How a user can watch 4k YouTube videos on an iPhone and iPad after the release of iOS 14

4k Youtube videos

Apple has already announced the update on its iOS named iOS 14. It will offer the users a lot of great experience, including watching videos in 4K quality on Youtube with their iPhone, Apple TV, and iPad. If you have any of these devices, read this article till the end to know all the details.

Currently, iPhones and iPads do not have 4K quality resolution, but they can play videos with more than 1080p resolutions.

But, Apple TV 4K is in the market for some time now and is also getting updates to play videos from Youtube. The MAC users will also get the facility of watching 4k videos on Netflix with macOS BIG Sur.

But, the iphone and iPad users will get to watch 4K videos on Youtube with the upcoming iOS 14. 

As per sources, iOS 14 OR iPadOS 14 and tvOS 14 at present are available as public beta development and developer beta additions. You can download them to get a whiff of what is going to happen.

How to watch 4k Youtube videos with iOS 14

All devices with iOS 14 will not get this feature. For example, iPhone X, which runs on IOS 14, does not have the same feature regarding Youtube. Some sources also claim that the iPhone XS also does not offer 4K youtube video quality. Similarly, 4K video quality is unavailable with Safari in IOS 14.

So, You need to check if your device has the latest feature. Here is the guide of watching 4K youtube videos with IOS 14-

  • First, open the Youtube app on your iPhone or Ipad.
  • Next, select a video and start playing it. Click on the “Three dot icon” on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • From there, navigate to “Quality” and tap on it.
  • If the video is available in 4K, select the 2160p resolution.

After the procedure is complete, you will be able to watch any available Youtube video in 4K quality.

How to watch 4K Youtube videos on Apple TV? 

Apple has already announced that tvOS 14 will support the Youtube 4K videos. But you can already play 4k videos through Airplay mode via your Ipad or Iphone.

Here us the guide on how to watch 4K videos on Apple TV with tvOS 14-

  • Open the Youtube app and start playing any video. 
  • Next, press the touchpad of your Apple TV remote and select the vertical three-dot “More” icon.
  • Next, choose quality and select 2160P for 4K videos.

How to Airplay 4K videos on Apple tv?

 The procedure is pretty simple to follow.

  • Open the Youtube app on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Next, select the video and start playing it. Then tap the “Cast screen” icon on your screen. It is the square shape icon with the wifi logo on the left.
  • Select the option” Airplay & Bluetooth Devices.”
  • Here you will see all the available devices. Choose the “Apple TV” option. The video will start to play on your AppleTV automatically.

You can also connect to your Apple TV through the “Screen Mirror” option. It is available in the Control Centre menu of your iPad or iPhone. 

  • For opening the control panel, pull down the screen from the top right corner of your device. Otherwise, you can pull up the bottom of your device screen. You can’t use the home button for this pull-up or down activity. 
  • You will find the “screen mirror” section that can play any video from your mobile device on your TV.

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