Settlement Value of 25 Dollars Available on Application for Apple iPhone Batterygate Victims

iPhone Batterygate
iPhone Batterygate

Apple users have always pointed out that some of the decisions taken by the company make no sense to the users. Instead of improving their standards, many such Apple’s decisions were accused of being marketing gimmicks. Most of them were found to be made up, though. However, the iPhone Batterygate conspiracy is one exception. The older working iPhone models were degraded to force users to buy the latest models.

The iPhone Batterygate Conspiracy

The iPhone Batterygate conspiracy came out that this degradation was Apple’s decision on throttling old models. If the older iPhones became obsolete, users would look for buying the new iPhone models. In a shocking turn of events, this has been proved true. The company has been limiting the performance of its older models.

However, Apple has clarified that this decision has nothing to do with the boost of the sales of their new models. Moreover, Apple declared that this degradation was done to increase the longevity of the battery on those old iPhones. No one believed such excuses. Ultimately, a US class-action lawsuit was filed against the company. As of now, Apple is forced to settle this issue, and affected users can soon file for compensation.

Users Eligible for Compensation

At present, US citizens who are a victim of iPhone Batterygate can claim their compensation from Apple. The victims will need to apply, and they will receive a settlement value amounting to 25 Dollars. Users of the US eligible for this compensation need to have receipts of buying some selected iPhone models. The models are iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, which had iOS 11.2 or higher, and iPhone SE, which had iOS 10.2.1 or higher.

These conditions have to be applied before 21st December 2017 as well. Victims can submit the claim on a website, and they have the right to sue Apple for this as well personally. The applications will be online, and 6th October is the last date for applying. Depending on the claims, Apple may have to shell out 310 – 500 Million Dollars as the settlement value.

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