9 Ways to Fix uTorrent Not Responding

utorrent not responding

Let’s say, you are looking for a good torrent client for all your entertainment and web-related downloads. Chances are you will download uTorrent. A small torrent client with an overwhelming amount of downloads, uTorrent is the go-to torrent client for everyone. Been around for ages and thriving in a steep competition. uTorrent has evolved with a lot of new features as well as offers a paid version.

But as with every good thing in life, uTorrent has some problems of its own. uTorrent not responding is a well-known problem among the users and if not dealt with, can cause a lot of discomforts. Today we have compiled a list of 9 ways to fix uTorrent not responding and make sure you have a little less problem in your life. So without further adieu let’s dive in.

What Causes uTorrent not Responding?

This question cannot be answered precisely, as no one can accurately tell what caused it. Although there are suspects like administrative privileges, Corrupt AppData, Proxy servers, and many more. Whatever the reason may be, the result is uTorrent going into an unresponsive test.

9 Ways to Fix uTorrent Not Responding

1. Running as Administrator

Run as Administrator
Run as Administrator

The first solution on the list, running as administrator helps in getting admin privileges over others. As we are all aware of how huge traffic uTorrent generates. It becomes quite easy for you to get elevated status while downloading big files and thus getting uTorrent not responding. However, if you run as an administrator, it helps your status remain low-key. Furthermore, allowing your downloads to run smoothly. Lastly, we suggest enabling the permanent ‘run as administrator’ option on uTorrent and never have this issue again.

2. Allowing uTorrent through Firewall

Remove from Firewall
Remove from Firewall

The next solution on the list is allowing uTorrent through Firewall. We all know how a firewall can intervene with any software on your PC. In addition to that, uTorrent and firewall do not go hand in hand, firewall always has tendencies to intercept uTorrent. Keeping that in mind, you should always have a firewall customized for uTorrent like allowing an app through a firewall. Just as important as the former, this solution will solve the ‘uTorrent not responding’ error.

3. Disabling Proxies

Then we have Disabling Proxies. For years, proxies have been used by many networks to provide extra speed and boost performance by caching frequently used elements. Although, there is no documented proof of proxies causing problems. We recommend you disable proxies and change your network if you face ‘uTorrent not responding’ error. To illustrate the process, you need to run ‘inetcpl.cpl’. And from there, go to internet properties and LAN settings. And lastly, uncheck any proxy server if enabled. Though we doubt you have to process, there is no harm in knowing.

4. Deleting AppData

Appdata are temporary user data for running an application. Subsequently, this user data are prone to get corrupted and provide bad data to the application. As fragile this data, these are highly important and are required to run the application. So, as a result, if the data are bad it will result in a crash of the application and cause ‘uTorrent not responding’.

As a solution, we would suggest deleting uTorrent’s data weekly, and doing so you will need to follow these steps. Go to Start and open File Explorer. Type ‘C:\Users\(Your PC Name)\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent’ and press enter. Select all the files other than the uTorrent application. Press delete.

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5. Deleting Downloading Files

Perhaps the most straightforward solution among others, deleting downloading files is a lame man’s option but effective. Many a time, the files we download from the web are corrupted or broken and causes application crash. As a result, you get errors like ‘uTorrent not responding’. The only way to execute this solution is to, delete every downloading file from the download directory. Because of this solution, the only loss you incur is the deletion of your favourite movie which you wanted to watch with your friends.

6. Uninstalling Windows Update KB4338818

The next solution on the list is meant for your all-around system. Sometimes back windows launched an update called update KB4338818, this update is known for being notoriously problematic. Not only with uTorrent, but also many applications suffered hugely from it. In lieu of this problem there are none but only one solution, Uninstall and revert back to an older version.

Surprisingly, on the other hand, uTorrent launched an official update to fix the issue of ‘uTorrent not responding’ error, caused by this update. Although there is a patch, we would strongly suggest you uninstall the KB4338818 update and revert to the previous versions.

7. Installing an Older Version

Next up we have a solution which is like an all-purpose solution to PC-related problems. It has been that the beta version of uTorrent shows ‘uTorrent not responding’ error quite often than the regular version. Whenever an error occurs the application sends an error report straight to the developer to improve their product. We highly recommend checking your version and if the problem still persists. Install the latest one.

8. Reinstalling the Application

Coming closer to the end, we have a solution that is quite the same as the former one. Reinstalling the application and deleting all its content from the directory, will help you get a clean slate. Furthermore, it will help you know whether your application had any problems or the previous one was just right.

In addition to that, we would also suggest checking your drivers. It is seen on multiple occasions, that outdated and corrupt drivers tend to disrupt your PC performance as well as tamper with applications on a moderate level. With that in mind, checking your driver’s version might not be a bad idea.

9. Switching to a uTorrent Alternative

Ending our list, we have our last solution and i.e switching to a uTorrent Alternative. Though it is sort of the last resort let us talk about the other options here. BitTorrent is a popular option and kind of a second choice after uTorrent. It is simple, easy to use, and has been popular among a wide audience for its simplicity. In addition to that, there are no reports of BitTorrent getting crashed or showing errors.

BitTorrent - uTorrent Alternative
BitTorrent – uTorrent Alternative

Lastly, before winding up we must say, nowadays downloading from torrent is not considered to be legal. Provided that it is wise to check with the laws first and then commence.

Final Thoughts

So there is a list of 9 ways to fix uTorrent not responding. We are well aware of how it feels when your uTorrent shows an error. And the saddest part being, not able to watch the movie, you have long waited for. We positively feel, these solutions will help to resolve your issue and will make your experience better. We have many more articles on other topics which might interest you, be sure to check upon them. Till then, Peace.


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