Gamers have to wait for the much-coveted Sony PlayStation 5


The rumor of a pre-booking of the latest Sony Playstation 5 is all just a rumor. Many people thought that the company was going to announce the release date with the price of the latest PlayStation 5 in recent times. According to Ed Lempel, the Global Head of PlayStation marketing, there is no such plan. The Sony PlayStation 5 is a DualSense controller, and the manufacturing company still has not planned about anything. He clarified that They were not releasing the price or any other announcement related to pre-order and had no connection with the rumor.

Lempel said that the company would gradually announce the pre-booking, and there will be enough time for gamers to grab the new PlayStation 5. Hence, players do not need to rush for anything. Sony wants to increase the hype and buzz around its latest and most advanced gaming console and invest time in everything to ensure a smooth buying experience for the gamers.

Announcement of the pre-booking of PlayStation 5

As industry insiders guess, the pre-booking will only start after the announcement about the price is complete. The cost of the brand new PlayStation 5  is unknown, and Sony has yet to release any news on it. As per the past incidents go, Microsoft and Sony, two giants in the gaming console business, are always racing against each other, and they somehow manage to get a clue about the other’s plan. Many people, including expert gamers, are guessing that the Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 are going to have the same price. 

According to them, the cost can be roughly around $499. But, the price can vary with different determining factors. The newest project from the PlayStation series is a complete digital product with disc drive editions. Experts assume that these models from two competing companies will have a price difference of a maximum of $50. Microsoft is yet to release any news about its latest Xbox related Project Lockheart. But it may not be powerful like the Playstation 5 and may also come a little cheaper.

Summing Up

The COVID -19 situation has been a boosting factor for the gaming industry. More people are playing games in lockdown, and the demand for gaming consoles is rising. Sony has taken the hint and has already started fast-tracking its initial production of the PS5. The company is aiming to grab the chance and make a considerable turnover. But, all things will depend on the price, and gamers will have to wait for some time before they get any official confirmation from Sony about PS5.

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