Online And Offline Ways To Play Google Dinosaur Game

google dinosaur game

While working on a serious project or just searching a random thing on Google, did you ever lose your internet connection? Well, I did, a lot of times. If you have an unstable internet or WIFI connection just like me, then you must have explored the google dinosaur game. Google Chrome makes sure that you do not get bored while your internet connection resumes. Did you know you can play the game both offline and online?

Well, if you did not, then in this article, we are going to talk about the Google dinosaur game and how to play it both offline and online. 

Google has undoubtedly been the most popular and most-loved search engine of all time. If you have an Android smartphone, then you are acquainted with the Easter eggs that come with every Android version. So, not only Android but also Google adds these Easter eggs. They add these eggs to their other services as well. You can find them on YouTube, Google Chrome, etc. since 2000.

All the Easter eggs that have been released since 2000 are still interesting and amazing. Google had added in Android 8.0, an Octopus game. It is still famous and a lot of people have tried this Easter egg as well. Now we will talk about one such amazing Easter egg.

About Chrome:

Google Chrome has always the feature-loaded and most popular browser. It is the most used browser and it does not matter what operating system or device you are using. As a desktop browser, Google Chrome shares 63% of the total web browser usage. There is a myriad of reasons why Google Chrome is undoubtedly the best browser. Therefore, a lot of people use it and love playing games on it as well. The most popular offline game being the google chrome dinosaur game.

Users are able to access various web pages such as Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, and a lot more. All credits to the amazing Chrome OS. Looking into the success of Google Chrome, the brand has extended to Chromebook, Chromecast, Chromebit, Chromebase, Chromebox, to name a few. 

So, when you lose your internet connectivity, you must have come across the dinosaur game. Now, it might have happened that you do not know how to play the game. Hence, staying bored and idle while the connection resumes. So, to cure off your boredom, we will show you how to play the dinosaur game google. 

Dinosaur Game or Chrome T-Rex

Chrome has this hidden treasure for you when your WIFI connection is down. Your new network error page has this very cute never-ending game. The T-Rex character or dinosaur is an 8-bit design. Moreover, many past animations and games have used this. The T-Rex game is an often-overlooked Google Chrome Easter egg. But, nonetheless, this game is still very attractive whenever you play it. Let’s have a quick view of the game and its origin. 

The T-Rex game is a very simple game. A dinosaur jumps over cacti and dodges underneath the obstacles as well. It is a never-ending game. The controls are very basic. So, to start the game you have to press “Space” and to jump as well. To duck, you have to press the down arrow. Now, the goal of the game is to stay alive as dinosaurly or as humanly as possible. You can play this as long as you do not die and your internet connection resumes. 


So, four years after releasing the game, in 2018, Google had published an interview with the originators and developers of this cute game. They had explained its origin. Therefore, we will give you a sneak peek of the interview. 

So, why the T-Rex or dinosaur theme? According to Sebastian Gabriel, Chrome designer, it is a take and play on going back to the “prehistoric ages” when we did not have the ubiquitous WIFI. While many of you might have a stable internet connection, but if you ask your parents, at the starting of this decade, we had internet connectivity at some official places like schools, offices, internet cafes. 

The initial designs of this dinosaur character were given the name “Project Bolan”. We hope you have got the reference. Yes, it is referring to the late singer of the band T-Rex, Marc Bolan. 

The game was released in September 2014. It initially struggled to perform on certain platforms and on Android devices. But, all the bugs and glitches were settled by the end of the same year. Hence, the game can be played on all platforms and devices currently. 

This game has interesting numbers and boasts about it. It is estimated that per year at least 270 million games are played. And, the statistics tell us that the game is played in regions where the internet connectivity is very slow like Brazil, India, Mexico, and Indonesia. 

You cannot complete or beat this game. This is because the game only ends after 17 million game years. And, that is how long T-rex was alive. Therefore, while it is impossible to complete the game, it is possible to play the Google dinosaur game both offline and online. 


The goal is very simple. It is similar to all the racing games and other endless games. You can run as fast as and as far as you can. You can continue running until the dinosaur crashes with some obstacle. Moreover, you also have to cross and omit the hurdles that lie on your way. There is no end to this. So, you keep running unless you hit a hurdle or your WIFI resumes. Hence, there is no finish line to this game.

The important features of this game include:

  • You can play until the T-Rex dies. Therefore, it is an endless game.
  • This is a single-player game. Hence, you cannot play it with your friends. Unless your friend is at the same place as yours with his laptop and no internet connection. You can compete from two different devices and see who survives the longest time.
  • The 8-bit dinosaur looks simply amazing.
  • This is a very lucid and useful game. Even a novice, who has not played any game earlier can play this game. 

The dinosaur game is played worldwide. Undoubtedly, it is a great game. But, did you know it has a new mod version as well? Read below. 

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New Mod Version of the T-Rex Game

Not very long back, Chrome released the new mod version of the cute game. The new version has added some more interesting functionality yet retaining the old simplicity. 

The new mod version is called “Dino Swords”. 100 Thieves and MSCHF developed the game. You can easily play the game on your desktop and tap on Space to avoid and bounce cactus. As you progress, the games get faster and a bit harder. Hence, it just like the dinosaur google game. 

You will at least 26 different weapons in this game. The different weapons have different keys allocated on your desktop’s or laptop’s keyboard. To use “Holy Water”, tap the “G” key on your keyboard. Moreover, you can unlock weapons by grabbing the birds flying over. The weapons include a tank, swords, bow and arrow, helicopter, sledgehammer, gun, and others.

Also, you can also enter your email id and name to save the game. So, when you feel like playing the game again, you simply join from where you left. The game also features leadership boards and daily boards recording scores. As per MSCHF, the highest scorer wins a prize after a week. 

Hence, Dino Swords is a new and modernized take on the old T-Rex game. You can use swords, guns, and a myriad of games to play this game. But, a lot of people still love playing the old, simple, and cute T-Rex game. 

How to play the Google Dinosaur game or the T-Rex game?

As mentioned earlier, the dinosaur game is very lucid to play. Hence, you won’t be needing any special skills or gear to play this game. You can easily beat the high score as well as you are the only one playing at that particular time. While we may see our internet connection causing the disturbance and curse it, it is a great time to play this game. Moreover, you can not only play it offline but also online. 

The game does not need any special or extra keys to play. Just two keys and you are done. The spacebar and the down arrow key are all you need to play the Google dinosaur game. The game runs on its own and you have to just overcome the obstacles. Below there is a detailed description with steps on how to play the game on the Chrome browser. We have mentioned the best google dinosaur game hack to play offline and online. 

Offline or No Internet Methods

You might be running MAC, Windows, or Linux on your PC. But, do not worry as you can play the game through different methods on your PC. Each of them has its pros and cons, so no need to worry as we have got it all covered. 

Windows PC

So, the first and important step is to turn off your internet connection. In case you are using a WIFI connection or Router or USB data connector, then permanently disable it using or disconnect your internet connection.

Now, just go to any site you love the most. Well, I love Instagram. So, I’ll just type You can try this with whichever site you want. It is at your discretion. 

Now, as your internet connection is completely disabled, the site will show this message “This site can’t be reached. Please check your internet connection”. But, obviously, you won’t be looking at your internet connection. This is exactly what we need, no internet connection and the dinosaur game google.

Now, instead of looking at that warning, focus on the dinosaur. Simply, press the spacebar. And, now you can start playing your game. You have to keep pressing the spacebar to overcome any obstacle or enemy approaching you. 

Now, when you cross the checkpoints, i.e. after reaching 100 points, the game will get a bit hard. The dinosaur will start running faster and even the obstacles will come on your screen more frequently. Hence, you have to stay alert to play the game, dodge the obstacles, and stay alive. 

Different themes:

If you are a good player, and you cross 800 points, the majority of the screen or the whole screen will turn to dark mode. The dark mode might distract you in the beginning. But, I bet you won’t regret it as it is even more awesome than the usual theme. You will surely love playing on the dark theme.

When you again reach and cross 500 more points, the theme will change into the usual one or the light theme. It will distract you again but not longer. You will love playing like this and wait for themes to get changed. If you are good at playing this game, then you will be hardly distracted while the themes change. Hence, this is how you play the T-Rex game on Google Chrome offline. 

Mac or Linux

So, to play this game on your Mac OS or Linux, you have to first install Google Chrome on the PC. As both of them as separate operating systems, the setup will be different as well. So, simply first download and install Chrome on your OS.

Now, when Chrome is finally installed, disable your internet connection. You won’t be needing it. Open Google Chrome and head to your favorite site. Obviously, the site will not open and that is what we need. Then, just like Windows, tap on the Spacebar and play the game. The themes will change accordingly. 

Therefore, this is how you can easily play your favorite T-Rex game on your Linux or Mac OS. Playing this game on these two operating systems is not hard at all. You just have to install Google Chrome and get going. 

On Android and Tablet

You might be currently reading this article from your Android phone and tablet. And, wondering how to play this game on your device. Well, it’s not rocket science. It is very easy to play the dinosaur game on tablets and Android phones as well. The process is the same and it does not matter whether the game is running on iOS or Android phones. So, to play this game, you just have to make sure that your phone has Google Chrome installed.

Now that you have Chrome installed on your device, simply go to settings and turn off your internet connection. You have to turn off your mobile data or WIFI, whatever you are using. If it is on, then turn it off, and head to Google Chrome.

After you have opened Google Chrome, just type or, or whichever site you like. You will soon find the page isn’t opening as the internet connection is disabled. Sad, right? But, not for us as we want to play this cool Google dinosaur game. 

With the warning message, you will find the T-Rex dinosaur as well. So, just single or double-tap it and the game will start. You just have to wake up the dinosaur.

Now, you have to note that waking up the dinosaur will differ from one OS to another OS. But, I’m sure you can surely find that out by yourself. So, now you are ready to play the dinosaur game in offline mode. 

Hence, these were the best methods to play the google chrome dinosaur game in offline mode. You must try out this game if you haven’t tried it yet. So, just turn off your internet connection and enjoy this game offline.

Moreover, you can play this game online as well. Want to know how? Just scroll down. 

Online Methods

There is not just the offline version of the dinosaur game on Google Chrome. You will also find an online version. So, to do that, you have to log in to your Google account. Now, it does not matter how many accounts you have. Simply log in to one of your accounts and use the credentials. Simply, enter your email address and password and log in. Voila! You are ready to play the Google dinosaur game.

So, as you are done playing the game, you will find the Global leaderboard. You will also find the options to share your score on Twitter and other social media platforms as well. So, you can beat your high score and simultaneously compete and beat other players as well. You won’t imagine but a lot of players have scored unimaginable scores and have become the top players all around the World. 

On Windows or Mac or Linux

I’m assuming you have already installed Google Chrome on your device or it is already pre-installed. So, after it is installed, Google Chrome running is the same for all operating systems. Hence, it is different for Windows or Linux.

Now, simply click on the Chrome icon and open it. Then, on the Chrome web store, search for T-Rex or dinosaur game extension. After you have found it, add that extension to your browser and wait till the process gets completed successfully. 

Once the process is completed, you can start playing the game. You have to play the game in the same way. Just the spacebar and the down arrow. Moreover, the themes are the same as well. 

So, when you are attending a boring webinar and cannot turn off your internet connection to play the dinosaur game, simply apply this online method. I bet you will love playing this game online as well. Hence, just install Chrome, check for the extension, and start playing this amazing dinosaur game on your browser. 

On Tablet or iOS or Android Device

You have to keep one thing clear that you have to run iOS or Android on whichever device you are using. So, if it is already happening, then we can happily proceed further to the next step. 

For Android users, simply go to Google Play Store and type “Dino T-Rex” and install it to play the game. For iOS, it is a bit different. You will find the game with the name “Steve the Jumping Dinosaur”. 

In both of them, it works completely the same. You have to tap on the dinosaur to start the game and continue playing it. You have to dodge the hurdles and play the game. Hence, in this way you can play the dinosaur game on your Android, tablet, or iOS device. 


To play the dinosaur game on your PC or your phone online, then you can simply type the URL “chrome://dino”. You have to open Google Chrome on your device and type the URL on your address bar. Then, no internet connection page will open. After that, you already know how to play the game. Just tap the spacebar and play the game. Therefore, this is another method of how you can play this game. 

Hence, these were the online methods for playing the T-Rex game. As per your device, you can try out the method and enjoy playing the game. 

Play the game when your computer is online without turning off Internet Connection

If you are unwilling to switch off the internet and then play the game on your computer, you can this tip as well. All you have to do is, press “Ctrl+Shift+I”. The Developer Tools will open. There just look for the “Network Tab” and then just next to “Disable Cache”, you will find the “Offline” option. Simply then tick mark the “Offline” option. And, you are good to go. You can now play the T-Rex game offline easily.

So, these were the various offline and online methods you can use to play the Google dinosaur game. Hope these methods helped you. What are you waiting for? Get going and play the game.

Final Words!

Therefore, these were various methods for how you can easily play the Google dinosaur game. These methods are sure to work for you. If you are a novice player, or your internet connection is giving you a hard time, then you can try playing this game. You can even play it online. Hence, go through the steps and enjoy playing the T-Rex dinosaur game. 


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