How to Root Android Device Using Towelroot Without Computer


Have you ever thought of rooting your phone? Do you think rooting is equal to hacking? Well, heck not. Rooting an android device is no similar to hacking your phone. So, if you have been planning to root your Android without a computer, then you have come to just the right place. Moreover, rooting your phone makes it ten times faster than unrooted Androids. Today we will talk about rooting your Android, its benefits, and how to root Android with Towelroot. 

Also, we have mentioned the top two Towelroot alternatives as well. 

Rooting an Android device is a very lucid task. But, if you are to the world of rooting, then it might be a bit tough to root your Android without a computer. Well, not to fret anymore as we are here to help you. Below, we have mentioned and described everything you need to know about rooting. We have also described the steps of rooting your Android with Towelroot. 

Therefore, without further delaying the rain of knowledge, let’s get straight into rooting your Android device. 

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What is rooting Android?

So, when you root your tablet or your Android device, it means that you are removing all the restrictions and limitations from your device. You are doing this because you want your device to perform unperformable tasks. If you are still unclear, then let’s sort it with an example below.

Let’s assume you are a college student (your Android phone), and your Principal (Android’s company) restricts or limits you on what to do or what not to do. But, soon, you get to remove all the restrictions with your power (by using Towelroot). 

Therefore, as now you have removed all the restrictions, then you can perform any task. Hence, your Android can perform a myriad of previously unperformable tasks after rooting. Moreover, keep in mind that rooting is also commonly known as superuser access. 

So, we hope you understand what rooting is and that it is completely different from hacking. Hacking is breaking a device’s security to get remote access. Hence, there is a broad difference between rooting and hacking. 

Advantages of Rooting Android

There are unimaginable and uncountable numbers of pros of rooting your Android device. So, if you are planning to root your Android, then you must know about them. Below, we have mentioned some of the advantages:

  • Custom ROMs: The top reason people root their Android devices is to get hold of custom ROMs. Custom ROMs are a great way to test and check the latest Android versions. You can test even if your device has not received the latest update yet.
  • CPU Clocking: When you root your Android, you can easily clock the CPU as per usage. When you decrease the CPU frequency, you eventually increase the battery backup. For the CPU clock, you must get the Kernel Auditor app. 
  • Apps installation: A lot of new and super apps need a rooted device to run. These apps help you to tweak and customize system software and hardware. Hence, these apps are quite beneficial to you. 
  • High speed and battery backup: Another most important reason people root their Android is excellent battery backup. You can even use the Greenify app to kill and reduce background apps and promote better backup. Moreover, rooting also ensures you have a high Android speed. So, you can successfully root your Android with Towelroot. 
  • Removing Bloatware: You must admit that Android companies are quite curious and serious about marketing strategies. Without even thinking of user experience, they fill up the Android phone with a lot of apps. When you root your app, you get to have certain apps that help you remove those dumb apps. 
  • Blocking ads: The annoying ads that follow you and disturb you whenever you visit a website will not bother you if you root your device. Rooted devices have ad blockers that help you in seamless website surfing. 
  • Full backups: It is quite hard to backup an unrooted phone. So, if you have a rooted phone, it is very easy for full Android backup. Moreover, rooted phones have titanium backup that allows full backups of your phone and even game backups. 
  • Customization: After you have rooted your device, then you can easily customize your phone as you wish. So, get your Android rooted and try out new customizations. 

Therefore, these were some of the amazing advantages of rooting your device. Therefore, you can get your Android phone rooted and enjoy the advantages. You can easily get your android device rooted using Towelroot without a computer. To do this successfully, we have given a detailed explanation and step by step guide to help you root your device. 

Hence, keep reading, scroll down, and unfold other sections of Android rooting without Computer. 

Risks of Rooting Android

As every medicine has some pros, it also has some side effects as well. So, does rooting your Android device as well. Therefore, let’s check out the cons of rooting an Android device.

  • Voiding Warranty: Before rooting your device, you must talk to your device’s customer support. Generally, most of the Android brands do not allow and emphasize rooting. Therefore, it voids the warranty after the device gets root access.
  • Bricking the device: Rooting certain Android devices can brick the device with a single wrong move. Certain bricks can only be solved when you change the motherboard.
  • Security issues: You must keep in mind that rooting your device means losing higher-level security. Therefore, you must be very careful when you use banking apps. This means that rooting devices and rooted apps do not ensure security rather opens doors for hackers.
  • Viruses: Many superuser apps bring in viruses with them, which can harm your device a lot.
  • Updates interruptions: Users with rooted Android face problems in automatic updates. So, after you root your device, you do not get automatic updates; rather, you have to manually do the updates. 
  • Adblocking: If you do not know, let us tell you those website owners and publishers earn through ads. Therefore, you can be a bit reliant and allow the ads to help the website grow and earn. 

Though there are certain disadvantages of rooting Android, they do not overshadow the pros. You must get your device rooted and experience new things and new apps to help you and your device excel. Hence, rooting Android is not a bad idea. Rooting the device is very easy, and you can easily achieve it by rooting it via Towelroot without using Computer. 

Important Points to Remember before Android Rooting:

There are certain points that you must remember and keep in mind before rooting your Android. And those are:

  • Your Android’s bootloader must be unlocked.
  • Keep your phone charged—at least 70%.
  • It is highly recommended that you keep your data fully backed up.
  • Then, go to “Settings.” Next, select “Developer options.” Tap on “USB Debugging.” Lastly, could you enable it? 
  • Now, you must keep in mind that this guide is exclusive for educational and guiding purposes. So, in case you or your phone face some problem, we are not accountable for it. 

Now that you know everything about Android rooting let’s get straight to rooting Android with Towelroot. 

How to root Android using Towelroot without Computer?

Towelroot is a top-rated app for rooting an Android device with just a simple click. Geohot developed Towelroot, and it is available completely for free. So, let’s check out the requirements and steps for rooting an Android device with Towelroot without a PC. 

  • Requirements:
  • Towelroot app.
  • Your Android device

Steps to successfully root your device 

Always note: This process can brick your device. So, any damage to your Android should not be made responsible to this page. So, if you are ready to root your Android, let’s see the steps below: 

  1. The first and foremost step is to download the latest Towelroot version. 
  2. Next, go to “Settings.”
  3. Thirdly, select “Security,” and then “Device Administration.” Then, tick on “Unknown Sources.”
  4. Now, install the APK Towelroot file. 
  5. Then, open the app. Next, click on “Make it rain.”
  6. Lastly, download and then install the latest version SuperSu app. 

After you have installed and run the SuperSu app, you can follow the steps below to check whether your Android is rooted. 

  • Requirements:
  1. Root Checker app
  2. Your Android smartphone.

Steps for checking the root access

  1. Firstly, download the Root Checker app from Google Play Store.
  2. Secondly, after installing the app, open it.
  3. Then, you will see the Root Checker’s disclaimer. Click on “Agree.”
  4. Next, you will proceed towards the Root Checker overview page. You have to swipe thrice to get into the application. 
  5. Then, look at the image below. You will find something similar to this. Select “Verify Root.”
  6. If you have been asked about SuperSu permission, then Grant it. Moreover, if SuperSu asks for your permission, it will show your Android is rooted. 
  7. Lastly, you have to check whether or not your Android is rooted. 

Hence, by following the simple steps mentioned above, you can easily root your Android and even check whether it is successfully rooted or not. 

Now, let’s learn about the pros and cons of using Towelroot.

  • Pros:
  1. This application successfully roots most Android devices except HTC and Samsung.
  2. It has a Powerful exploit for gaining Superuser access.
  3. You have just one tap root quick fix.
  4. It is completely lucid and safe to use.
  5. You do not have to invest in this app.
  6. It has a notable and great rooting success rate. 
  7. Lastly, it can easily and successfully root devices without a computer. 
  • Cons:
  1. Towelroot is not compatible with HTC and Samsung phones.
  2. For SU installation, you will need an internet connection. 

Hence, in this way, Towelroot is a highly beneficial app for rooting your Android. You can do it without using a computer. Moreover, you can even head to the Towelroot website to root your device. So, if you are planning to root your Android, then we totally recommend Towelroot for you. It is very lucid and secured to use. 

Top Towelroot Alternatives

Do you have a Samsung or HTC phone? So, are you planning to cancel rooting your Android? Please don’t do it as we have a fix for this as well. There are some great Towelroot alternatives for you by which you can easily root Android without a PC. We have mentioned the top 2 alternatives. Hence, check out the alternatives and choose wisely. 


This is a great alternative for rooting your Android. Framaroot is a compelling app for rooting access. A lot of users prefer this application for rooting their device. If you have an open bootloader, then Framaroot can easily root your Android irrespective of the brand. Moreover, it has a success rate as well.


  1. This is powerful, as well as a simple application.
  2. With just a few taps, you can easily gain root access.
  3. It is completely free for all Android devices.
  4. You can use an Android root without a computer. 


  1. This application roots only Android 4.O or higher devices.
  2. You will find that some of the Android devices are out of support.

One-Click Root

Featuring the second Towelroot alternative. It is one of the best apps for Superuser access. So, as the name suggests, with just a single click, you can easily root your Android device. It has a straightforward user interface and is great to use. Moreover, it has integrated live chat support in case you face any issue while rooting. 


  1. It has a clean and straightforward user interface.
  2. It is a free application.
  3. One-Click Root has integrated live chat support.
  4. Lastly, with just one click, you can root any and every Android device. 


  1. It would be best if you had an internet connection for using this app.
  2. One-Click Root contains ads. 

I hope that you have totally learned about rooting your Android device using Towelroot without Computer. So, whether you are hearing about rooting for the first time or have been wanting to root your device for a long time, then you can easily use the Towelroot app. It is a straightforward and safe, and secured rooting app. 


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