ShowBox Not Working? Here are 8 best ShowBox Alternatives You Can Try in 2020

ShowBox Alternatives

Loved Showbox? Then you need to read this article. A lot of IOS and android users have reported that Showbox not working on their smartphones anymore. The reason behind this sudden problem is that it is down, and there is no chance that it will become standard in recent times. So users are now searching for alternatives to Showbox to continue their entertainment and movie watching spree.

Showbox became an instant hit among people who loved to watch and download movies and TV shows on their android devices. The website was also popular among the firestick TV and smart TV users. It is a South Korean film distribution service that came into existence in 1996.

It allowed people to watch any movie or TV series and download the content on their smart devices inside a special Moviebox. And, Showbox never asked a single charge for their service. It became immensely popular with its free movie streaming service, and it gained worldwide popularity. Showbox became eventually released its exclusive app, and smartphone users were all praised for their services.

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But, like many other good things, Showbox is not functional anymore. Its server is not working anymore, and there is no definite news about the return of this fantastic android service. The sudden closure of it has compelled many users to search for Showbox alternatives. And what is the good news? You can find many options which can offer you the same experience.

As Showbox not working, it is better to search for alternatives. Here are the top eight choices that you can consider

Top eight alternatives to Showbox –

1. Bee TV

It can be your best choice for free streaming movie service after showbox down or showbox not working. Bee TV already enjoys a cult following among cine lovers. The app is available for both IOS and android users. The app is user friendly, and its User interface is simple. It is a simple app that does the thing you need- offers you free streaming of movies and shows. The BeeTV app comes with an innovative Real-debride and tracking system. It allows you to stream a movie or any video from a less congested server. As a result, you get less buffering, and the movie streaming experience remains excellent and positive.

Bee TV
Bee TV

The app comes with a simple menu on its home page. You can find options like HD release, Anime, Calendar, TV shows, movies, Editor choice,  Browsing history, and app settings. Additionally, you also get a search bar to search for any film or show you like to watch. It also has a search section with genres like reality, trending, Sci-Fi, soap opera, talk, comedy, horror, etc. Furthermore, you can also use the date filter section to search by date or release year. Bee TV gives a premium streaming app-like vibe with its home page and design. You land on a page after you click a movie. One can view information about the film, including plot synopsis,  Cast and crew information, and watch now or download options. You can watch cinemas or download them as per your preference.

2. Titanium TV

Titanium TV, the sister app of Terrarium TV, can be another alternative to Showbox. It is a fantastic app that you can use both on your smartphone and with FireSTick. Titanium TV can be your next favorite app that you do not want to miss. The app comes with loads of movies and TV shows. A lot of users say that giving the exact number of the contest is difficult.

showbox not working
Titanium TV

You can find older TV shows and movies and even the latest ones. Often Titanium TV releases recent films and episodes of ongoing TV shows for its viewers. It also allows you to sign in using Real Debrid for a seamless streaming experience. The app offers HD quality videos with fantastic audio facilities. And you can also use it on your TV. Therefore, if you are searching for an app like Showbox, feel free to check it.

3. Unlock My TV apk

The third entry in this list is the Unlock My TV apk. It is the right choice if you do not want to download a large app on your phone. Unlock My TV apk is smaller in size and works with a 3G connection without any problem. The most significant benefit of this app is its design. It is like all those premium and coveted OTT apps and always offers you much more than you need.

showbox not working
Unlock My TV apk

The free app has a smooth interface that makes watching anything easier than ever. Want to check on your favorite TV show? Open the app, and you will view all the seasons together on the same page- quite convenient. Additionally, it also has an Autoplay option that loads and plays the next episode of any TV show you are watching. The feature makes it one of the best choices for binge-watching. It also has a clean menu section, organized library along with real-debris, etc.

4. Catmouse apk

Are you searching for an alternative after hearing showbox down or showbox not working news? You can check the CatMouse apk for once. It is a newer on-demand streaming app. Being a new one in the market has less visibility and may not be popular right now. But, its features will make you fall in love. Catmouse apk offers a remote-friendly, and mobile-friendly app for the users.

showbox not working
Catmouse apk

The app has an extensive library of Hollywood movies, Global movies, TV shows, etc. You can use their search filters or the search bar to find anything you want to watch. The most significant benefit of this app is that it collects links faster from different sources. Additionally, most of the links are high quality and offer 1080p resolution for the viewers. And, if you need to watch on your Tv, just use the firestick to start streaming. 

5. CyberFlix

CyberFix is another app that you can choose. It is an app that is amazing and interesting. The UI is different from the above apps. But, it is not difficult for users. Additionally, you can customize the appearance of CyberFlix from the available themes and designs.

showbox not working

The content library is organized and comes with multiple filters for your convenience. The most significant benefit is its superfast update procedure. Any recent TV show episode or movie is available just hours after the official release. Hence you do not need to wait for two to three days to watch anything.

 6. Kodi

The Kodi app and website needs a mention is this list of Showbox alternatives.  The Kodi app is fantastic and is excellent if you want to explore multiple options for entertainment. With this app, you can watch almost any movie, Anime or TV show. Moreover, there will be thousands of options for any viewer. It offers virtually every type of entertainment options- movies, TV shows, sports, documentaries, educational channels, and many other options. The unique feature of Kodi is that it uses extensions to stream contents.

showbox not working

It does not depend on a particular app developer. Instead allows multiple developers to build extensions for the open-source platform. You can use numerous add-ons for streaming any content. Usually, the add-ons are available free of cost. If you want numerous movies and TV series from all over the world to watch for free, install Kodi on your smartphone. Kodi also works on SmartTV. It is compatible with firestick, and you can also stream Kodi from the default browser of your TV.

7. Tea TV

The next option is also a popular choice for being an alternative to Showbox. It is another on-demand app that offers the latest video content for viewers from all over the world. The app uses sharp scrapers to fetch links for tv shows and movies.

Tea TV
Tea TV

So, you get the best HD links for watching without buffering annoyance. Most of the available contents come with resolution 720p and SD version. But, there are 1080p links available for films. Its playback speed remarkable, and the audio quality never fails to impress.

8. TVZion

The last contender of the list is TVZion apk. It often does not get enough coverage due to less attention from viewers. TVZion app with a neat interface and clean home page is enough for those who do not like to go for complicated apps. The library has a praiseworthy collection of latest and famous and even old films and TV series. The TV shows and cinemas are available in different sections.


A user can interchange between these two sections through the menu section. On top of that, TVZion works pretty well with the Amazon Firestick and smart TV models. But it has some glitches like playback times. In general, here you get a limit of 500 hours. But, you can extend it to 1000 hours by installing an app from the Google play store. You have to uninstall and reinstall the app after you run out of watch hours.


If you are searching is showbox down or showbox not working, the answer is ‘yes.’ Your favorite on-demand streaming app may not come back for a while. Even if it does, everything may not be the same as before. Hence, the best way is to find an alternative that offers all the same facilities as Showbox. You can use this guide to find a suitable app from the list.

All these apps support the android OS, IOS, Smart TV, Chromecast, and even computers. You can get free streaming of movies, TV shows with proper information like the OTT platforms. So, you do not need to wait anymore to start streaming. If showbox not working is a problem, here’s the rescue to it.

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