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In general everyday life, Cartoons are considered a great source of positivity. No matter the age, everyone likes some of the other cartoons at some point in their life. Instead of TV, the younger generation mainly watches cartoons online now. The server of Watchcartoononline is watchcartoononline.ios, and it was one of the most visited websites for streaming cartoons. This platform had viewers from all around the globe.

Breaking Down of Watchcartoononline

The reason why Watchcartoononline.ios was so popular is that viewers could stream cartoons and Animes for free. The collection was huge, and the variety of content present was astounding. Mostly, the website had the most significant viewers of Anime. The interface was straightforward to use as well. However, all such free streaming services eventually came to close, and Watchcartoononline was no exception.

Since the free streaming services are always under investigation, sooner or later, they will be capped out. The watchcartoononline.ios servers are present in the Netherlands. At present, WatchAnimeDub is its name. However, with continuous bugs, the website is exposed to a prolonged period of problems. As of now, the site has serious issues with privacy, and the majority of the website database has also been lost.

Most of the countries have also restricted access to this website. The website ran despite that due to the use of VPN by the loyal viewers. However, it isn’t providing proper services most of the time due to continuous interruption. Hence, most of the viewers are trying to switch to other alternative websites. However, there are not many websites that provide such similar services. Lucky for you, we got you covered.

Best 5 Alternatives of Watchcartoononline.ios

If you search on the internet, multiple websites claim to provide streaming services of your favorite Anime or cartoon. However, most of these websites offer such false claims. These websites have malware or are only for advertisement purposes. Others only act as clickbait for other promotional events. In short, it is hard to find sites that provide genuine proper streaming services like watchcartoononline.ios and have an extensive collection of cartoons as well. To make things easy, given below are five of the best alternatives of Watchcartoononline that you can try out in 2020.

1. GoGoAnime

As previously stated, most of the viewers of Watchcartoononline were Anime viewers. Considered as one of the best alternatives for Watchcartoononline, GoGoAnime site has a massive collection of almost all types of Animes present. Even the rarest Animes are likely to be present in here. The recent Animes and the usual hit Animes are also current and updated regularly. To make sure that the viewers do not miss anything out, new anime recommendations are shown to the users.

Gogo Anime

There are different tabs where such new recommended Animes are displayed. The homepage of this website is very organized. Viewers will be able to check out the different types of Animes in different tabs. The searching option is quite advanced. The skillfulness of this website is what makes it stand out among the others. For streaming purposes, there are multiple servers available for watching a particular video. If any of the links are broken, there are many others to try from. That makes this website very versatile for watching Animes.

2. Crunchyroll

It will be hard to believe if any of the anime fans have not heard about Crunchyroll or Crunchyroll pass. The website launched in 2006 and grew up massively to form its community. The user base of Crunchyroll is massive. It is also a streaming platform where many Animes and dramas are streamed exclusively. As usual, this is also a great alternative to Watchcartoononline. The user interface is one of the best that you will ever see and experience. There are multiple categories, and the contents are well sorted. Users will be easily able to find their favorite cartoons and Animes in specified particular sections. The library is massive.


The website contains over 100 titles of Manga, 300 Asian dramas, over 26000 anime episodes, and 15000 exclusive contents. However, licensing restrictions are present in specific materials over specific countries. The monthly views rise to 80 million. However, the best part of Crunchyroll is that most of the content is free to watch. Users do not even need to register or sign up on the website. However, the exclusive shows are not free, and the users have the option to subscribe to its premium service. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best platforms to watch cartoons and Animes.

3. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is yet another website that you can visit instead of watchcartoononline.ios for cartoons and Animes. The content is updated very frequently, and the shows are all visible in HD. However, the best part is that the contents are streamed directly from Japan streaming services. This means that it has almost any Anime that you can want. The website has a unique and attractive style that is popular among users. The interface is straightforward to understand and user-friendly. Previews of the shows are also available. This means that you can check a show beforehand and then decide whether to watch it or not.


The detailed information about each show is shown when the thumbnail of the video is accessed. Due to its HD streaming service, the website has a considerable number of users. As of average, the monthly views on this website are around 4 million. One major thing to note about this website is that it streams mainly in countries like New Zealand and Australia. Some other specific countries are also on the list. However, the other places may not provide an excellent connection to the servers directly. Hence, if you are determined about this website, you may need a superb VPN service as well.

4. AnimeFreak

Another website very similar to watchcartoononline.ios is AnimeFreak. The website is free, and users can view Animes from a vast collection. At present, the site is still growing. Even then, AnimeFreak already contains over 11000 different series. Fresh content gets added every single day. Some of the classic old Animes are available, along with popular hits and recent ones.


With its extremely user-friendly interface and easy site navigation, the number of viewers of AnimeFreak has increased significantly. The different Anime series are all available with details provided for each. User reviews, ratings, and viewers’ comments are also visible. Episodes of a set are listed together to make them easy to find. The streaming speed is quite fast too.

5. AnimePlanet

The last alternative of Watchcartoononline on this list is AnimePlanet. This website is very similar to Watchcartoononline. The interface provides a very same feel, and viewers can easily navigate through it. Most of the Animes are available on this website. HD streaming is also available.


The website is free. Users can also create an account if they want. This allows them to sort out shows and form a watch list. Since it is a free website, the amount of ads present is a lot. However, they are just slightly annoying, as users can quickly close down the pop-up page and go back to watching their favorite Anime.


Like Watchcartoononline, free streaming websites can also get closed down in the future. This will continue to happen. However, new free streaming alternative sites will also continue to rise. Therefore, if you are facing problems with any of these websites, try switching to another for streaming your favorite Anime or cartoon.

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