Play Store Will Get More Web Apps as Google and Microsoft Join Hands

Web Apps
Web Apps

Recently, the number of web apps has increased significantly over both the App Store and Play Store. Multiple new apps are coming up, which are specific to certain devices. Apps are even based on operating systems. Many web apps are designed to be functional in hybrid platforms as well. With this flow, Microsoft and Google have decided to team up for developing apps that will support Android features.

Influence on Web Apps

As stated, the primary purpose of this is to create apps that will be compatible with Android devices. On the other hand, Microsoft can launch products that will run on Android. Previously, this support existed in many of the native applications. Specific devices like Microsoft Surface Duo have also supported multiple Android features. At present, Microsoft plans to develop even better web apps that will be compatible with Android devices.

As a result, the Play Store will see a surge in the number of such supported apps. Reportedly, the apps will be built with the PWABuilder tool of Microsoft. This tool will be having the Bubblewrap utility of Google. It will also get additional advantages to the library. This will allow for the incorporation of visual customizations, push notifications, and new web shortcuts standard. In other words, Android phones will be easily able to run such web apps.

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Expected Development

As for the incorporation, the process does not seem too complicated. Microsoft reported that most of the features would simply be expanded rather than creating anew. However, there is still a lot of time left before apps will be able to use these features thoroughly. The quality of the apps is sure to improve, though.

The creators will be using Microsoft’s toolkit more frequently. At the same time, developers will create more Android compatible apps for Google. Hence, the teaming up of Google and Microsoft will be beneficial for both the companies.


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