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Pokémon GO is one of the most popular games to have been created. At present, millions of users have been playing the game worldwide. With the anime Pokémon, the game has gained massive popularity. In the game, one of the best events that take place is the raids. On a raid, you have a chance to catch rare and legendary Pokémons. Hence, the demand for gym raids maps is quite high. With these raid maps, you can get the best PoGO alerts. Therefore, these can help you capture your favorite Pokémon.

The discord servers are an integral part of every game community. Pokémon GO is no different. The best discord channels provide quality information regarding the games. In the Pokémon GO discord servers, you can get the same. You can talk with other users. You can also plan raids together with other players. When teams come together, even high-level Pokémon bosses can be conquered. Even God tier Pokémons can be captured on such events.

Best GYM Raids Maps to Get PoGO Alerts with Trackers

Some of the best working gym raids maps for Pokémon GO are given below. Legendary and rare Pokémons can also be acquired from here.

1. PoGO Alerts Network Live Gym Raids Maps

There are many gym raids maps available in America. The PoGO Alerts Network is one such raid map. This map has different locations which are spread all over the USA. The map is mainly for raids and gyms. The scanning support system is incredibly accurate in real-time. There are over 19 different maps present here.

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PoGO Alerts Network Live Gym Raids Maps

Seven regions are in Virginia. There are two areas of Maryland and Colorado each. Florida has a total of 6 areas current on this map. New York and Texas also have one map each present in the raid map. If you are looking for a Houston Pokémap, you will find it here too.

2. RaidPass Raid Tracker Gym Raids Map

This particular gym raid map is available in many countries. The scanning rate is quite high, and it goes on at all times. Ongoing o upcoming raids can be very quickly found out from here. The search results can be sorted with the different raid boss levels. The minimum raid boss level is 1. The maximum raid boss level is 5. Using these levels, the search results can be sorted.

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RaidPass Raid Tracker Gym Raids Map

Naturally, a high-level raid boss means that the Pokémon will be powerful. Hence, you can expect a legendary or God tier Pokémon while facing a level 5 raid boss. In the lower levels, the rare or less common Pokémons can be obtained. You can get details and all information regarding the raid boss on the map. You can see various attributes like Combat Power, type, name, and strength of the boss. The coordinated can be attained as well.

3. GymHuntr Gym Raids Map

Another of the popular Pokémon gym raid maps is GymHuntr. The scanning base covers almost all parts of the world. This map has a strong tracking feature for most of the Pokémon gyms. The tracker service always remains updated. All updates and information regarding the active raids are available to the users.

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GymHuntr Gym Raids Map

Exclusive updates and push notifications regarding the legendary raids are also available. The details of the boss names, types, active duration, Combat Power, and other important information are available. The gym coordinates are also provided with a high level of accuracy. The gym history can be checked as well. Users can check their locality using the search bar. Any details about upcoming raids are also available.

4. NYCPokeMap – New York City, United States.

For the residents of New York City or NYC, this map is solely designed. The NYCPokeMap is an excellent option for the trainers of Pokémon GO who are living in this area. Anyone traveling to NYC will also find this raid map extremely helpful. This gym tracker has an updated scanner, and you will see all the active raids going on. There are multiple options available for customization. Users can choose the options according to their choices.


Filtering search results can also be done. For example, you can search for a gym boss or gym eggs. Similarly, you can also search for valor, instinct, or mystic gyms. The raid bosses can also be filtered based on their levels. This map covers all parts of NYC. You will get live updates regarding any raid that is happening or is about to happen. You can get all the pogo alerts using this Gym Raid Maps. 

5. BostonPogoMap

For the residents of Massachusetts, the BostonPogoMap is probably the best raid map for Pokémon GO. With many users, it is quite easy to form teams and hunt for your favorite Pokémon. The raid bosses are quite a high level as well. Hence, you may find your favorite legendary Pokémon on one such raid.


Users can customize the search and choose to specify the search parameters. Sorting can be done based on gym levels. Gyms, when occupied by a team, are also shown. The relevant information, like the boss name, type, Combat Points, and raid duration are available. The BostonPogoMap can search the entire city at the same time and provide you exact locations of ongoing raids.

6. VegasPokeMap

The VegasPokeMap is another highly active gym raid map that provides exact information on raids in real-time. Anyone in Las Vegas or near the Spring Valley can use this map for detecting active raids. The map can be checked anytime to see the whereabouts of the raids. Users will be required to provide specific information.


This information will be used to provide the coordinates of the gym as per the requested parameters. The options of checkboxes and filters are available here too. Whether you are looking for super rare Pokémon eggs or legendary Pokémons, VegasPokeMap is an excellent option.

Best Discord Channels for Pokémon GO Gym Raids

As stated earlier, the discord channels form an important community in any game. Pokémon GO is no different. In the discord channels, you can get all types of information regarding upcoming raids. This is because all kinds of people use the discord servers. You can contact other players and even get a head start regarding raids. Some of the best discord channels are given below.

1. Pokedex100

For Pokémon GO fans, Pokedex100 is probably the most active discord server. It has users from all parts of the world. There are mainly two dedicated channels. One is for the raid requests, and the other is for the raid leaders.


In the request channel, other users can be requested to be a part of a raid. In the leader channel, the raid leaders communicate with the other users. With the number of members around 2500, this server is the most used Pokémon GO discord server.

2. Pokesnipers

For the Pokémon snipers, this is an excellent discord channel. New users have increased as new updates have come up. There are multiple channels on this server. The dedicated channel comes by the name ‘legendary raid coords.’


You can get all information on any ongoing raids through other active members. The members also share exact coordinates on the channel. With nearly 2300 active users, Pokesnipers is an active discord channel.

3. 100IV Club

This discord server has over 900 active users. The channel named ‘raids-coords’ is the main channel. The coordinates of the gym raids are mainly shared here.

100IV Club
100IV Club

Other users can be contacted. Users can take part in attacks together. All active raids and upcoming raids are shown here. You can plan raid strategies with other users as well.

4. PokeGO++ 2.0

Mainly for the iOS users, the discord server PokeGO++ 2.0 was created. However, with many users taking part, different channels have been formed. At present, raids are discussed in different channels.

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PokeGO++ 2.0

The dedicated channel is named ‘raids,’ and users of all types can discuss raid strategies with each other. Active raid coordinates are also available on this channel. There are over 2000 users on this server at any given time.

5. PokeBot.Ninja

Initially, this server was used as a gathering place for the users of the bot. However, with time, different channels have been created. One such channel is known as ‘coords_raids,’ which is famous for the discussion of active and upcoming raids. Those who like to snipe Pokémons will also find this channel useful.


Various Pokémon nests and information regarding them is also available. Details of teams that are participating in active raids are also available. Furthermore, raid details like time, boss type, and coordinates can be discussed in the channel too. This discord server has about 1200 active users.

6. PokeXperience

For gym raid lovers, this server is the best. There are about 1500 active players during any given time. The coordinates of raids are almost always available in the different channels present in this server.

pogo alerts

Three main channels, mainly coords, masters, and raid, are still possible with the latest and current information about attacks. Local strikes are carefully planned, and all strategies and coordinates are available in this discord server.


All of the discord channels and gym raids maps for Pokémon GO present on this list are active. At any time, many users are discussing plans and strategies to execute raids. With so many Pokémon enthusiasts, you will never run out of teams or partners while you are planning your next raid. For legendary Pokémon trainers, these are the channels and raid maps to be aware of.


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