Apple Issues Warning Regarding Closing MacBooks with Camera Covered

MacBook camera
MacBook camera

Apple has released a proper warning to its users regarding not covering the MacBook camera. Reportedly, many MacBook users were covering the camera of the device with a soft cloth due to privacy issues. Apple has always claimed that privacy is one of their strongest suits. However, it seems Apple users have no faith in their company’s privacy policy.

Consequences of Covering MacBook Camera

Reportedly, multiple users had experienced faults in their MacBook display when they covered the camera. As per Apple, this is occurring as the design of the keyboard, and the display makes the clearance very prone to a tight tolerance. This, in turn, is damaging the display of the device. There are other consequences of covering the camera as well.

Users have also reported that the True Tone of the device is having some issues. The automatic brightness is not working correctly, as well. The display in damage is only occurring when the user is closing the lid with the camera covered. To avoid this, the camera should not be covered. Instead, users can use the indicator light present in the camera for tracking its usage, as per Apple.

The issue with MacBook Display

The owners of MacBook Pro models mainly reported all of these issues. The models which have thin bezels are reportedly more prone to such problems. Cracks were spotted in the display when the lid was closed with the MacBook camera covered. In most cases, the crack on display was near the camera. This has raised concerns regarding how brittle the MacBook displays are despite being such expensive devices.

Such damage is deemed accidental, and users with AppleCare+ can get it repaired. As for users without AppleCare+, the repair will be expensive. As for alternatives, users can restrict apps to access the camera. If a cover must be used, it should be a non-sticky smooth cover with thickness, not more than 0.1 mm.

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