9 Best Tumblr Alternatives To Try in 2020

Best Tumblr Alternatives

Tumblr was one of the best micro-blogging websites before it restricted adult content in 2018. It was the best website for blogging, where micro-bloggers shared their thoughts and ideas. A blogger on Tumblr can upload texts, videos, and even images. But, there is also another Tumblr alternative where you can share your ideas and thoughts without any restrictions.

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Tumblr Alternatives

1. WordPress

WordPress can be considered as the best Tumblr alternative. If you are ready to share your thoughts and ideas and reach the masses, then you must try the free version of WordPress. When you are confident to publish your website, then you can quickly shift to the paid version. WordPress is exceptionally customizable. It has various themes that make your blog look attractive. It has over 100 social media plugins. Hence, it allows you to build a social media platform without troubling yourself with development and coding.

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WordPress also has Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media incorporation, multi-user support, and custom categories and tags. Moreover, with WordPress.Com, you can create your URL website. Run your blogs and websites of food, travel, news, fashion, lifestyle, and anything. You get to be your boss. You can set your terms and conditions, rules, and regulations. It is immensely reliable and popular. Best suited for people who have just started blogging, micro-bloggers, businesses that want customizable blogs, and monetization of focussed blogs. It may get somewhat complicated sometimes, but it has powerful administration features with robust support.

2. Blogger

If you have invested in the Google ecosystem, then Blogger is the best alternative to Tumblr. It quickly generates traffic for your blog. With a single account, you can have over 100 blogs. Hence, if you are a multi-talented person, create a blog for each of your talents. You can keep an update on the stats of your blog. Blogger lets you see the monthly page views, engagements, traffic sources, and much more. For lucid monetization, it has a Google AdSense program. It is the most visually beautiful Tumblr alternative.

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Therefore, you can choose from a myriad of themes and features. Blogger supports posting via email, multi-user support, and comments. It is best suited for bloggers who are engaged in blogging occasionally. Though there are a lot of themes, themes get restricted sometimes. Plus, there is no customer support in Blogger. Blogger is the current favorite website among the people. With customizable themes, easy tracking of page traffic, Google AdSense integration, and easy posting, it is one of the best Tumblr alternatives.

3. Mastodon

Mastodon is a decentralized social media platform. It has 2.2 M registered users. It is quite similar to Twitter, where you can create and post your content. You can also follow people of your interest, and people may follow you. People can like your post, comment on, and again repost it. You can discover and search for your friends. There are devoted servers for different types of content. It has a dark theme similar to Pillowfort. Unlike hearts in Tumblr, it has options and features like bookmark, share, and quote.


Mastodon is a content-rich portal where you get to read high-quality content. You can also meet and interact with like-minded people. A user can even sell your products and services. You can build your brand through paid promotions. Hence, you will be able to generate traffic for your website. It also has moderation and privacy tools. Mastodon is an ideal place for professionals wanting to host their platforms. It is also suitable for users who wish to high engagement. You might need a few days to learn about all the features if you are not a professional blogger. Nonetheless, Mastodon is a great Tumblr alternative with a huge user base, unique content, and privacy.

4. Ghost

Ghost is the result of a victorious Kickstarter campaign in 2013. It is an open-source platform blogging. It is directed towards the creation and easy posting of contents. Unlike Tumblr, NSFW content is allowed in Ghost. The Ghost is known for its customizable features. It is in active development with notable features like post analytics and third-party apps. Just like WordPress, Ghost is also available in two forms. Firstly, a web server hosted package starts at $19 per month. Secondly, self-hosted packages start at $5-10 per month.


It has a robust and reliable dashboard. The Ghost is based on the Node.js run environment. If you want a fast and powerful Tumblr alternative 2020, then you must go for Ghost. It has a real-time preview and automatic formatting, built-in SEO, and comfortable and straightforward space for new posts. Though it is an excellent alternative to Tumblr, it is not quite affordable and lacks features like plugins. Ghost is best-suited for users who want easy setup and hassle-free formatting content.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visually-oriented social media platform. You can post your thoughts, ideas, images, and can even bookmark or pin others’ contents. You can even repost the concept of the contents of other users. Make a collection of your bookmarks and save them on your virtual photo album. You may follow people and pin their posts whom you find interesting. And, people can pin your posts too. It has a sophisticated yet trendy outlook. Never-ending pictures are displayed to you. Pinterest gathers videos, images, and gifs from other websites. Hence, it has a vast collection, and millions of users are active on Pinterest every month.


This website is a growing platform and has a strong and large market. Pinterest gives power to users as they can turn off their profiles. Hence, users can save themselves from activity-based advertisements. One weird thing about Pinterest is, it doesn’t allow users to save gifs and video but allows saving images. About 70% of Pinterest users are women. You get to interact and involve with trendy and attractive ideas on Pinterest. With backlinks, you can improve your traffic. Therefore, Pinterest is a Tumblr alternative to try in 2020.

6. Medium

In less than four years, Medium has risen to fame as the best Tumblr alternative. It was created by the CEO and ex-chairman of Twitter, Evan Williams. The site is one of the most popular blogging platforms. It is similar to Twitter, but users can post long content. Medium focuses on quality content, and how published content and stories will connect to the audience. It has exceptional features like keyboard shortcuts, minimal text editor, ability to set tags and visibility, and link sharing.


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The best feature of Medium is post scheduling, and you can even import posts from other social media platforms. Bonus, if you are a part of the Medium Content Program, then you will receive a small amount whenever a premium subscriber reads your content. You will get to have higher promotions with higher likes. The site is wholly focused on premium content quality. You can also increase your views with built-in tools on Medium by connecting to your friends. Professional writers who want to earn from their content can join Medium. Marketers and new bloggers can also discover the platform.

7. Soup

Soup is a microblogging website that is a mirror-image of Tumblr in both features and user-interface. Just like Tumblr, you can post images, videos, links, and can import posts from other social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, etc. In your microblog, you can create your domain. The best thing about Soup is it allows you to join and explore other soup groups. So, whatever groups suit your interest, you can quickly join it. Its best feature is automatic posting on Facebook.


Soup serves a personal journal for many users. Hence, users and bloggers talk and write about their feelings, thoughts, and ideas. A lot of customization options are available on Soup. So, if you are looking for a ditto Tumblr alternative, then Soup shall be the right choice. Some of the disadvantages of Soup are that it is not a monetization platform and is not a tough-competitor of other platforms like WordPress, Twitter, and Blogger. But, Soup is quite similar to Tumblr and hence has a lot of users. It often acts as a personal diary and scrapbook.

8. Reddit

Reddit may not be considered as the ideal blogging platform, but you cannot forget Reddit while talking about content. Its users can submit content in the form of text posts, images, and links. It has 3.3M active users. Whatever is trending or hot is available on Reddit. You can upvote, comment, and share other users’ posts. We have to be very careful of your post on Reddit as there is a feature called “downvote.” Other users can downvote your content and decrease your engagement. If you are interested in a particular post, you can subreddit it.


Subreddit administrators and moderators can regulate the entry of posts, making posts, administration, and other vital aspects. If you are a businessman, you can drive an audience to your website and increase traffic. You can promote your brand and increase sales. To boost your business, you can give technical and customer service support. You can even do paid promotions to increase traffic. Reddit has a vast community and can be the right place for your content. You can even repost and upvote other content that is trending on the homepage. No doubt, it is the best platform for growing your business. Reddit will surely impress you if you are new to the website.

9. Twitter

Undoubtedly, Twitter is the best Tumblr alternative out of all social media platforms. It is not a complete and mirror alternative to Tumblr, but it is great for posting content, commenting, and retweeting. You can easily interact with your followers and even create polls. With Twitter Polls, you can ask people about their opinions on a topic, about your next content, and what to cook tonight. You can yield the audience’s favorite content, which will bring high engagements.

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It connects you with a considerable population and keeps you in sync with the new topics and happenings. It has a great dashboard with unlimited posts. You can post your content, images, videos, and links. You can drive the audience to your website and increase traffic. It has limited restrictions. You can post adult content by your Country’s laws. Hence, it can be called the updated version of Tumblr. You can also see your users’ posts as they cannot be made private. If you are a decisive advertiser and want high engagements, Twitter is an ideal place for you.

Final Thoughts!

A Tumblr alternative is a must when the Internet is growing every second. You should be able to post, write, and create content without any restrictions. In the above alternatives, you can share posts, make comments, and even list your favorites. If you are looking for blogging platforms with advanced features, then try any one of the alternatives. If you are passionate about blogging, then you must get going!

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