6 Ways To Restore Chrome Tabs After Crash

restore chrome tabs

Chrome is known to crash and you should know how to restore chrome tabs.

A normal browsing session contains a lot of tabs these days. People tend to save their whole session by keeping the browser open for a long time or by putting their computer to sleep. Modern browsers like Chrome also notify if you try to close more than one tab at once. But if Chrome crashes all the tabs are closed without giving any heads up.

Nobody likes to search all the web pages they are working on from scratch. So here are all the ways you can restore the crashed tabs on Chrome.

6 Ways To Restore Chrome Tabs After Crash

1. Chrome History

  • Open Chrome.
  • Press Ctrl + H. It will reveal a menu with all the recently closed/crashed tabs.
  • Click on the latest tabs you are working on.

2. Keyboard shortcuts

  • If you have not restarted your computer after the crash, open Chrome.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + T to open all the closed tabs at once.
  • If you are on a MAC press Cmd + Shift + T.

3. Lock It

Lock it
Lock it
Developer: Tigran Sargsyan
Price: Free
  • Lock it Screenshot
  • Go to Chrome Web Store.
  • Search for the extension called ‘Lock It’.
  • Install that.
  • It locks all the webpages that are currently open and gives you a warning when you attempt to close it or when Chrome tabs crash.
  • You have to install and start running the extension before you start working and it is a one-time procedure.

4. TabCloud

restore chrome tabs

  • TabCloud is another extension which you can install following the previous process.
  • This extension saves all your online sessions over the cloud so you can restore you crashed tabs not only in your computer but any other system which uses Chrome with your log-in credentials.

5. ChromeTabsPlus

  • ChromeTabsPlus is an extension which is inspired by TabCloud.
  • With this, you can save and restore opened page tabs, grouped by the window.
  • Tabs data are stored using Chrome’s Storage API which has a size limit. So if you have 100 tabs opened at once, it might not work.

6. Permanent fix

  • Go to settings.
  • Go down till you find ‘On startup’ option.
  • Select Continue where you left off.
  • This option restores your last session if you have not closed tabs manually before closing Chrome.


So these were all the ways you can restore Chrome tabs. If you are facing the problem every time using Chrome you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the browser. Chrome needs a lot of RAM to work properly, so if you are running low on RAM you can try other browsers like Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.


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