5 Watch2Gether Alternatives to Watch Videos Together

Watch2Gether Alternatives to Watch Videos Together

Watch2Gether is a platform to watch videos with your friends or family together in real-time but from a distance. Basically, it syncs videos together and you can also communicate through Watch2Gether while streaming your favourite content.

In this pandemic, sites like this will surely come handy to spend some time with your close ones virtually. But internet usage is also pretty high now as most of the office goers are working from home. So, in case this website is not working for you properly we have made a list of 5 best alternatives so you can enjoy your content with your loved ones with ease.

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Top 5 Watch2Gether Alternatives

1. &chill


&chill is one of the best free alternatives to Watch2Gether. You can access the service through your browser and watch movies together with your friends. But the uniqueness of the site is one can watch the videos in a theatre styled view. That means while starting the stream you will have to select a sit, just like you do in a theatre and you will have a similar view of what you should get from that sit.

Through a chatbox, you can interact with other people watching the stream and you can share the theatre link on social media to invite people to join and watch together. Not only with your friends, but you can also join streams with other people already watching too.

2. Sync Video

Sync Video
Sync Video

If you want to watch YouTube or Vimeo videos with your friends, Sync Video is the website to choose. Just like &Chill, this service is also completely free and you can watch videos without even signing up.

To do that you have to create a room with a randomly generated username, which keeps you safe from revealing your identity. Now you just have to share it to your partner and you are ready to go. While streaming you can also have a chat.

3. Rave


Rave is a free application available on Android and iOS to stream videos from YouTube, Viki, Vimeo, Reddit, along with Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also use the app to stream Netflix shows with your friends in real-time while talking to them on VoIP calls.

Another cool feature of Rave is you can make your own mix and share it with others. If VoIP call is not your style, you can do old school texting in the app too.

4. Sync Play

Sync Play
Sync Play

If you are using a PC Sync Play is another great alternative. The software is available on Windows, Linux and Mac and It will work with Skype so no reason to make an extra account.

The software allows you to share the videos played on the VLC media player and MPV media player. The only negative point is you have to have the video files stored on both of your computers. But you can watch YouTube videos together.

5. Meta Stream

Meta Stream
Meta Stream

Last but not least in our list is Meta Stream. It is a free browser-based platform to watch videos together with other users. To watch together you have to create a room and add files in it to play. You can choose privacy settings for the room and limit how many people can join.

You will have to add an extension on Chrome or Firefox to play the media. In other methods, you can join the session with Discord apps on server.


As you can see there are many websites or software you can use to have some fun with your beloved ones. So if you are on a smartphone Rave will be the best choice and for PC you can choose most of the services on the list.


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