15 Best Windows 10 Skins/ Themes in 2020 – Enhance Windows 10 look

Windows 10 Skins

If you are looking for various themes for your Windows 10 PC, then, my friend, you are at the right place as we have got the 15 best Windows10 Skins that will help you in enhancing the look of your Windows 10. So without further ado, here we go –

1. Mac OS X EI Captain

Mac OS X El Capitan

Assuming that you all have guessed it by the name now, Mac OS X EI Captain is a Windows 10 Skin that is pretty much similar to Mac OS X. So if you are into Mac and want it but cannot have it, a great alternative is to have the Mac OS X EI Captain theme on your Windows 10 PC.

2. Aero Glass

Aero Glass - TechyMarvel

To begin with, the first Windows 10 Skin on our list is the Aero Glass. Just as the name describes, Aero Glass is a skin that offers transparent interface on the Menu of Windows 10 PC.

3. Vanila

best windows 10 theme

Another one of the Windows 10 Skins is the Vanilla that is quite similar to the interface of a cloud service. It seems to be beautiful for the lovers of the sky as it actually resembles a bright blue sky with tints of clouds.

Also, there are no borders in this theme. Everything is borderless and thus seamless. Your OS will be refined with this theme for sure.

4. StartLSBlack

Another one of the Best Windows 10 Theme is the StartLSBlack. This theme is one of the very few cool themes for Windows 10 PC.

This theme resembles the Windows 7 features like the interface of the Start Button on Windows 10. Isn’t that cool

5. Seda

windows 10 best skins

The next minecraft Windows 10 Skin is probably the one most of you might download now. This theme is the perfect blend of the light and dark mode and has a really cool design in the background.

I am in absolute love with this theme and surely it is my current Windows 10 PC theme.

6. Ubuntu SkinPack

Another great theme to have a makeover of your Windows 10 is the Ubuntu Skin Pack. This skin holds a great combination of colors and has a refreshing effect to your Windows 10 Screen.

It comes with a shading of black and maroon that gradually lightens. The menu and folders come in a light color. And the icons are in combination of black and maroonish brown color.

7. Diversityx VS

best windows 10 themes

Another one of the minimalist Windows 10 skins is the Diversityx VS. The skin is kind of monochromatic and has the dominance of grey color.

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If you prefer dark mode, then this theme does your job alongside it also ensures a classy look for your device. A great substitute for the night mode, indeed!

8. Simplify 10

windows 10 skin

Another great skin for Windows 10 is the Simplify 10. The theme stands true to its name but also offers a cute and complete interface.

You get in all 5 themes in Simplify 10 for Windows 10 that are all minimal and elegant as well. These skins can be saved in the AppData and can be applied through the personalization settings..

9. Windows XP Theme

It may sound a little weird at the beginning but hey, is not the Windows XP Theme something we all were and some of us are still attracted to the most?

No matter how many years have passed by, this theme still has our eyes. Imagine how much people will wonder to see

To use this theme on the Windows 10, you will have to download the Classic Shell that offers Windows 10 users to customize. Once you download the former, you will have to download the Classic Shell XP Suite for Windows 10.

10. Flattastic

Another theme that would attract people looking for the minimalist appearance is the Flattastic. This theme will fulfill the Windows 10 PC screen with less efforts. I, however, find this theme a bit boring as I am more into intricate and colorful themes.

The theme is very much popular and has over sixteen versions of which 8 are of Flattastic Light theme and other 8 are of Flattastic dark theme

11. Oxford Theme

Standing by its name, Oxford Theme offers the exact clean and neat experience to its users. So if you are person looking for everything minimal and want to keep the screen of your Windows 10 simple, then Oxford theme is what you should go for.

12. CakeOS

A very basic yet colorful theme is the CakeOS. As you can guess by its name, the theme is pretty interesting. This theme surely guarantees a complete makeover of your Windows 10. Hence, if you are sick of the old theme, here’s the one to boost ya!

Along with colors, the theme also offers vibrant icons and buttons supported by a set of amazing wallpapers. If you are not a bright mode person regarding the screen of your OS, do not worry as we have a dedicated night mode in this theme as well.

13. Ades Theme

If you are looking for a dark theme for Windows 10, then Ades theme is the best option to go for. You may find this theme to look a bit similar to Seda theme but trust me its not really.

This theme has many shades on it including grey, green, a tint of yellow-orange, etc. If you prefer the dark/night mode then this theme is to go for!

14. Silk Skin

Another beautiful theme for the Windows 10 PC is the Silk. The theme is technically monochromatic but comes with various shades of blue that are arranged very well in a form that will sooth the eyes.

You can also arrange the opened folders and Windows like the cards fanning out on the Window screen. The cascading effect of this theme will surely charm you. There is also an option to customize the colors of this theme.

This theme makes a scene for the sore eyes. And especially if you have a thing for the cascading effect, this theme is to go for!

15. Nvidia

If you are a black or green kind of a person, just like me, then Nvidia is the perfect theme out there for you. I personally love this theme for the great color combination that it offers.

This theme also works as a night or dark mode along with a color that offers great sight to the eye. Growing up, I have always heard that green color satisfies you and using this theme proves that right.

Wanna know how and why? Well, give it a try yourself!

Final Verdict –

Those were the 15 best Windows 10 Skins or Themes. I assume you have all found the article of use and have chosen for yourself the best Windows 10 Skin. For more such article, stay tuned with us!


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