Waze vs Google Maps: Which Navigation App Is Best for You

Waze vs Google Maps
Waze vs Google Maps

Google owns both Wage and Google Maps. They are the most popular navigation app at present. iPhone users use them too, as they are effortless to handle. They give us accurate directions and locations. So who do you think is better? Waze vs Google Maps?

When you need to visit somewhere, you generally try out the best route with almost no traffic and fewer obstacles. Mapping and navigation apps are there in the 21st century to sort out this problem. They help you to make your journey easier and faster. The 2 most famous apps for both Android and iOS are Google Maps and Waze.  

Both the apps present a large amount of up-to-the-minute information, real-time directions with every turn, etc. Waze gathers data from a variety of users in real-time. It is used to tailor the trip with the easiest and obstacle-free road. On the other hand, Google Maps works through its database to select the fastest route. We can see both apps are different in their way. Hence, it is important to know more about Waze vs Google Maps.

Let us find out the answer to Waze vs Google Maps

What is Waze?

In 2013, Google purchased Waze. It developed it as a different community-based GPS navigation app. Google developed a wage with many real-time features and crowd-sourced social networking options. Wage’s plus point is that it can alert fellow drivers to hazards, road closures, accidents, speed traps, police activity, and other issues that may ask you to change your route. It has an ETS based on current traffic conditions, which helps you either get to your destination quickly or change your route. 

You can listen to your favorite music, podcasts from apps like Spotify through Waze. This app helps you to find the cheapest gas station on your route. You can use Wage on your car’s display in conjunction with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. You can choose any app audio voices to instruct you while driving; you can also use Waze to arrange carpools where drivers offer rides or find partners to carpool. It is completely free and ad-supported with a motorcycle mode.

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a basic navigation app with navigation for anyone, whether or not they are walking, biking, or using transportation. These are added to driving with elaborate turn-by-turn directions and useful lane designations. The maps also give the placement of businesses. It also shows native landmarks and points of interest, creating the app to obtain a broad summary of a part of the city, seeing what else is close to your destination, and different ancient static map functions.

You will be able to add a stop on the way to your final destination. Google will Google with Maps by other widespread services like Google Assistant, Google Street read, transportation network and ride-sharing corporations, and Google Search. In recent versions, Google Maps has more Waze-like options like period traffic updates and increased reality options that facilitate with directions for walking around new neighbourhoods.

Waze vs Google Maps

  • Waze is mainly community-based; Google Maps is a data-based application.
  • Waze is made more for cars; Google Maps has got the option of biking, driving, public transport publications, and walking. Besides, they have a built-in ‘Explore’ feature that allows users to see events, photos, reviews, points of interest, etc. There is a ‘street view’ mode to view kinds of stuff at street level.
  • Google Maps can also work offline. Waze needs a data connection to function.
  • Google Maps will include business data. For example, hours, menus, and phone numbers. Waze does not have this feature.
  • Waze includes traffic alerts and real-time traffic conditions based on drive data. Recently Google Maps has also started to add features similar to these.
  • Waze offers a sleek and minimal interface with its latest design language. 
  • Waze offers high-level customization, while Google Maps is quite basic.

Comparing Interface: Waze vs Google Map

The Waze up is wonderfully designed to maintain certain minimalism. It has all details that a user needs. Waze offers 3D graphics to seek attention from its owners.

This navigation app had initially called on early adopters of tech, mostly prefer sleek and standard designed interfaces. It has now got Spotify Integration too. 

On the other side, Google Maps has a friendly interface. It is simple and dated with 0 distractions. Thus, users will not get lost in the app while driving. 

In terms of function, Waze moves a lot. The navigation app can change locations, rotate, even shift, and pans as you keep changing directions. Missing direction here is challenging. There is a very brash, bold direction at the top of the app. Speed traps, potholes, traffic jams are straightforward to avoid. The app alerts you earlier.

Google Maps is almost like Waze. But it is much more user-friendly. Google Maps can also move around when needed. It displays directions at the top and gives plenty of alerts you need.

Real-time Data: Waze vs Google Maps

Although the amount of data shared between the two apps is unknown, they are known to collect real-time traffic data from users already traveling. Both the navigation apps give perfect directions, including traffic jams, road closures, etc. 

Waze is a little better at this. Users here can easily submit information about local street closures, road hazards, or road accidents. But Google maps do not notice these things immediately. 

Ease of Route: Waze vs Google Maps

Although both the apps share some data, Google Maps, and Waze algorithms, most of the time, formulate different routes. This is mainly due to Waze’s design that helps to get to your destination faster. Waze is beneficial when you are running late, but this can lead you through rough roads and hard navigation. Users report about unnecessary directions and turns. It may also take you through alleyways.

On the other hand, Google Maps give logical suggested alternative routes. It does not make you waste time. They will also give you lane assistance. Google Maps provide better results without the risk of getting lost. 

Data usage: Waze vs Google

Wage’s data usage depends on several factors like time of use, journey distance, and many more. Wage will need a constant internet connection to work. 

Google Maps use data more efficiently. You can download locations in Google Maps, go offline, and move on. This feature of Google Maps is great. Google Maps is the best choice if you have less data plan. Google Maps offline function is much more preferred. You won’t lose signal even in remote areas. 


Both of the navigation maps have some unique and preferred features. While Waze is the go-to GPS, Google Maps is the easiest option you can opt for. Waze has more features to offer. Google Maps can be accessed from anywhere. It is best for long journeys. Thus, it clearly depends on the user what his/her priority is. You need to sort out your priorities and then decide which one to opt for. 


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