The new Galaxy Note 20 does not come with a free wired headphone

Galaxy Note 20
Galaxy Note 20

When you go to the nearest Samsung store to get your hand on Galaxy Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra, you will notice the box weighs less than it usually does. So what came in your mind first- Note 20 is having a new plastic look? Has it got rid of its signature metallic look? Well, none of these happened for the new Note 20 does not include a pair of wired headphones in its high-end packing. Are you shocked by this unexpected move from Samsung? Do the wired headphones included in the box are of any use to you? Will this news turn out to be a deal-breaker for you?

Note 20’s website has revealed everything in the “what’s in the box” section about the missing headphones. Samsung, in turn, confirmed this news that there would be no wired headphones included in the box for the smartphones sold in North America.

The removal of wired headphones from the new Galaxy Note 20 phone box is a very thoughtful decision. It can minimize tons of e-waste. Samsung, in the future, might become the role model for many high-end brands who may also follow suit. Mother earth cannot bear so many upgrades for smartphones yearly. Let us see if this reduction makes a more significant difference for the users. 

Is the Galaxy Note 20 less for 1,000 dollars?

Samsung lovers may get pissed with the fact that they are paying $1,000 only to get fewer things in the box. Well, it is physically less in the box, but this is a massive benefit for our environment.

Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra come with more than ever. You get a high refresh Ultra rate display, 5G, a faster processor, longer OS upgrade supporter, better telephoto cameras, larger screens, more top resolution video, Gorilla Glass Victus (on the Ultra only), and a faster S-Pen

Are you now no longer benefitted?

Samsung has highlighted the $99 price for years with its earphones included in the box. Last year, Note 10 was marked as $950. The improvements and new features of the Note 20 should be valued more than its missing headphone. We have already witnessed Galaxy S20 and OnePlus 8 line being 5G costs much more than this. So why not value Note 20.

Is another pair of free headphones necessary? 

Look around your home, car, workplace carefully. It will be evident that you have more than one pair of wired headphones with you already. So why to increase more e-waste? 

Your old 3.5m would not be compatible with the new Note 20. You shall require a pair of headphones with a USB-C connector. In 2019, Samsung had eliminated the 3.5m headphone jack from the Note 10. The new Note series does not come along with headset jack to USB-C dongle.

You are not from North America. Do you need to worry?

The answer is No. You need not think about this if you are not from North America. Samsung confirmed that it should continue to include a pair of wired headphones with a USB-C connector in the package. 

I don’t have USB-C headphones. What am I supposed to do?

Samsung has got solutions ready for its customer. For a pair of USB-C wired headphones, contact Samsung’s service and request for one. Samsung will provide you with free covering shipping prices too.

Will Bluetooth headphones work here?

Samsung, too hopes people will opt for a wireless one. The wired ones are gone now. A pair of Bluetooth earbuds can also be helpful. The new Galaxy Buds Live, also called Galaxy Beans, is a wireless headphone priced at $170. It is quite expensive but better for a long service than a wired one.

To conclude, the new Samsung Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are compatible with a number of Bluetooth earbuds and headphones. You can check out the least expensive earbuds for your new device and enjoy wireless music.

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