. Once players linked their accounts, they were given some features. Those included:

  • Umbral Armour 
  • 15 Treasure Hunt keys
  • Flame Blade Weapon 
  • 200 RuneCoins
  • Umbral Crassian pet
  • Two Umbral Chests

Therefore, these were some of the promotional subscriptions and memberships. But, let’s check out the current subscription and the prices. 


Following are the prices that are currently needed for subscriptions:

Membership Benefits

Price AP Price AP Price AP Price AP
1 month $10.99 £6.99 € 9.49 MYR33.99
3 months $29.99 $8.67 £16.49 £5.50 € 25.99 € 7.83 MYR91.99 MYR30.67
12 months $99.99 $7.50 £53.99 £4.50 € 78.99 € 6.59 MYR314.99 MYR26.25


Here, AP means Average Price. Hence, the above prices were the OSRS membership price, and you will be able to get access to a pay-to-play account and get extra features.

How to start a subscription?

Players can easily subscribe to membership by selecting “Start a new subscription” from the “Membership” section. You can find this on the sidebar of the OSRS game. Then, the game will automatically detect the home country of the player. If you are trying to attempt a subscription, and if the game cannot detect your country, it will lead you to a page where you have to select your home country. After the home country has been determined, you will be presented with a payment method list. You have to select a payment method and then be prompted for information in the next pages for a secured payment method. 

How to cancel a subscription?

If you want OSRS to cancel membership, then it is an easy method as well. In the “Membership” section, you will get the option of “Cancel an existing membership.” 

  • You have to log in to the RuneScape site by entering your user name and password. Now, you will be taken to a page with a cancellation list from where you have to select an appropriate cancellation reason. Then, you may go to the cancellation confirmation page. Over here, you may or may not choose to unsubscribe as well. This page is the final page for a cancellation confirmation. Moreover, it also allows you one more time to ponder over your decision to cancel the membership. 
  • If you have forgotten your user name and password, then you can provide your credit card number and expiry date to login. You also have to provide the email address and user name created at the starting of the game. Then, you see two options “Cancel Subscription” or “Leave Unchanged.” After selecting the correct option, the site will take you to the final cancellation confirmation page. Over there, you will see your credit card details as well. Then, you can proceed to cancel your subscription.
  • If you have bought your subscription using an alternative payment method like PayPal, you can cancel the PayPal website’s subscription.

When your subscription is canceled, you will continue to access members-only features and worlds until your member credit expires. Hence, in this way, you can easily cancel your OSRS membership. You do not have to move mountains for it. 

To Sum Up!

I hope this comprehensive guide to the exciting game of Old School RuneScape helped you to know more about the OSRS membership and other details. You can easily get your subscription and get access to a myriad of additional features and properties. While the free-to-play version is great, the pay-to-play version is even better.


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