WhatsApp introduces Animated Stickers, QR codes and dark mode


The most simple yet powerful instant messaging app, WhatsApp will soon be adding its own animated sticker packs among other new range of features like a dark mode for web, Status feature for KaiOS, and improved video calls. WhatsApp will be rolling out these animated sticker packs from within the app. This feature will enable users to interact in an intuitive way.

If that’s not enough, users will also receive the most awaited dark mode feature for its web and desktop version. Currently, WhatsApp supports dark Mode only mobile devices but the hugely popular messaging app is set to release it for the web version.

Another new one on the list is QR codes for profiles, which essentially means that each profile will now have its own QR code. This will enable the users to scan someone’s code and instantly add them to their contacts, thus eliminating the hassle of manually entering their number.

As far as group chat is concerned, if you have 8 or fewer participants, you can start a group chats with one click since it’s the maximum number of participants WhatsApp supports. WhatsApp video calls will get an update and we can expect a better video call experience.

Finally, those with KaiOS devices like the JioPhone can now access the Status feature, while the animated stickers and QR codes will be rolling out soon.

At present WhatsApp has very basic sticker support but taking inspiration from its rival messaging apps like Telegram, for example, WhatsApp is making sure it’s not behind any of them.

So with that in mind, WhatsApp is set to release some new features in order to make chatting experience, even more, engaging especially at the time when people are using the platform to stay close to their loved ones. We will have to wait for all the aforementioned features until another future beta comes out.

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