8 Best TeamViewer Alternatives for 2020

Best TeamViewer Alternatives

TeamViewer is one of the best software to collaborate online. This software is a remote desktop access solution. TeamViewer is a popular choice among professionals. TeamViewer’s usage is to involve team members from different locations for a group meeting or discussion. It has plenty of useful functionalities. However, it has a high price value while upgrading to the professional version. Therefore, we have come up with a list of TeamViewer alternatives that will be of great help!

Choosing a Software like TeamViewer

There were problems regarding security while using this software, back in 2016 and 2017. Hence, it left backlashes. Hackers emptied bank accounts of the users. Contradicting this fact, the TeamViewer authorities said that it was a careless use, which has led to this blunder. Regardless of this incident, everyone liked TeamViewer because of its efficiency up to a certain level.

These are not the only breaches that led to the hunt for Teamviewer alternatives. Issues like image quality were one of the biggest concerns. It was far from the best. TeamViewer can run on macOS and Windows, which attracts a lot of users. Hence, it is an advantage. Also, it is user-friendly and simple.

Screensharing, audio calls, video calls, meetings can be conducted. Therefore, it is popular. Many TeamViewer alternatives haven’t faced the problem before, significantly a fuss regarding the security breaches. We have curated a list to mention the software, which is promising and well-structured.

The ultimate list of TeamViewer Alternatives 

Take a look at the alternatives, which are amazing for remote access.

1. Ammyy Admin

The first alternative to TeamViewer is Ammyy Admin. It is one of the best software the list has. It is a multi-functional tool for remote management and remote desktop access. With Ammyy Admin, one can manage networks and servers via remote access. It is suitable for companies. Ammyy Admin wins the game due to the simple user interface. Another notable feature about it is, the program does not use complicated security features and firewalls. Therefore, it is a plus point.

TeamViewer Alternatives
Ammyy Admin

The software is easy to install and use. A user ID is created for each user, which protects the computer from unnecessary threats. One can change the settings accordingly to add more security. But, if the user does not have high-speed internet access, it will be a tough job. Nonetheless, one can transfer large files via Ammyy Admin. Users can communicate via chat once access is granted. It helps in intuitive usage and control over a system.

2. Mikogo

Mikogo is an excellent alternative. If you have loved using TeamViewer, you might end up liking this software too. But, it is not available for free. One has to pay for the professional version right after the fourteen days trial version expires. However, a user will not have to go through any installation procedures because it is accessible through browsers. Mikogo is a browser-based HTML viewer that allows twenty-five users to get access to a computer. It helps to control computers once the permit is granted.

teamviewer alternatives

Mikogo has different functionalities. It has the ideal features needed to conduct an online meeting, such as an interactive whiteboard, data transfer abilities between the participants, and options to record sessions. It is compatible with all modern browsers. Henceforth, it makes a great alternative to TeamViewer.

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is incredibly easy to use. To gain access over a computer, one must make sure to have the chrome browser on the computer. Once done, you will instantly have control over the system. Next moment onwards, you can monitor and control until the access is permitted.

Chrome Desktop Browser
Chrome Desktop Browser

The operating system is not a problem if one is trying to use Chrome Remote Desktop for remote access management as long as Chrome Browser is installed. In the case of smartphones, one can download the application to use it. iOS and Android versions are available. However, there are a few shortcomings when it comes to features. No screen sharing, conversations via chat, and voice calls can be made.

4. AnyDesk 

The remote access management by AnyDesk is smooth and sharp. Therefore, it does not lag. The uniquely developed process is DeskRT. It reduces data volume during the transmission. AnyDesk is significantly more efficient than a lot of software in the list. It aims to provide a secure connection between the participants.


Despite the heavy technical background, the program is efficient and user-friendly. Graphics and image processing tools are operated well without having issues with the image quality. However, individual users can get the free versions, but companies have to pay for the professional version.

5. ThinVNC

ThinVNC is a wholesome software. It allows screen sharing, file sharing, and remote desktop features. This is beginner-friendly software. Hence, ThinVNC has a simple installation procedure. The set-up can be done fast. The uncomplicated interface makes it one of the best Teamviewer alternatives. Nevertheless, one can use it without installation.

teamviewer alternative

Possibly web browsers having HTML5 will support this software to function without installations. It uses AJAX and JSON, which lets it manage remote control without involving additional plugins. Data transferring with ThinVNC is accessible. Therefore, we can call it a notable alternative to Teamviewer.

6. WebEx Meetings

WebEx Meetings serves as a fantastic alternative to TeamViewer. It focuses on web conferences and meetings. The meeting application is available via the Cisco WebEx Cloud, as it is a part of the company Cisco. WebEx Meetings provide optimal bandwidth for each user. It lets a user conduct free meetings. But, up to two other participants. Additional features are available, but after buying the premium version.

WebEx Meetings
WebEx Meetings

The Premium version of this software allows having a hundred participants in a single meeting. One can access other screen-sharing options like creating individual profiles for the moderators, admins to clarify the designation. It allows conducting a meeting in full-screen mode. The best feature of WebEx Meetings is that it protects a meeting with a password. Moreover, it has a well-developed infrastructure.

7. Splashtop

Splashtop is designed for users to be at ease and conduct meetings smoothly. It has a wide variety of features with varying costs. One can connect up to five devices within a local network while using Splashtop.


A paid version of Splashtop is designed for professional remote management. It is Splashtop Business. This allows an individual to control devices in the company network, local printers, conversation via chat, and data transfer. Therefore, it is an alternative with high performance and stability.

8. LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro is a software that aims to provide high security to the data shared among the devices. It believes in the concept of cost-effectiveness, hence provides 1TB cloud storage space. Companies or individuals can store relevant files, projects, and applications in one common location. LogMeIn Pro runs in the major operating systems. For instance, Windows and macOS.

LogMeIn Pro
LogMeIn Pro

SSL/TSL secures all the meetings on LogMeIn Pro. In other words, the identity of a server is verified using the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). An unlimited number of users can be allowed to access the files stored in the cloud. And, depending on the annual license, one can monitor up to ten devices via LogMeIn Pro. However, it does not allow a user to access its features for team meetings.

Wrapping Up

The complete list is here. According to individual preferences, one can easily choose to use software from the list, as mentioned earlier. Each one has its pros, cons, and unique features too. These are some of the best remote management tools. All the software has reasons to be known as some of the best TeamViewer Alternatives. So, take a look and choose for yourself.


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