Top 10 WordPress Alternatives: CMS platforms, Blogging, eCommerce and Site Builders!

    WordPress is known as CMS (content management system) which is based on PHP and MYSQL. It is a free and open source in nature. There are many WordPress Alternatives available in the market nowadays.

    They are used for creating sites or blogs. For beginners, WordPress is the easiest way of blogging with easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML Editor.  We can use this platform for content curation and manage.

    WordPress Alternatives for Bloggers & Website Owners

    You can try some WordPress Alternatives which are also easy to use. Today we will discuss the top 10 WordPress alternatives which you can use are as mentioned below:-

    #1. Joomla

    Joomla is also one of the top 10 WordPress alternatives. It is also an open source platform which consists of extensions and templates.

    It provides various types of templates which you can choose according to your choice. Joomla is free, easy reliable and flexible platform. It has following features:-

    • Under this platform, you can register and get online in seconds.
    • It is also mobile friendly as all templates are responsive in nature.
    • It supports more than 50 multiple languages for admin and front end.
    • This CMS is trusted and used by millions of people.


    #2. Drupal

    It is also used for website creation. It has a very strong user base and community of developers. Drupal can be used to make websites, post and to share content. It has three versions Drupal 6, 7 and 8. Drupal 8 has 200 new added features. These are some features of Drupal are as following:-

    • A great platform for new innovations and ideas.
    • Mostly used by medical or big businesses.
    • It helps in making new sites at a faster
    • It also makes busiest sites which run on Drupal platform.



    #3. Ghost

    Ghost is also one of the best WordPress alternatives. This platform can be used for blog creation and publication, detailed structured data, or RSS feed. Here are some features of Ghost as listed below:-

    • It is a great place for writers where they can submit their work easily.
    • It maintains simple content management.
    • Ghost always scheduled your content in advance.
    • Subscriptions are done by RSS feed and Email and slack.



    #4. Blogger

    This platform is very popular among people. Blogger is one of the best WordPress alternatives. It is very reliable because most of the celebrities and famous people use it to handle their blogs.

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    It is one of the oldest methods for creating their blogs. Features of blogger are as given below:-

    • It is very simple to use.
    • It contains links which can be shared on social media sites.
    • Various types of modern themes and layouts are available on the site.
    • It is almost like WordPress.



    #5. Weebly: WordPress Alternative

    It is used for the creation of a website. It provides pre-designed templates and it will help in making websites. Weebly is one of the top 10 WordPress alternatives. Here are some features of Weebly which are mentioned below:-

    • This platform is WYSIWYG free website builder.
    • It also provides password protection.
    • You can avail video backgrounds and HD video &audio facilities in business sites



    #6. Google sites

    Google site is used for making small websites. This platform is flexible and customization so that you can change the look of the site. For beginners, they have to seek help from third-party developers for many designs.

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    Here are some features of Google Sites as following:-

    • It is used for making small sites.
    • It is easy to use and can be customized.
    • Free to host and can have their own custom domain.

    Google sites


    #7. Medium

    Medium is also listed as one of the best WordPress alternatives. It is quite different from WordPress and not fully CMS. It gives you the experience of similar reading to customers. Here are some amazing features of Medium as following:-

    • It suits all types of devices and all screen sizes.
    • It is customizable because it allows you to take their own domain names.
    • You can connect people through stories and ideas.



    #8. Wix

    This site contains hundreds of impressive templates of different categories like industry and other use cases. This platform is one of the top 10 WordPress alternatives. Some features of Wix are as following:-

    • It has e-Commerce support with paid plans.
    • Beginners and experienced users can even use them.
    • It is mobile optimized.
    • You can easily change, customize and add something to the website.



    #9. Squarespace

    It is also one of the best site builders which are completely hosted solution. It has various templates which are among the top 10 WordPress alternatives that you can use. Squarespace has the following awesome features:-

    • It has readymade templates which can be customized.
    • No need to install any plugins or additional modules.
    • It also has SSL certificates and free domain name.
    • An e-commerce store can be built easily.

    For detailed and added features, check out this specific Squarespace review.




    #10. Tumblr

    Tumblr is also one of the top 10 WordPress alternatives which we can use. It is one of the blogging platforms. It got acquired by Yahoo in 2013. Here are some awesome features of Tumblr are as mentioned below:-

    • It has a strong user base which gives you the experience of great blogging.
    • Custom domain names can be used as Tumblr
    • You need not be worried about installing any software because it is the complete hosting solution.
    • Helps in creating pages.




    So, this was all the information about the top 10 WordPress alternatives that you can use. These will also help you in creating websites of different categories like business, blogging or many more.

    You can build small or large sites according to your choice. These sites will help you in running your business successfully. You can use these WordPress alternatives in a very efficient manner.

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