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If you love to watch the latest movies and prefer to stream movies free online, then you have heard about  TorrentKing.  It is one of the most popular websites and movie buffs. The site is a Torrent based site offering the latest and popular movies for free. That means anyone can visit the site and watch videos here.

But the site is facing some issues from the last couple of days. A lot of users have reported that they cannot access  Torrentking.  It is not clear if the site is down or has encountered any legal trouble. But you may not be able to access the website from specific regions.

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How can you unblock TorrentKing?

This site became popular with its contents and is still accessible. It has an extensive and diverse library of bearly 500k downloadable movies and 70000 online streaming links for the followers. The biggest part? You do not need to spend a single penny on this site. A user just needs to visit the sire of Torrentking and search the movie and download it or stream it. Furthermore, you also do not need to create an account there.

If you cannot access TorentKing, it is inaccessible in your country because of the government rules. But, there are many ways to unblock  Torrentking-

1. Use a VPN

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of the easiest ways to unblock any website. It provides a dummy identity to your device with a duplicate IP address. Hence, your internet location changes, and you can unblock any site, including TorrentKing. Additionally, a VPN  also protects your device from cyber-attacks during your online streaming.

2. Use proxy sites

You can also use a proxy site or mirror site to access any website. The proxies allow the user entry to the original site and unblock the banned site in this procedure. But the mirror sites or proxy sites are not secure enough. Hence, you need to use a VPN.

3. Tor Browser

The TOR browser is a private browser network. It connects multiple devices and allows them to search on the internet to search anonymously. The TOR browser provides you access to the restricted website and pages like TorrentKing without any problem.

Torrentking Miiror orProxy sites

If you do not want to opt for any other free movie streaming and downloading site, the proxy or mirror sites are your best option. The proxy sites are the copies of the Torrentking site that offer the same feature. In other words, the proxy and mirror sites are just the site with sone another domain name or another web address.

That means you can use these sites to get into TorrentKing without any problem. You can use the following sites to watch black panther torrentking or download any other movie as per your preference.

 Proxy/mirror sites website URL

  • mirror
  • unblock

All of these Torrentking proxy sites or mirror sites will provide you with an alternative entry into the original Torrentking website. Hence, even if you do not have direct access to torrentking, it does not matter. You can easily unblock the site without much problem.

Torrentking Alternatives

Well, if you are happy and satisfied with Torrentking but do not prefer using the mirror sites, you need another way. That is to use alternatives sites of torrentking.  Many other sites offer the latest movies for free. Hence you can download your favorite movies and even watch them online form such websites. 

Additionally, if you are unable to find some movies in TorrentKing, you can switch to these alternative free streaming sites to find that film for streaming or downloading. 

Here, you will find the list of most popular alternative sites of torrentking that can offer you a similar experience-

1. Limetorrents

Limetorrents is one of the best alternatives of Torrent king that can provide you with everything you want. It is a site with an extensive collection of verified torrents, including movies, games, and other things. The contents are regularly updated. Here you will be able to find almost every latest movie, TV shows, and even web shows and docu features at your disposal. You can view them or download them without any problem.


The most significant benefit of Linetorrent is that you get to choose from multiple links and the original site. Every site comes with a risk meter that offers potential risk factors for your knowledge. 

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is an excellent site that still enjoys a cult following status. It often changes its domain or URL, but you can’t complain about their services. It offers multiple torrents and verified links for movies and other things. The pirate Bay comes with an extensive library of films, music files, images, videos, web shows, anime torrent, and other things. 

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay

It has a proper and working search engine that offers multiple options and seeders for your disposal. According to experts, the VIP seeders are the best choice as they are the safest option.

3. 7TOR

This is the third alternative to Torrent king is 7Tor website. It is another torrent-based site from Russia. 7tor is comparatively new in the block but has an impressive content database.


Hence, you should check it once to understand its possibilities. If you are uncomfortable with the native Russian, you can turn on the translation feature to view the site in English. 


Rarbg is another well known and reputed site like Torrentking. It has a dedicated library for movies from all around the world. Therefore, if you are a cine bu who often searches Ready Player one Torrentking,  it is the ideal choice. RARBg has verified and useful Torrent links from multiple sources.


The search page displays every result in detail. The chances are that you will fall in love with this website after you visit it for once. The homepage of RARBG is also worth of praises. It always displays the top ten movies and trending movies. Hence, any user can understand the popularity of a movie and consider any available option.


The fifth alternative to the torrentking is the AM/YTS.AG. It is a torrent site for movies and TV shows. That means, as a cine lover, it can be your next best choice after TorrentKing. It only caters to film and nothing else. AM/YTS.AG has a massive database. It has organized sections and subsections to help the users navigate quickly.


Additionally, it has a lower bandwidth and can work even with a low-speed internet connection. AM/YTS.AG is quite well-known among cine buffs. It offers you proper seeders that allow you to stream your movies faster. You do not need to search a lot for the film.

6. ETTV torrents

ETTV torrents are excellent for anyone who loves to watch the latest TV shows from the global entertainment sector. It comes with an extensive library of all types of TV shows from the world and even from the premium streaming platforms.

ETTV torrents

The site is user-friendly and easy to use. The database is well-organized and offers thousands if verified seders and links for streaming and downloading. You might even find a lesser-known or old TV show from ETTV torrents. Although their movie collection is not that prominent, it is considerable.

7. Torrentz2

 If you are unable to find something on TirrentKing, you might check Trenetz2. Ir is not a torrent site, but a Torrent index. That means Torrentz2 offers he best possible options from multiple Torrent based sites.


It is a search engine that never fails you. Torrentz2 makes your search easier and displays available options after scanning other Torrent sites. Hence, no more difficult searching.

8. YourBittorent

YourBuittorent is the best option if you do not want to spend a lot of time finding something. It is a well-constructed and navigable site from Torrent.


The straightforward interface is enough to make it accessible. You get faster results from the dedicated search bar and can easily download without any problem.

9. Torrent Galaxy

Torrent Galaxy can easily be an alternative to torrentking, and you will never regret their services. This is excellent because it is a safe website than many other torrents. Additionally, it has lesser advertisements and pop-ups.

Torrent Galaxy
Torrent Galaxy

Hence, no annoying ad-breaks or pop-ups anymore. Furthermore, it has an impressive library of everything- movies, TV shows, documents and feature movies, etc. It is faster and offers instant results.

10. EZTV

Cannot access Trent King? Then, you can switch to EZTV. It is another new torrent site that caters to torrent lovers. Their database is not that impressive.


But the makers are adding new content regularly to increase the database volume. EZZTV is popular because it offers verified and safer links for streaming and downloading materials.


NYAA.SI is another crowd-favorite in this list for alternative sites of torrentking.  It is an excellent alternative for those who love to watch anime.


The database comes with animes from multiple genres.  SI allows you to stream or download your favorite anime episodes on your demand. Their video quality is excellent ad the download speed is awe-inspiring.


Please remember that your device needs proper security for online streaming and downloading content. Hence, using a VPN along with anti-virus protection is the best idea here. 

If TorrentKing is not accessible in your country, it is better to search for alternative ways. You might use a proxy site or mirror site or VPN to unblock it. Alternatively, you can also try any other website from the above list to continue your streaming.

But, you do not need to stop streaming movies. The truth is you can still unblock torrentking. If it is your favorite, just use a proxy site or mirror site. You will find many active proxy sites and mirror sites for  Torrentking for this purpose. Alternatively, you can also opt for Torrentking alternatives or other free movie sites to continue watching and streaming. 


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