The New iOS 14 Features Exposes Snooping Habits of Apps like Reddit and LinkedIn

LinkedIn and Reddit
iOS 14

The newly announced iOS 14 features display a lot of new inclusions. One of the strongest points introduced in this OS is privacy. The privacy on iOS 14 has exposed some of the apps that have been snooping data regularly. As per reports, the latest apps to be discovered for such suspicious activities are LinkedIn and Reddit. However, users have been assured that these issues are temporary.

LinkedIn and Reddit Issues

As per LinkedIn users of iOS, the clipboard contents are reportedly copied in everything they write. With the iOS 14 privacy feature, the users get notified when the contents of the clipboard are copied. This is how such an issue with LinkedIn has surfaced. Some developers have, however, pointed out that LinkedIn can only copy the information of the clipboard due to the Universal Clipboard feature of iOS.  This feature usually allows iOS users to very easily copy text and images from one Apple device to another.

The company has, however, cleared that this issue is only due to a bug in the iOS version of the app. The issue will be fixed soon, and the copied data are not stored in any manner, the company stated. The app has been updated and is available in the App Store to be tested. Similarly, iOS 14 users also caught the Reddit app doing the same thing. According to Reddit, this was due to checking for URLs for predictive titles. The company clearly stated that contents are not stored, and the issue will be fixed by 14th July 2020.

Other Snooping Apps

Many other apps like TikTok, Accuweather, Weather Network, Fox News, and CNBC are also reported for doing the same. A list of over 50 iOS apps has been caught snooping on user data, which is quite alarming. However, some apps like Chrome do so to make the user experience better. These fall under legitimate uses of the data. Even so, it is up to the users to permit such activities. 

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