Unblock YOURBITTORRENT Using These Proxy Sites


Most people are quite familiar with using torrents. Torrents are one of the best ways to download various types of files. These include videos, movies, games, and different kinds of applications. One of the most famous torrents to be ever used is YourBittorrent. This torrent is well known for its wide content variety and its vast availability. Previously, this torrent website used to be one of the fastest as well.

This torrent website is one of the best public tracker websites. Also, as a torrent page, this had one of the most traffics. Initially, this torrent site was known as MyBittorrent. There were over thousands of various top quality torrents that were verified. E-books, software applications, movies, and videos were all available in it. As this torrent website was pretty fast and safe, many people prioritized YourBittorrent over any other torrent websites.

What made this torrent website insanely fast was its massive number of seeders and trackers. Compared to other websites, this site had a significant advantage in speed. This is why most users of this torrent website refused to shift to any other torrent page. Even after it was inaccessible, the emotion remained the same.

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Need for YourBittorrent Proxy Websites and Alternatives

It is quite clear how popular YourBittorrent was. However, the site was made to be inaccessible eventually. As a result, the users had two options in their hands Either they could look for alternative torrent websites or use proxy sites of YourBittorrent. The need for this started when the laws on the internet became much stricter with government intervention.

This torrent website was not the only site to be made inaccessible, though. Hundreds of other websites, including many other torrent websites, were also blocked. The main criteria for securing a website were whether users could download or stream content there for free. As the number of tSPs, or internet Service Providers, increased, the websites became more and more blocked.

The main website of YourBittorrent or the URL https://yourbittorrent.com is not accessible to most people around the world. This means that the ISPs have already blocked the torrent website in your country or region. However, people are more stubborn than the government thinks. The most common way a user will want to bypass the block is by using proxy websites or VPN services.

However, one must keep in mind that there are 3rd party proxy websites as well. Similarly, there are also VPN services that are publicly available. Users will not access the torrent website using any such public VPNs and 3rd party proxy websites. To do so, official proxy websites and private VPNs are required.

YourBittorrent Unblocking With Proxy Websites and VPNs

At present, there are very few selective websites that actually can bypass the block and give the user access to YourBittorrent. As mentioned earlier, many of these proxy websites belong to 3rd parties. With more and more regulations in the internet law, these 3rd party proxy websites are rendered useless. Hence, proper official proxy websites are critical. However, it is always a possibility that the official proxy websites may also get blocked anytime soon. Other than that, they can also slow down significantly. The users can be contented with, though, that such proxy websites will continue to arise.

Most of the official proxy websites can give direct access to The YourBittorrent website without any hassle. This means that the users need to do any extra tricks, use scripts, or take software help. Direct access to the torrent website is available as long as the proxy website is active and running. It does not matter in which region the user is. As long as the proxy site works, their access to the torrent website is assured.

The best part about the official proxy websites of YourBittorrent is that they get updated with time. This means that all of these mirror websites and proxy sites can replicate the original torrent website’s latest data. In that sense, the proxy users will be able to enjoy all of the latest content that is available on torrent.

How to Unblock YourBittorrent

Sometimes, users may not even need to do any special tricks to gain access to YourBittorrent. If the official torrent website does not load, it must mean that the website is down in your region. Generally, this occurs as the Government orders the ISPs to block the website in a particular country or region. If such a scenario occurs, one can follow the steps given below.

Using TOR Browser

TOR stands for The Onion Router, and it is a great way to bypass blocked internet webpage access. This TOR group has multiple computers up on the internet which act individually. Generally, TOR browsers can provide communication between a webpage and a user in an anonymous fashion. In other words, TOR Browser acts as a VPN that can give access to the most restricted and blocked torrent websites.

Using Web Proxy

Another way in which a blocked torrent website can be accessed is by using proxy websites. The way these proxy sites work is by changing the IP of the user. In most cases, the torrent websites are blocked based on their restriction on different IPs. When the ISP or the network cannot identify the IP as one of their own, the restriction is removed. There are over hundreds of different proxy websites that are insanely fast. These websites can not only unblock torrent websites, but they can also unblock locked content on youtube or Netflix.

Using VPNs

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This is a working protocol. Its main work lies in creating encryption when the internet connection is active. As a result, the entire relationship becomes encrypted and is safe and secure to use. The major use of VPNs is to unblock restricted torrent websites. However, applications and services limited based on the location can also be unlocked easily with a VPN.

Most people prefer to use VPNs to access blocked torrent websites. However, one has to keep in mind that all of the methods mentioned above are subjective. This means that the original website of YourBittorrent has to be active and working. Some regions get such high restrictions that the website is down for those places. In such cases, only official mirror and proxy websites can unlock the torrent website.

List of YourBittorrent Mirror and Proxy Websites

In various counties across the globe, YourBittorrent is restricted. Counties such as Russia, the United Kingdom, and India fall under them. Naturally, residents of such countries will be unable to access this torrent website. However, this is where the proxy and mirror websites come in handy.

Most of these proxy sites are generally working in countries where there is no ban in YourBittorrent. Upon using these proxy websites, a user is making them seem like they belong in that country. Hence, the torrent website can be accessed without any restrictions.

Given below are some of the most active and working proxy and mirror websites for YourBittorrent.



The above four websites are the fastest proxy websites of YourBittorrent at present. However, this means that these websites also contain the most traffic.



The above three websites are of good speed and have comparatively less traffic in them.



The above three websites are of medium speed; however, due to their low traffic, operating downloads on these websites can be more comfortable than the others mentioned above

Most of these proxy websites are extremely fast. With more imposing rules and regulations, some websites can get temporarily slowed down. However, replicating the contents and shifting them to another proxy website continually takes place. Hence, users need not worry. These given proxy websites can provide user access to YourBittorrent quickly.

Although users must keep one thing in mind, using these proxy and mirror websites may provide them direct access to the YourBittorrent website. However, merely using these websites does not hide their activity from the ISPs or the Government. This means that the user can be tracked down if required. Hence, it is always advisable to hide the IP address when using such proxy and mirror websites. The best way to hide IP address is by using VPN services. This way, the connection becomes encrypted and safe to use.

How to Download Contents from Yourbittorrent in a Secure Manner?

One has to be extremely careful while using the YourBittorrent website for securely downloading movies and other content. There are many countries where the usage of torrent websites is considered to be illegal. Though the restriction varies from country to country, torrent usage is regarded as a severe offense in some places.

As mentioned before, using a VPN is one of the best ways to remain undetected while using the torrent website. However, publicly available VPNs may not help the user stay completely undetected in case of strict regulations. Therefore, private VPNs that provide premium services can be used in countries with strict laws and regulations.

Using a proper VPN can completely hide the IP address of the user. Hence, the ISP will not be able to detect the user in the country or region. The location of the user will be changed drastically. For example, a VPN user in India may be shown as a random user in Singapore. In this way, the VPN can help access torrent websites such as YourBittorrent, without any tracking or restrictions.

How to Download and Install VPNs Properly

To use the VPN, a user has to download the VPN on their device first. Then they have to install them. On mobile devices, it is pretty straightforward. One can download a VPN from the Google PlayStore or AppStore and install it. For premium services, users need to pay an amount to get the benefits. In the case of computers and laptops, VPN services are available on the internet itself. Downloading and installation are relatively straightforward.

After the VPN gets appropriately installed in the system, the user needs to connect with the internet at first. After the connection is on, they need to activate the VPN by clicking on the application. When the VPN is running and active, users can use any of the YourBittorrent proxy websites mentioned above. Doing so will provide a stable connection with the torrent website. Also, ISPs will not be able to track the user’s activity.

Once the site opens, users can now download their favorite movies, games, or applications without any hassle.


The websites mentioned above are all currently working and will give access to YourBittorrent. However, these may change with time, as no one knows how long a proxy site will be equally functional. However, if anyone avoids alternative torrent websites and use this particular torrent only, then these sites will work fine.

Multiple other torrent websites have been blocked as well. Using them are almost impossible, and their services have been restricted in many regions and countries across the globe. Even then, there are alternatives available, such as 1337x torrent, uTorrent, and many more. With time, many of these torrent websites will also require a proxy for access. With so many proxy and mirror websites, one may get easily confused with which proxy site to choose for which torrent website. Hence, users are advised to check twice before clicking on any proxy site to their favorite torrent website.

However, as a disclaimer, one must keep in mind that using torrents is a pirated way to access the original content. Under the country’s law, piracy of any original and premium content is a punishable offense. Hence, such methods of piracy should not be encouraged. The content available in this article is solely to gain the necessary information. Illegal activities, such as piracy, should be minimized. Also, users caught for pirating activities will receive the punishment of some sort. Depending upon the country, punishment can be harsh.

Users are always advised to watch or download a movie in the right way. Original content should still be paid for, as the creators do not benefit when their contents are pirated. Using immoral techniques and encouraging piracy is not at all the objective of this article. Such practices are strongly not recommended.


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