Upcoming Samsung Smartphones May Come Without Charger in Box


A few days back, Apple announced that their upcoming iPhones won’t be shipping chargers inside the box. Users will need to buy the charger separately. This news came as a great shock, and most people criticized the decision. Disgustingly, even Samsung is reported to implement the same policy of leaving out chargers for their new smartphones. This has incited a lot of negative reviews from the users.

Reason for Excluding Chargers

Samsung has followed the same excuse Apple has given to implement this decision. It is considered that leaving out the chargers will ‘reduce’ the total cost of the smartphones. With the upcoming smartphones all supporting 5G connectivity, the models are expected to be priced higher than usual. To make the cost comparatively lower, the new smartphones are to be made of lighter and fewer components.

Leaving out the charger is also considered as removal of an ‘unnecessary’ item. However, if the users need to buy original fast charging chargers and earphones additionally, then the net cost of the phone will be much higher in comparison. It is no surprise that most of the midrange smartphone users are despising this move by Samsung. The impact in the market will be much bigger than Apple, considering Samsung dominates in the mid-range smartphone category.

What to Expect

If Samsung does stick to this decision, the third-party chargers will profit a lot as most people will tend to buy cheaper chargers than original ones. The company has simply assumed that most smartphone users have the chargers of their old smartphones. However, they fail to realize that each new smartphone comes with updated charging technologies. No one will like to charge a 6000 MAH battery with a 5W charger.

Even though the decision is said to be taken for cost reduction, most people are seeing it as an excuse to boost profit. The charger is a basic component of a smartphone, and leaving it out may also impact its sales beyond measure. As long as the other smartphone manufacturing companies do not follow the same policy, Samsung’s sales are tipped to go down for sure.

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