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Entertainment is a blessing in disguise during this lockdown. Several apps rhyme with entertainment, but TVMC takes away the crown. The famous – Netflix, Disney, Amazon TV, Hulu, and so on have diverse options for movies and web series. However, it’s no secret that they charge lots of bucks. To rescue you from such hot water, TVMC comes to the scene. 

Importantly, there’s no question of subscription fees. Therefore, you can use add-ons free of cost! TVMC app is suitable for both Android and iOS platforms. For this reason, you can use this entertaining platform to enjoy serials, movies, sports shows, and more. 

What exactly is TVMC APK?

If you don’t know how useful this app is, then here’s your eye-opening definition. In simple words, it is one of the best streaming apps from which you can watch movies, series, serials, and watch live matches at 0 bucks.


Although you may ask what’s so special about this app, this app comes with pre-installed full packages. There’s no need to add packages in the TVMC download version manually. Moreover, with friendly UI and enhanced performance, this app is easy to set as well.    

What are the features that make the app so distinctive?

TVMC Media Center unlocks a whole new level of quality content. The absolute stunning features make this app so favorable in the market of XMBC and Kodi. Below are the few top-notch inculcated features which add superiority in the streaming platform. 

  • Regularly refreshed to add newer content and live matches. 
  • Each of the content in the vast library is in HD quality. Without exception, you can enjoy excellent sound quality to aid in a fantastic viewing experience. 
  • There’s no subscription or sign-in is required. 
  • Add-ons are pre-installed.
  • Customizable settings of audio and video are available.  

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The Real Deal – Downloading TVMC APK

Earlier, TVMC was available in the Google Play store. However, due to some restriction policies, the app was soon removed. Nevertheless, we’ve found a way to download the app into the phone and laptop again. The TVMC app can be downloaded from the given link. 

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Before downloading, there are some pre-requirements to be followed. 

  • Name of the App – TVMC APK
  • Required Version – 14.2
  • Required OS Version – For Android, 4.0 or above OS is required.

After downloading the app, you need to customize your android device to set up the app. To get TVMC for android download, make sure that the device is tailored to support such an app from third-party resources.

To allow downloads from unknown sources, firstly go to the settings. Secondly, select and open the Privacy. Finally, switch on to enable installations from undiscovered resources and viola! You are ready to install the TVMC app.

Steps to install TVMC APK 14.2 in Android Device

If you’ve followed the above steps thoroughly, then this will be a cakewalk. The following are the steps to enjoy a free streaming app on your android device.

  1. To get the download started, select on the TVMC APK.


2. Select the install button. Do not close the application while it is downloading on your device. 

tvmc apk

3. Following the completion of the download, the “Open” button will be visible on the screen. Select the button to launch the application.   


How to Download and Install the APK version 14.2 in Windows PC?

Aforementioned, it is entirely possible to enjoy the free streaming app on a bigger screen. Moreover, there’s no need for a third party device! The Android Emulators will ease the task itself. The job of the emulators is to create an environment similar to Android devices. There are several options available for an emulator. In this article, we will use the BlueStacks Android emulator. The performance rating for this emulator is effectively enhanced than its competitors.

Similarly, there are few pre-requirements to proceed with the download like an android emulator – BlueStacks.  

Follow the steps to install in PC:

  1. Aforementioned, the enhanced version of BlueStack is required. Therefore, download or update on your PC/Laptop.

2. To download windows compatible apk file, click on the TVMC APK link.

3. Following the completion of the apk file download, double-click on the file. This initiates the installation procedure on your computer. However, you may right-click on the downloaded apk file. Then proceed to select with BlueStacks APK Installer. 


4. Don’t close the terminal, while the installation is under process. 


bluestack installer

5. Following the complete installation, you will find the installed app on your desktop or wherever you’ve located it.   


We have compiled the most manageable steps to hassle-free installation. This is the most straightforward route to binge-watch your favorite drama on TVMC. Moreover, there’s no need to do the add-ons manually. The APK app provides you with a full package at free of cost! This is similar to hitting the jackpot. Happy watching!  


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