Vishu Sachdeva


Vishu Sachdeva is a Developer and Tech enthusiast with huge positive energy. He is mainly an android mobile application developer.

Dipanjan Saha


Dipanjan Saha is a writer in TechyMarvel with a lot of passion for Technology. Other than writing he is a professional video editor and an avid PC gamer.

Rajesh Jhamb


Rajesh Jhamb has over 7 years client Digital Marketing experience and has helped corporations such as Bitdefender, NordVPN, Ning, ExpressVPN and countless others use the web to drive online visibility and generate leads. 

Rohini Bhattacharya


Rohini is a writer at TechyMarvel. She writes about Technology, Cloud Computing, Business, Starmore. She is an aspiring model and a travel enthusiast. She writes poetries, is a melophile and loves dogs.